Lynd ☾⋆。˚ C☻mms Open!

Lynd ☾⋆。˚ C☻mms Open!



Drunk Atsumu and Osamu battling each other over who has the best boyfriend and it’s mostly a screaming match about Omi and Rin’s positive qualities “Rin gives me space” “Uh huh, Omi invented the concept of personal space” “Rin can cook” “Bitch you can cook for yourself.”

“At least Rin doesn’t make me shower before I hug him” “Fuck you Samu I get to enjoy a sparkling clean apartment ALWAYS.” “Rin always brings me souvenirs.” “Ha. Omi does my laundry.” “Probably cause he doesn’t trust ya not to fuck up yer wardrobe.” Cue a fistfight 😆

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