Lynd ☾⋆。˚ C☻mms Open! 🎄

Lynd ☾⋆。˚ C☻mms Open! 🎄



🔞 MSBY road trip to another city in which Atsumu claims the last row of seats for him and Omi because he enjoys getting frisky, teasing Kiyoomi with a hand on his crotch while everyone else is distracted with music and food

It starts out discreetly, with shared, heavy glances and quiet whispers in each other’s ears, Atsumu slowly palming Kiyoomi until he retaliates by doing the same. But Atsumu grows bolder as Hinata and Bokuto doze off in the seat in front of them, pulling Kiyoomi out of his jeans

Every so often he’d dive down to take Kiyoomi down his throat, until Kiyoomi is sweating and barely maintaining his composure When he comes down Atsumu’s throat, Atsumu makes sure to swallow everything up, sitting back with a satisfied grin

Road trips are his favourite

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