#sakuatsu // implied nsfw, age gap, rival CEOs miya atsumu (39) can’t figure out why sakusa kiyoomi (26) can’t seem to respect his elders. he was wiser, more experienced, had a lot more to offer than that brat, so why won’t he just be a good boy and cooperate with him?

they were in a middle of a mediation due to a business contract gone wrong. the miyas failed to supply the sakusas the software which they needed for one of their machines and while he was so tempted to just sue them right away, business relationships must be preserved.

as his lawyer lays down their case, atsumu stares at the sakusa family’s protégé. graduated top of his class, came from an impressive business lineage, and gorgeous, there wasn’t anything to hate about him. except for the fact that atsumu can’t make him satisfy his whims.

atsumu feels a nudge on his foot and decides to ignore it, but when kiyoomi holds his stare and bumps his foot harder, he gulps. this isn’t the first time he’s done this and yet his hands turn clammy. kiyoomi must be his early mid-life crisis.

he doesn’t notice their lawyers wrap up their cases. “alright, may i request a meeting with each of you in private?” they nod. “let’s start with miya-san.” with that, sakusa and his lawyer leave, but not without kiyoomi glancing at him before they step out of the door.

atsumu has heard a great deal about kiyoomi. he was young but not inexperienced. he attracted both men and women but never really gave anyone a chance. on the rare occasion that he does, the most he gives is one night, nothing more. most importantly, he loved being in control.

atsumu wills himself to focus on what the mediator is saying, shoving kiyoomi in the back of his mind. for god’s sake, he was a man approaching his 40s, and yet he was acting like a high schooler. maybe that’s the thing with kiyoomi - he makes atsumu feel young again.

their turn ends quickly and kiyoomi is summoned. atsumu avoids eye contact, shoulders brushing lightly as they pass by each other. he tells himself to focus on the goal. atsumu is supposed to be resolving a dispute. he hopes kiyoomi will realize that by now. he doesn’t.

atsumu hopes kiyoomi will get the short end of the stick for opting to text him instead of trying to make this thing work. sadly, the mediator manages to create an agreement that addresses both their interests.

“atsumu-san, are you okay?” atsumu covers his mouth to suppress his coughs, while his free hand clutches his chest. “peachy.” he gives them a strained smile. not a single soul will probably believe him when he reveals his messages with kiyoomi. that frustrates him even more.

it isn’t phrased as a question because kiyoomi /knows/ that he’s right. as they shake each other’s hands, kiyoomi’s grip tells him that resistance is futile. and it was, as later on that night, kiyoomi hovers on top of him, smirking, “you’re easy to please.”

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