Marie Cachet

Marie Cachet



Beware sensitive topic! Some women leak urine after childbirth because of a damaged pelvic floor. Some don't want more children because of these problems. It's not normal. You need to consider other positions to give birth. The lying position and the epidural are NOT suitable.

If you do have problems, pelvic floor training can be helpful as sometimes recommended, but you should understand that hormones are also important, and the stability of the reproductive system in general.

A good quality tea of raspberry leaves (high dose) will be a very good help. In order not to forget to take it, you can take the raspberry leaves in tablets (high dose too).

I have no such problem and have given birth to 7 children around/over 4 kg each. (I have never taken an epidural & nor pain killer & have not given birth lying down) I had the onset of a prolapse following a 45min uterine massage done to save my life.

It is said that prolapses cannot be rectified, but my problem has been totally rectified with raspberry leaves. I guess it is best not trust doctors on this topic.

Several women tell they cannot / don't want to have several children because of this very problem. Please consider not to use epidural/pain killers. The pain during childbirth is there to guide you so that you hurt yourself as little as possible.

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