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As a manager, I want 1:1 meetings to focus my team's needs not my own. But I don't want to burden them with preparing an agenda (prob at the last minute) and I've learned that a no-agenda meeting can cause anxiety. Here's the 1:1 agenda I use today, LMK your thoughts: /0

1. Wellness: Are you safe and well? You needn’t disclose personal information, but I’m here to listen, especially if work is impacting your well-being. Do you feel physically and psychologically safe, is your work/life balance compatible with your mental health?

2. Readiness : Are you set up to succeed? Do you have what you need to meet your goals, starting with a clear understanding of what those are? What resources (material, organizational, or even just help and advice) might I provide that could help you be successful?

3. Obstacles : What is standing in your way? One of my primary roles as your manager is to help identify and clear obstacles to your progress. Let’s talk about anything that is slowing you down, or anything that could speed you up.

4. Recognition : Since we last met, what did you accomplish that you feel good about? No achievement is too small. It's silly to scramble for a list at the end of the year. Let’s mark down every win as we go, while they're fresh.

5. Feedback : How I am doing as your manager? And I'll regularly share my feedback with you. Let's break the ancient tradition of saving up a year of feedback to drop in a single psychologically devastating bomb, often timed thoughtfully to coincide with the holiday season.

(Status or progress reports are generally not part of my 1:1s. What I need to know fits into the above. Project progress is shared in my team meeting. If you're interested I’ll talk about my format for those in another post.) LMK your thoughts! /thread

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