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I started #crypto with $5,109 in 2019 and in 2021 I achieved complete financial freedom. I did it using these 10 strategies. This thread will help you do the same next run 👇 1/12

1. Follow The Money ATM the money is flowing to #Arbitrum. You need to flow with it. If the flow changes, go with it to another ecosystem. The 10x-20x bear market returns happen wherever the money is at. Follow it, find some gems and remember to take profit! 2/12

2. Small Accounts Have Alpha Okay but how do you find 10x-20x returns? One way is to find small accounts sharing alpha. First, look for a project that pumped recently. Then follow this guide to find who was sharing it early 👇 (thread with advanced starts coming soon 👀) 3/12

3. Safe, Medium and Degen Split your portfolio up. 50% in safe plays like $BTC, $ETH, $MATIC etc. 40% in med risk like $GMX, $GNS etc and keep 10% for your high-risk micro-cap degen plays. Tweak these allocations if you want but don't go too high on degen play imo! 4/12

4. Safe Is NOT Boring 50% in safe plays seems high but remember they can still 20x. If you bought $MATIC at its lows, easy 30x, from here it can 10x or more. $NEAR can 30x from here and even then it wont hit the $95b cap $ADA was at last run. Safe is not boring! 5/12

5. It's Fine To Ape We are degens, we love apeing into shitcoins. Sometimes it's better to act fast n ape than miss a 10x by doing research BUT it's high risk. So make sure you use that 10% set aside for high-risk plays to ape in. Don't go all in and get rekt! 6/12

6. Take Partial Profit You need to learn to take profit. Taking profit is not bad, the money you take is not dead, you can reinvest it into bags that haven't pumped, stake it, or buy safer stuff like $BTC. 7/12

7. Understand What People Want As GCR says, you need to tap into the heart and mind of the crypto degens front run their buys. The best place for this is crypto TikTok but also by getting DEEP in the crypto community. 8/12

8. Perma Dumbasses Perma-bears say "Don't buy we're going to $14k", yeah, maybe. But if we do they'll wait for $8k. Don't let them influence you. The same goes for perma-bulls at the top. Just DCA in at lows and scale out as it climbs. 9/12

9. Ruthlessley Cut Losses Some of your bags will dump, don't wait n hope they turn around. Be ready to cut losses and reallocate those funds. Imagine holding $ADA from $3 because "It'll turn one day bro" and missing 10x on the metaverse run. Better to sell and reallocate. 10/12

10. Real Yield Earning APY on your stable or other holdings is vital. Many don't bother because "it's too little" but remember, in crypto you can turn $1 into $50 easily (sometimes 🤣). So look into #realyield projects and get some APY going. 11/12

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