Atsuosa - nsfw , underage , feminization , dub con Stacking the last chair he huffs when Atsumu just fucks around in the front of the classroom. He's glaring daggers at his brother. Atsumu seems to notice and gives him a sick grin. "What's got yer panties in a twist?"

Osamu falters, for a second. But it's a second of vulnerability that Atsumu has been waiting for. He strides over as Osamu tries to busy himself. "Say baby brother. Yer awfully quiet today."

He cages Osamu against the glass window. Osamu responds with a breath, "Tsumu." Atsumu knows what he means. It's a warning. A plead. One that he's going to look straight in the eyes and deny. Following Osamu's line of sight he understands what the hesitation is for.

Short. Dark hair. Dumb sweet smile. "That's the one that's got the hots fer ya huh?" Osamu shivers. Atsumu has slithered his way right next to his ear. From the ground floor, it looks like they are looking over the edge. From up close, it's a different story.

Atsumu has kicked Osamu's ankles enough so that his legs are spread. Just wide enough for him to slot right behind him. His hands are deft as they unbuckle Osamu's pants and slide them down just under his ass. "Oh look she's waving. Ya better say hi."

Atsumu is smiling. But it's a fake one. The one he wears when he's trying to get away with something. "Tsumu. Not here. Wait till-" A pert smack on the ass has Osamu sucking a breath through his teeth. "I don't remember asking what you want."

His fingers follow the curve of Osamu's ass and dip under the baby blue panties he forced Osamu to wear this morning. "I was right. Ya look like a dream in these babygirl." Osamu stomps on his foot. It's a quick movement and Atsumu retaliates by burying a finger right into him.

Osamu whines kicking forward a smidge. Atsumu thinks he's probably thankful now, for their session in the morning and his brothers obsessive checks because he's still slick down there. Not that him being dry would have deterred Atsumu in the slightest. A small victory.

He leans back. Out of the view of the people beneath. Barking an order as he curls his finger to make room for another. "Go on. She's talkin to ya Samu. Ya better give her an answer." The dumb girl is spilling her guts asking to have lunch with him tomorrow.

Atsumu slides Osamu's panties to the side. He pulls his pants just under his balls and presses the tip of his head against Osamu's ass when Osamu attempts to call out a response. "Oh uh sorry, I can't I've got to do- Tsumu!" Atsumu buries himself in one thrust.

He's definitely not wet enough. He likes watching Osamu scramble for hold. Desperate to keep cool. Loves feeling Osamu clench around him in a panic. "Shit! Yer fucking-" Osamu slaps the windowsill, gripping the edge with white knuckles trying his best to keep in his keen.

Atsumu takes it as a challenge. He doesn't care much about them getting caught. Better yet, getting caught would make it easier for him. These girls would get off their backs and no one would bother them. He grips Osamu's hips tight and slams into him, fucking him into the glass

He looks over Osamu's shoulder to find that no one is there. He can't help but sigh. "Hah- no one's there to watch the show huh. Hah- fuck yer pussy is so good." Osamu's facade is also quick to crumble. His shoulders sag and his head drops between them.

He lets his jaw drop and grunts with each of Atsumu's thrusts. "Tsumu- ya hah- ya fucking bastard. Ya couldn't have hah- waited till we were done?" Atsumu drags him up against his chest plopping a wet kiss on his cheek, thrusting with each word, "Nah I really couldn't."

His hands find their way around Osamu's throat and he watches Osamu's eyes glaze in the reflection. Gripping just enough to have Osamu's eyes rolling back he lets go just as he's driving into his brother's tight hole. The effect is bliss.

Osamu gasps for air. Drooling and coughing with fresh tears streaming down his face. His walls pulse around Atsumu's cock and it's enough to hurl him over the edge. Bucking his hips forward he smushes Osamu against the glass while shuddering his release.

When he pulls out, he hears Osamu whine. Watching as his hole clenches, dripping his cum. "Ya didn't cum right?" Osamu groans an affirmative. Atsumu smiles as he drags his panties back over his puckering hole. "Good girl." He pulls a chair out and plops down. "Go on."

He waves at Osamu to keep cleaning. Osamu rolls his eyes and grabs at the pants around his ankles. Atsumu just 'tchs' and holds them down with his foot. Osamu is ready to retaliate but Atsumu levels him a serious glare. "In yer pretty panties. Go on. Don't be a bitch."

Osamu flips him off but Atsumu just fake gags on an air dick. He leans back and slowly strokes himself and Osamu tidies up the classroom. Atsumu watches as the stain on the back of his pretty panties grows darker with every stretch. He imagines his cum dribbling out of his hole.

It's not long until he feels himself swelling in his hands. He groans particularly loud and it snatches Osamu's attention. "Ya think ya earned it?" He doesn't have to say it, but Osamu knows what he's implying. He crosses the room in an instant. Desperation smattering his face.

Atsumu just leans back in the chair. Kicking out his legs and spreading his thighs. "Well? Ya want it? Ya gotta do it yerself." Osamu huffs, but he's so desperate that he slides one of his legs out of his panties and shoves the end of his sweater in his mouth.

He clambers onto Atsumu's lap. They are the same size so they barely fit on the chair. He hooks the tops of his ankles over Atsumu's thighs and positions himself over his swollen cock. "Yer pretty like this Samu." "Yer ugly like this Tsumu."

"Doesn't stop ya from climbing all over me for my cock." He noses Osamu's collarbone. "It doesn't." Osamu sinks into his length. He throws his head back with a breath groan and Atsumu curses at how tight he still is after all this. "Hahhh- yeah."

Osamu is mouthy when he's on top. He thinks he isn't but Atsumu has seen him come apart more times than not. "Tsumu- fuck. Feels so-" "Yeah baby. I know. Go ahead. Fuck yerself on my cock."

Osamu's sweater crumbles back over his leaking cock and Atsumu has to retuck it into his open mouth. He likes watching Osamu's cock bob. It's pretty. Thick and girthy. Not to mention his favorite part? Completely. Fucking. Useless.

Atsumu grinds his heels into the tile and bucks up when Osamu slams himself down on his cock. Their twinned groans echo down the empty halls. "Fuck! Please-" Atsumu gets the hint and hooks his arms under Osamu's knees. Sitting up for better leverage.

He pulls Osamu down into his cock, swallowing his cries. "Look at ya. Taking me like a fucking champ. Hah- and ta think that girl thinks her gunna fuck her" He grips Osamu's hips and slams him down on his cock. Osamu's legs twitch over his shoulder and his panties dangle.

"When yer like this? No fucking way. Ya couldn't fuck anyone with a greedy pussy like this." He watches as Osamu shakes with each thrust. The tips of his shoes click together when Atsumu fucks him just right. "Tsumu- please. M'close. Please-"

"Don't worry. I've got ya." He stands. Gripping Osamu's ass he forces Osamu to wrap around him in fear of being dropped. "Tsumu!" "Yer heavy stop whining!" Osamu is dangling off Atsumu when he comes hard. Hard enough to cover his own chin.

Atsumu drops him onto the desk and buries himself just in time to come just as hard. Groaning with a loud curse. He wilts over Osamu's panting body and flinches when Osamu sticks a wet finger in his ear. "Get off ya oaf." "Samu can't ya stay cute fer just two minutes."

He inevitably slides out of him. Watching his cum dribble out in thick clumps. He slides Osamu's panties off shoving them into his pockets and grabs his pants. "Ya keep it all in ya. All the way home. And I'll give ya another." Osamu looks up at him with a grin. "Bet"

// fin It's almost one in the morning. Idk why I wrote this. I hope you like it. 中 Gnight.

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