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🧵Educational Thread 🧵 Here is a quick thread on some of my favorite day trading strategies and educational content. 1. @unusual_whales 2. The Greeks - (Time Decay) 3. Supply & Demand Zones 4. Intraday Option Flow Setup - @unusual_whales 5. Options Volatility & Pricing

1. Kane Capital x Unusual Whales @Kane_Capital's own @DiamondxTrades with a great video on how to trade options using Unusual Whales flow.

2. The Greeks Understanding the greeks and time decay is a crucial component to being a successful options trader. Here's a great video that puts things into perspective.

3. Supply & Demand Zones A great TA strategy to have under your belt.

4. Unusual Whales Intraday Options FLow Setup Another great @Kane_Capital vid shedding some more light on Unusual Whales' filter flow option.

5. Option Volatility & Pricing - Sheldon Natenberg An unreal must-read that will open your eyes to the world of options trading.

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