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First look at the brand new National Gallery in #Athens! Closed since 2013, the @cultureGR opening is COVID-delayed, but Rodin’s “Walking Man” (1900) is still standing tall on his column. What am I looking forward to seeing? Check out some highlights in this #thread!👇 👨‍🎨🖼🇬🇷

Although he spent most of his career in Spain, Doménikos Theotokópoulos aka El Greco is Greece’s most famous Renaissance artist. These two paintings, a St. Peter on canvas & a scene of the entombment on panel highlight his love for dramatic colors & toying with perspective!

The Greek War of Independence inspired decades of Romantic poetry & art. This scene by Eugène Delacroix (1856) is a highlight of European Philhellenism, even though it was painted three decades after the conflict had ended!

If there’s one thing the National Gallery specializes in, it’s scenes of Athens & other parts of Greece long before the urban explosion of the mid-20th century. This delicate watercolor (1895) by Angelos Giallinas is one of my favorites, offering a very different view of Athens!

What Giallinas was for 19th c. landscapes, the portraits & figures of Nikolaos Gyzis may have exceeded him! The most famous member of the so-called Munich School, Gyzis oscillated between Realism & Impressionism, & I love this “Little Satyr” (1895) & his hand study for a mural!

A digital tour of the National Gallery wouldn’t be complete without the incredible 20th c. work of Nikos Hadjikyriakos-Ghikas. His cubist reimaginings of familiar Greek landscapes and enthusiastic use of colors make him one of my favorite artists, full stop!

While those are some can’t miss pieces in the National Gallery, the best part of the grand reopening is that I barely know the collection & have no idea what I’ll actually see on that 1st visit! What do you say @cultureGR, think we can organize a little sneak peak while we wait?

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