nsfw (osaatsu) #miyacestober2022 day 22 • dependency + tease // people like to tease the twins about how they're always together. 'you're obsessed!' they'd say. 'have ya ever even spent time apart before?' 'oh, there they go again, the miyas! +

what big babies they are, unable to spend a single moment away from their twin!' atsumu and osamu ignor the jeers, already used to them. hell, their /parents/ were the first ones to make these kinds of remarks, jokingly at first, about how close the two brothers were, +

but increasingly more pointed with a touch of reprimand as they got older. they thought they should be more independent. they thought they should become their own person, outside of their twin. they wondered where they'd made their mistakes. +

their father is more understanding, as a twin himself. 'just let the boys be,' he'd placate their mother. 'they're lucky to have each other.' but no one really understands the depth of the twins' dependency on each other. it isn't just the comfort of being around someone +

you love. it isn't just knowing that there's someone who will always have your back, no matter what. it's also this: atsumu with his back against the headboard, a makeshift gag in his mouth. his hands are bound, and he's fully clothed, although his hard cock has been freed. +

osamu runs a piece of gauze over the head, cooing at his brother, telling him how sweet he is. 'look at ya,' osamu says, as atsumu leaks precome and adds to the wetness of the cloth. 'you're so perfect, /so/ perfect.' +

atsumu whimpers, squirming in his seat. osamu is the only one who he trusts to see him like this, who he trusts to take /care/ of him like this. sometimes he wants to relinquish all control, and sometimes osamu wants to take it. +

atsumu depends on osamu to give him his orgasm, and he always makes sure they're good /so/ good, leaving atsumu a crying mess. but osamu is always there to kiss his tears away, to wipe his cheeks as he strokes his own cock, bringing himself to completion. +

they still sleep in the same bed after all these years. it's almost impossible to fall asleep otherwise. they know it's an unhealthy, borderline toxic dynamic they have going on, but why should they change, when it's all they've ever known?

// a MESS but anyway. people always thinking the twins are weirdly dependent on each other, TOO dependent, but little do they know :')

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