Lynd ☾⋆。˚ C☻mms Open! 🎄

Lynd ☾⋆。˚ C☻mms Open! 🎄



#SakuAtsu & #OsaSuna | many, many kisses for the birthday boys | rated T [#Haikyuu] — For the Miya twins birthday, they have a long-standing bet on who gets the most kisses. It’s always a very close tie. Osamu feels it’s unfair since Atsumu’s entire team is in love with him.

So they adjust the bet. For every cheek kiss they get a point, for every lip-lock they get 2 points, and for a single kiss from their object of affection, they get 3 points. So Atsumu goes around merrily collecting kisses while Osamu plots to win by confessing to Rin.

Hinata gives him a whooping 10, all over his face, because of course he wants Atsumu to feel special! Bokuto gives him two, smiling as he tells him one is from Akaashi and hands him a bento.

Meian pretends to be above this but when Atsumu corners him after practice for his much deserved kisses, Meian caves. “What’re the rules this year?” “Ya aren’t supposed to know about the bet!” Atsumu tells him, but proceeds to explain.

“Fine. I’ll give you three for every service ace you scored today,” Meian agrees. To Atsumu’s delight he gets two cheek pecks and kiss on the lips. He immediately texts Osamu to preen. Osamu responds by crowing that Aran-kun made out with him for 2 very long minutes,

and that’s at least twenty kisses. Atsumu about dies from jealousy. He wants Aran’s kisses too! He pesters Adriah next, who after a call to his girlfriend agrees to five cheek kisses. But Atsumu has some catching up to do. And he’s not feeling brave enough to ask Omi yet,

so he goes to Iwaizumi next. “You’re just looking for an excuse to kiss me, huh?” Iwa says fondly, but indulges Atsumu when he raises three fingers. “I want three kisses this year, Iwa-san.” “Wow, three whole kisses?” Iwa chuckles, stepping closer to take his face in his hands.

“I’ll give you four if you promise to pester Oikawa for twenty.” “Deal!” They’re delightful kisses truly, Iwaizumi is an excellent kisser, Atsumu totally deserves more points for it, but Osamu refuses. He sends an update that KITA-SAN!!!! kissed him too,

three on his forehead and one on his cheek. Atsumu is ready to take the train to Hyogo to demand compensation when Oikawa, his best friend and frenemy shows up. “You,” Atsumu says, bolting up to him. “If you’d like to keep your title as my best friend, get ready to pay up.”

“The hell Atssun, what do you want? “Kisses for the birthday boy,” Atsumu says, tilting his head back. “Lots of them. At least twenty.” “Twenty?” Oikawa splutters. “I’m supposed to kiss your ugly mug twenty times?” “Fuck you, Oi-kun, I’m gorgeous.”

“𝘍𝘪𝘯𝘦,” Oikawa huffs and they make out for at least 𝘵𝘩𝘳𝘦𝘦 minutes. Atsumu’s lips are slick and pink by the end of it and he’s feeling both satisfied and loved. “Thank you,” he says primly. Oikawa pats his head. “What’s the tally now?”

“Like, 79-60. I’m winning now.” Except, apparently, Osamu finally gathered the courage to fess up to Rin and the man had understandably wanted to make up for lost time. Osamu texts him sounding smug as hell: my score is in the hundreds now xx

Atsumu tries not to flip out. Inunaki helps him push his score to the nineties, indulging him in kiss after kiss because Atsumu is special and deserves it. It soothes his ego but he still has a lot to make up for. Which leaves Kiyoomi.

Atsumu is wracked with nerves but it’s now or never. “Omi-omi,” he says expectantly, widening his eyes and pouting. Kiyoomi sighs. “Did you brush your teeth?” “Three times, Omi,” He confirms hopefully. “Come here,” Kiyoomi says, patting his thigh.

Atsumu goes gladly, heart swooping with excitement. “What’s your score?” “Ninety-two,” Atsumu says as he accepts a sweet brush of lips to his cheek. “How many do you need?” “Well… Samu is past one hundred and twenty.” Kiyoomi hums, kissing his nose. “We can’t have that.”

Atsumu nods fervently, heart racing. “Kiss me, Omi-omi.” “Keep count this time, yeah?” Kiyoomu teases before pressing their mouths together. Atsumu melts under it. Each press of lips makes him dizzy, until he’s mentally fumbling the numbers,

and has to draw back to catch his breath. Kiyoomi caresses the red in his cheeks with half-lidded eyes. “So pretty,” he whispers, kissing Atsumu softly again. “You could ask anyone for kisses, who’d refuse you?” He gulps, heart jumping to his throat. It’s now or never.

“What if I only want your kisses?” Kiyoomi licks his lips, watching his mouth for a long moment. “Just my kisses? You’d give up everyone’s just for mine?” “In a heartbeat,” Atsumu nods, kissing the thumb that reverently traces his lower lip.

Kiyoomi kisses him again, with more ferociousness, until Atsumu is gasping for air, and murmuring pleas into the seam of his lips. “Omiii,” he whines when the man pauses to gather his composure, face flushed and eyes hazy.

“How many points do you get for kisses everywhere else?” Kiyoomi whispers, touching Atsumu’s lips with his fingertips. Atsumu is shaking as he mutters ‘all your kisses are worth three’. His voice cracks.

“Lay back,” is all Kiyoomi says before he sprawls Atsumu on the bench and leans over him. “I’m going to show what you were missing.” Atsumu goes incoherent as that scorching mouth descends on him, kissing every inch of uncovered skin,

and then pulls off Atsumu’s shirt to mark uncharted territory. “I want to hear you, Atsumu,” Kiyoomi husks, nipping his collarbone. “Count it out loud.” “One-hundred-fifty,” Atsumu gasps as hot lips part around his nipple. “Omi-omi-omi…”

Suffice to say, by the end of the day, both Miyas have acquired two-hundred-and-fifty point plus a boyfriend. They decide that for once, they’ll settle for a tie and be happy with this new development.

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