Every major website will be throwing millions of dollars at blockchain developers over the next 5 years The people learning these skills now will make life changing money Here are 6 beginner programming projects that will teach you all the blockchain coding you need to know:

0 experience coding? No problem. This is built for beginners In this thread I'll cover: β€’ Where to start β€’ Code an NFT Marketplace β€’ Create your own NFT collection β€’ Create your own cryptocurrency β€’ Build a decentralized application on Ethereum β€’ Trading bot

πŸ”Ά Code an NFT Marketplace NFT creator royalties are going extinct Marketplace fees aren't going anywhere NFT Marketplaces will always be cash cows, and they're actually incredibly easy to build In 2 hours you can have your own marketplace live

πŸ”ΆLaunch your own NFT project Instead of buying other people's NFTs, you should build your own You'll pick up critical blockchain skills, and have a portfolio project to show off to others In under an hour you can have a collection minted and launched

πŸ”Ά Create your own cryptocurrency Creating a cryptocurrency is perhaps the easiest project to complete on the blockchain This is an easy boost to your programming portfolio This project is so simple, you can have your own crypto in under 15 minutes

πŸ”Ά Build a decentralized app on Ethereum The future of finance is decentralized Here is a great tutorial that will teach you how to build an app that sends and receives ETH The best part is you can use this template to build 1000s of different apps

πŸ”Ά Trading bot (in Python) Trading bots are incredibly fun to build While no trading strategy is ever 100% winning, it's fun to build an algo and try to make money while you sleep

There is unbelievably high demand for tech talent right now 99% of people will read this thread and take no action Be the 1% that clicks one of these links and spends just 10 minutes a day preparing yourself for the future

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