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Abid Hassan 🇮🇳



Louise is a very dear friend of mine from Denmark. One day, she told me she is going to start working and pay taxes soon. Denmark taxes are almost 52%. I asked her if she is okay with paying so much taxes. She said, (1/n)

"Healthcare is free. There are benefits for elders, disabled, unemployed, etc. Roads are great. Society is safe. I studied till post graduation thanks to the tax payer's money. I cannot wait to go start working and contribute to this system that helped me get here." (2/n)

A generation accepts the benefits the taxes and a social welfare system gives them. They make their duty to return the favour to older generation that paid the taxes. They pay it forward to the future generations to help them study What a wonderful way to look at things

To clarify, this is not about praising Denmark's system. Taxes helps us contribute to the society around us. And we should do our part . Especially the corporates and the rich. Sure, our system may have leakages and has to improve a lot

But now, the rich form "tax-free trusts and charitable foundations", give up Indian citizenship. Indian companies register in Singapore etc. They make money from India, and they should step forward and help India. And spare the middle class who is carrying us all

Anyway, I hope things improve in India, corruption decreases, the rich contribute more. And I hope we have generations of millions of Indians raring to start earning and contributing to the growth of this country, and more importantly, help its people in the years to come.

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