Simp_Sakuatsu | ai here mostly

Simp_Sakuatsu | ai here mostly



~ A week before Miya Twins’ Birthday~ “Huh? Whose birthday is next week?” Sakusa says and everyone is just looking at him like he just committed a literal murder. “Don’t tell me you don’t know…” Oh, he knew. He knew all too well.

“No?” But he never could admit to it. For all they knew, he didn’t care about- “Atsumu!!” They all shout. Him. “Don’t you dare forget my boyfriend.” Suna says right after. “Oh.. So why am I here?” They all groan like he said something stupid.

And to Sakusa’s knowledge to stupid things, What he said was actually such the stupid thing to say. “You. Are here to be of help with Atsumu’s party whether you like it or not” Meian says. Of course he doesn’t want to help, he can’t.

He’s been called a party pooper for a reason – not the point really. The point is Atsumu. Atsumu’s party, Atsumu’s birthday, just Atsumu in particular makes him wanna leave. Not because he hates him, no. Sakusa could never never hate him. That was the literal problem.

He’s in love with him to the point that every time Atsumu starts talking so much, Sakusa just wants him to shut up by literally kissing him. He’s not that dumb to not know that he’s in love with Miya. With Atsumu. He literally imagines KISSING him. How could he not?

But there is one thing he can do: Deny it like his life is on the line. Spoiler alert, it isn’t really working that much for him, nor it probably will ever. “Do you understand Kiyoomi?” He sighs and nods.

This is gonna be one hell of a day – screw that, This is gonna be one hell of a week for Kiyoomi (hopelessly in love with Atsumu but keeps on denying it) Sakusa. “So? Any ideas?” “How about a Jell-O pool?” Bokuto answers. And it’s already starting.

~ 3 days before Miya Twins’ Birthday ~ He thought it was already bad enough before but it’s worse now that they were actually decorating the gym. They are so lucky that the Twins are not in town right now to see this mess. Lucky them to not be here.

It’s literally chaos right now. Everyone’s running, panicking, and also confused on what color of balloons is gonna be used for the party. Sakusa’s really wondering if they ever heard the option of both. “Saku-kun! Don’t just sit there and watch! Help us hang the banner!”

If Sakusa was honest, the banner was ugly. Like.. literally. The banner had ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY!’ written on it, which would be fine of course, but the two literal words are literally not centered.

‘HAPPY’ was even spelled wrong!! It was missing one more P! But then of course, instead of making a new one, they just added a small letter P (News flash! It can’t be seen) “No thanks” Sakusa says and Oikawa just rolls his eyes and continues with the banner.

It’s probably gonna be a bad party if Sakusa doesn’t do anything but what’s he supposed to do? If he knew one thing about party planning is that he couldn’t do it. He sighs and goes out of the gym for a little walk to clear his mind or even fill it with ideas.

He doesn’t know where he was going to be honest. He’s just going where his feet go and looking at where he is right now… Party needs and gift shop? He read the text above the store.

~ 1 day before Miya Twins’ Birthday ~ “Omi-san! Where have you been? We’ve already finished decorating!” Hinata jumps out of nowhere when Sakusa comes into the gym with a box in hand. “Guess who showed up last minute, Mr. Doesn’t care” Oikawa teases Why am I doing this?

He thinks but he knows full well why. “Hm? What’s that Sakusa? We don’t need any more supplies” Everyone is surrounding him with curiosity and gosh it’s more uncomfortable than he thought.

“First off, don’t come near me. Secondly, take everything off from the gym right now and throw it in the trash. I’m disgusted by looking at this mess.” He points at the ‘mess’ which, as obvious, is the decoration.

“Hey! We worked hard on that y’know? You can’t just tell us to take it off after not helping us!” “Oikawa’s right Sakusa.” Sakusa can tell they all agree with Oikawa so he sighs “Look. I’m gonna tell you this the kindest way I can. Your decoration isn’t really that good.”

bad, awful, disgusting is something he won’t say. “Prove it!” Easy. “The banner looks awful. You can’t even see that you added a P to the misspelled ‘happy’ and also, It looks like it’s been decorated by a five-year-old.+

The plates are ugly, the ones you were arguing on were good enough, just use both if you can’t pick what colored plate instead of buying a striped plate with both colors and wasting more money.” He can tell more if they want.

“Okay Okay! We get it! But what are we supposed to do? It’s tomorrow! We don’t have enough materials to decorate again, nor do we even have food going. Only cake! We don’t have time to change everything!”

“What do you even think I did for the two days I wasn’t here? I already have the food settled and I have the literal materials you need to decorate the gym in this box. Komori is cooking and baking food for tomorrow, can’t believe you forgot him.+

Anyways, I’m guessing you guys are not people with proper schedules, you don’t have gifts. I’m giving you 2 hours to buy gifts for the two while I set up the gym.” Can’t believe he’s saying this when he doesn’t have gifts for the two. “Oh my god.” They stare at him.. Odd

“What?” “You care about Atsumu.” Does he? “No I don’t.” “Yes you do” “I don’t.” “You do! Suna-kun said the same thing about changing everything and wanting everything to be perfect and you’re literally doing the same!”

“Oikawa shut up. I don’t care about the Miyas. Especially Atsumu. I do not like him.” “Didn’t say that you did Saku-kun” He smirks, and it was true. He hates that it’s the truth. He sighs,

“Shut your mouth. Do you want the Miyas to have a great party or not? Cause if you don’t, I’m willing to let this all go, throw this box away and not change a-” “Okay- Jeez Mr. In love with Tsum Tsum” They all laugh and leave. (brb! Tweet limit!)

Being known as someone who likes Atsumu is worse than he thought thanks to Oikawa. “So.. Let’s start?” “Hm?” Suna is here. “Already bought a gift for the two idiots a week ago. Didn’t want to forget my boyfriend’s gift.” “Also, Atsumu.” “Yeah yeah.. Also, Atsumu.”

They start removing the decorations. Maybe it’s fine talking with Suna about this crush on Miya. He’s chill about it right? “Don’t worry, Won’t tell Atsumu… Well, maybe tomorrow but whatever” Sakusa thinks for a moment. Stopping himself on doing what. “Hey, you okay?”

“Hm? Oh nothing.. Uhm” “Something on your mind?” “Yeah..” “What?” Should he? Should he not do it? . . . “Holy shit. You guys did a lot!” Honestly, they just removed the decoration, that’s it.

But I guess that’s also a lot since they put up a lot of decorations (too much) a while ago. “Right right. Let’s just do this. I wanna lie down on my bed.” I also still need to buy gifts “Yeah yeah Saku-kun. Let’s do this!”

It didn’t take long for them to finish unlike before. They finally finished at 10pm and Sakusa was able to buy gifts so that’s good. The day ends. The next day, The twin’s birthday.

~ Miya Twins’ Birthday~ “Happy Birthday Miya Twins!!” They all shout as soon as the twins come into the gym. Immediately, they see two bright smiles coming from the two. “Sangkyu!!” “Yeah, thanks. The decorations look good” “Of course! We thought of it!”

Sakusa rolls his eyes. He knows it’s not true but who cares. Not like the twins will believe it, especially Atsumu. - The party starts and gosh it is annoying. Everyone’s dancing around, drinking a lot and also shouting too much. Those are things that Sakusa doesn’t like.

So he leaves the gym and sits on the bench outside. He wonders if he’ll ever be able to give his gift to Atsumu… “Omi!” And here comes the person he’s been crushing on! for the past… oh he doesn’t even know. “Whatcha doin’ ‘ere Omi-kun? Don’tcha wanna stay inside?”

“No thanks. Smells like alcohol in there” “I guess... Can I sit with ya?” “Sure.” When Atsumu sits down, he doesn’t even say anything yet and Sakusa’s heart is already bursting. He wants to say it but can he? “Hey Mi- Atsumu?” “Huh? Uh..Yes Omi?”

Atsumu’s eyes stare at him like it’s looking for something. “Atsumu, I’m just gonna say this only once” “Okay? Yer scaring me to be honest...” Sakusa laughs at that.

“I like you Atsumu. Not in a friends way or whatever, I mean romantically. I don’t know how or why but when I’m with you, I think of having a future with you and I would really like that if I’m honest right now… I really really like you.”

Sakusa just stares at Atsumu, looking for a reaction, he doesn’t get that. He gets a kiss instead. It’s surprising and unexpected but gosh it feels good. Atsumu’s lips feel soft as he expected and it’s so fucking addicting. “Say it again” Atsumu says after pulling away.

“What? I told you I’m only gonna say it once.” “I don’t care Omi. Say it again, please. One more time” Sakusa smiles, pulls Atsumu closer by grabbing his waist. “I really really like you Atsumu” Atsumu smiles, “Good! Cause I really want to kiss you again right now”

Sakusa chuckles, “Idiot.” Another kiss and fuck it’s more wonderful than the first one. He wants to do this again and again. “I love you Omi” “Love you too” //end

It's finally done!! Kinda rushed in the last part but that's fine i guess? forgot to tag #sakuatsu #osasuna #miyatwinsweek22

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