Adrian Zduńczyk, CMT

Adrian Zduńczyk, CMT



Trading is not easy. Takes lots of time just to master the basics. Here's my list of 14 top-quality master cheat sheets to help you learn faster👇🧵

#1 Master Cheat Sheet Basic terms and definitions regarding polarity change principle, order blocks, as well as throwbacks.

#2 Master Cheat Sheet Position sizing or money management is a subject to many theories to find the optimal size of an entry. This piece below can suggest where to start.

#3 Master Cheat Sheet Mean reversion trading relies on the principles of oversold and overbought trends, which trigger divergences. Here's an example of how to read regular vs. hidden divergences.

#4 Master Cheat Sheet What every crypto trader needs to know - Psychology of a #Bitcoin cycle

#5 Master Cheat Sheet Price and volume can sometimes help determine market tops and bottoms, but not always. Here's how to interpret price vs. volume changes

#6 Master Cheat Sheet How about a bad trading day, when nothing goes right? Check this set of tips on how to well handle the mindset

#7 Master Cheat Sheet At any time, should you NOT trade without a well-defined trading plan. See all the necessary factors to figure out.

#8 Master Cheat Sheet What are the 5 facts you must know about #BTC. Do you agree the price is not affected by the economy or central banks (directly)?

#9 Master Cheat Sheet Trend following is empirically proven to be the most profitable technique, while it generates a lot of small losses from sideways noise. These trend indicators below will help.

#10 Master Cheat Sheet To add to the trend following part - it works best when connected with volatility filters, like ATR. Discover how it works.

#11 Master Cheat Sheet Interested in #altcoins? Here's a typical seasonality pattern to often work. Would you agree with it?

#12 Master Cheat Sheet Day trading is often misunderstood and approached wrongly. How is it different from swing trading?

#13 Master Cheat Sheet Range trading expectations vs. reality Who's ready to hear how NOT to get trapped?🤔👀

#14 Master Cheat Sheet Understanding losses are inevitable in this business requires strict risk control. Here's something I wanted you to take away on that note. Hope my thread helps you learn how to trade profitably faster. Let me know in the comment if want more of these🧡

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