Kiwiᴵᶜʸ🥝🐿 ia

Kiwiᴵᶜʸ🥝🐿 ia



Pussy!C4mbxy!Hwx Str3xm3r!Jxxng Jxxng was known for being a soft g4m3r that played the cutest games that were trendy. His whole aesthetic was lovely and it made everyone love him, his cute face helped him too. But everyone knew he was no saint when his relationship with Hwx

become known. Nobody cared about Hwx's profession, but they really wondered how those two met and ended up together. Hwx was bold and hot, even if he loved to look inocent in all of his l1v3s, while Jxxng...Jxxng was tiny and awkward.

The shock came one day in which Jxxng was str3xm1ng and people could hear Hwx's whimpers on the same room while Jxxng silenced him with faint "shh". It made that l1vx be one of the most seen ones. Everyone was in awestruck by how unbothered he was when after three hours Hwx was

still moaning overstimulated. After that one l1vx there was completely r4d1x s1l3nce from both parts, until one day Hwx turned on his camera with no prior discussion and waited with his legs wide open that people entered to watch him. But he wasn't alone, and as people

kept joining, everyone knew whose hands were those, they've seen them plenty of times. Jxxng. The hands were caressing Hwx's legs up and down and from time to time the thumb slided between Hwx's folds, it took just a few minutes more to start, and with it everyone knew

how glorious expert Jxxng's fingers were when they rubbed Hwx's clit and made him fall quickly into an orgasm. The whole live went on with just Jxxng fingering Hwx and making him come again and again until he /Jxxng/ was satisfied with it.

From that day and on, everyone knew that Jxxng not only matched Hwx's energy, but he was even more kinkier than they could have ever thought about. It didn't help that the next time he went l1vx, he was blushing and acting all cute again.

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