Jack Mathews

Jack Mathews



Metroid Prime Dev - 60fps Visors. I get asked a lot how we held 60fps with four visors. The short answer is to make one visor the "baseline," and make sure the others perform as well or better, with tech or design. 1/7

The baseline, of course, is the default visor. This is an unmolested view of the world, it has the gun, lightmaps, and allows for plenty of combat. It has to be the most beautiful, because it's the one you see the most. 2/7

Then we have the scan visor. It has the baseline, plus more UI, markers, a zoom window, etc. But it doesn't have the gun, projectiles, and their lights. All that perf goes to the visor. 3/7

The thermal visor does have combat and particles. Where do we get perf? No static lightmaps. We turn off all world lighting, and the post-process filters are just a palette lookup. 4/7

X-Ray Visor (done by Ted Chauviere) also has combat and lets you see through things. Sort of. Only enemies and your gun are see-through. Everything else is pretty much the same, and "invisible" objects are just models turned on and off. 5/7

We also render with a white-to-black "fog" that also means we don't render far-away objects, and it's rendered at a lower resolution and blurred. 6/7

Bonus visor: Morph Ball Camera! This is pretty much a visor - instead of gun and particles, we have world shadows projected on the ball surface (RIP Andy O'Neal), a projected shadow under the ball, and a constant dynamic light. 7/7

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