How to Rewire Your Brain (FULL PROCESS) A thread that might *literally* change your life.

There are some basics we need to cover first. What you need to know is that your brain is literally a fucking electrical field. This is important for the rest of the process, please follow carefully.

What are brain waves? Electrical impulses that happen in one's brain; they reflect one's mental and emotional state but also dictate our behavior and ability to comprehend and execute. They happen at various frequencies BUT there is a way to keep control over them.

The human brain has 5 different types of brainwaves; categorized depending on their frequencies Lowest to Highest Delta (1-3 Hz) Theta (4-7 Hz) Alpha (8-12 Hz) Beta (13-38 Hz) Gamma (39-42 Hz) Let's break them down.

Forget about the others, what we want to focus on today is Theta waves for they are the learning frequency. It's by making the most out of these that you can reprogram yourself and rewire your brain.

Theta waves: Often associated with creativity, Theta waves are also associated with mental inefficiency. This low level of frequency is the state between being awake and sleeping. This is why we feel tired and inefficient right after waking up or when we get sleepy

The Theta frequency however is considered to be the most controllable as it is the perfect frequency for the brain to learn and acquire knowledge. As it gets stimulated with new information that it absorbs, it reaches the next level of frequency. This is the learning frequency.

When you understand how your brain works and the electrical field it is; you can work on controlling its performances The first thing you need to understand is that; in periods of tiredness or confusion (before bed or in the morning) the brain is in perfect condition to learn.

There are two ways for the human brain to learn and absorb the knowledge that it won't forget: -Repetition -Hypnosis The practice described in this thread consists of capitalizing on both in order to optimize one's brain performance & mindset in general. Shaping your reality

Hypnosis state The closest one can naturally get to a hypnosis state is in the morning or before going to bed; but why? The low energy of those periods of time; combined with a state of unclarity and tiredness results in the brain only radiating Theta waves Why does it matter?

Let's clarify the importance of Theta frequencies. Before the age of 7, the human brain cannot go beyond Theta frequencies. It just can't. Which makes it in a state similar to hypnosis; a state of creativity yet mental inefficiency.

When the brain is on a Theta frequency; it reaches a state of absorption and stocking. It basically feeds the subconscious and memory everything it receives and stocks them in there. In other words; during the Theta state our brains are FRESH It is open to learning

They often tell you to read stuff you want to keep in mind either before going to bed or right after waking up, right? If that information will be printed in your mind almost certainly and become easier to remember.. Then how about you feed enhancers to your brain at that time?

Repetition: We all know repetition is a precursor of learning. If we now know when is the best brain state to learn; we know when the repetition should occur. For any given skill; it is during the Theta state that one should try and feed information to the brain.

Now, with all the previous information in mind. We will add another ingredient to this process: Affirmations. The power of affirmations resides in sending conscious messages to program our subconscious to think in a certain way.

If the kids are the easiest to program...then your Theta state is the best time to condition yourself. That state allows you to access your subconscious and determine the information it holds. Feed it what YOU want it to believe.

Solution: Each morning and each night; condition your mind to deal with what's coming. Affirm what you want to create as a reality. Follow this routine religiously for 3 weeks and you'll notice a change in how you think and function. Massive paradigm shifts.

Control how your brain perceives you. Feed it positive self-talk and optimism so that it starts expecting the best. You have total control over your thoughts. Take it.

Note: All your senses can be used to condition your mind. If you want to make the most of your affirmations; write them down while you think about them. This increases your perception of the said idea (as you visualize it) and increases the likelihood of you retaining it.

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