Miyacest, light NSFW Osamu has an exam tomorrow. A really important exam. He's been struggling with chemistry since the beginning of the year and when the grades finally arrived, he discovered what he had feared all along: that he had failed the subject. But not all hopes—

were lost, since he still got the second-chance exam. And this time, he would ensure he would pass the subject. Or so he thought in the beginning. You see, having an annoying twin brother didn't really help when it came to studying. "Samuuu" Atsumu whined, sprayed on his—

brother's bed "You've been stuck to that desk for ages! Come give your big bother a kiss!" "No". At that response, Atsumu whined louder. Osamu closed his eyes and put his hands on his forehead to try and concentrate better. After a minute, Atsumu fell silent and Osamu sighted—

in relief. He began to study again. Until a pair of arms wrapped themselves around his neck. He tries to pull away but it was impossible. "Tsumu, what the…" "Just one kiss" said Atsumu, resting his chin on his brother's scalp. Osamu shuddered. "One kiss and I'll let you in—

peace, ok? It's just… you've been studying all day, and I feel lonely, you know? So please, just…" Osamu grabbed Atsumu's hand and squeezed it a bit. He let out a long breath. Then, he made the chair rotate so he was facing his twin. Osamu felt like shit when he saw how sad—

Atsumu looked. Almost like a lost puppy. If it really was only a kiss, then, he guessed he could take the time to do it. "Okay" Osamu conceded as he reached to make Atsumu sit on his lap. His brother became radiant at the second. He smiled so big and bright Osamu almost felt—

the need to close his eyes. "But just one kiss, got it? And then I'll get back to studying and you'll stop bothering, yeah?" Atsumu nodded with eagerness. "Yes!" And without missing a bit, he connected their mouths in a loving, almost desperate kiss. It almost seemed as if—

Atsumu had been dying for it. And, honestly, now that Osamu was finally kissing him as well, he also felt as if he had just been given the air he needed so much. Osamu put his hands on his twin's waist and pulled him closer. Atsumu put his tongue into Osamu's mouth and started—

rocking against his body. At that, his brother hardened his grip on him and tried to pull away, but Atsumu didn't let him. Instead, he deepened the kiss even more and brought a hand between both of them. When Osamu felt Atsumu's hand on his hard-on, he separated himself from his—

twin as fast as he could. Their eyes met. Atsumu's golden ones were shining dangerously. "I told you just one kiss" Osamu said out of breath. Atsumu rocked their pelvis again. Osamu grabbed him harder. "We both know we want more than just that" Shit. He was right. But Osamu—

really did need to study. "Tsumu, I can't. I have to…" His twin silenced him with another kiss. Osamu was starting to become puddy in his hands. "You've been studying for days now, you're gonna be alright" Atsumu assured. Osamu bit his lips. He still wasn't convinced. —

But it wouldn't take long. And Atsumu, the bastard, knew. He rocked his hips and put his lips on Osamu's ear. He let out hot air. Osamu shivered. "Come on now" Whispered Atsumu, one hand going into Osamus pants. He moaned lightly when it wrapped around his dick.—

"Fuck your big brother. We both want it" And just like that, Osamu was gone. He got up and walked to his bottom bunk. He threw Atsumu on it and, immediately, was on him. Kissing, licking, biting… If Osamu studied more, it definitely wasn't that night. +++++++++++++++++ End❤️

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