Alexander Cortes PhD, Fitness, Nutrition, Fat loss

Alexander Cortes PhD, Fitness, Nutrition, Fat loss



HOW I MADE $1 MILLION THROUGH TWITTER, AN EMAIL LIST, & EBOOKS This is a banger of a thread, Ive broken the whole process down into 12 principles and points Feel free to ask questions at any time Since someone will call BS, here is proof of work, lifetime sales on @gumroad…

1. The Digital Economy is the richest, most open economy in existence Lets go back to 2011, I was a personal trainer in Silicon valley, I had clients that worked in tech I knew absolute 0 about business, entrepreneurship, anything to do with wealth My tech clients did...

They were making apps, creating software, the stuff they would talk about it was paradigm shifting I grew up with blue collar beliefs about money, the concept that one could get paid exponentially based on creative work, knowledge, and creating systems, that changed my life

I started paying attention to the internet after that, I saw the rise of online business I realized that the digital economy is essentially INFINITE, markets are global ANYONE can participate, there are 0 barriers to entry aside from needing Wifi You realize how insane this is?

2. A Digital Business is built on Product, A System To Deliver It, and Traffic so people Can Find It During the mid 2010s I worked for a few companies and fitness professional with online presence I saw that internet business is fundamentally the same as a physical one

-You need to obviously sell something that people want Product or Service, the offer must be clearly defined -You need a system to deliver it Information products are the best, as they have minimal overhead to produce and deliver

-You need a way to generate traffic, so that people find your offers This is done through CONTENT. ---- This is the "Front End" of the business. It sound simple because it is simple What makes online business remarkable is the SPEED you can operate at, and potential to scale

3. Content is KING Im not the first person to say this. The internet is an information generation machine. This is how I see the digital world People get online to engage with content. Content is engagement, engagement is traffic Traffic converts to sales

Your content MUST be worth engaging with though For people to build trust with you to buy from you, it must qualify you as someone worth buying from If you have special and proprietary knowledge/insights, you can make this entertaining, and you POST You will grow an audience

4. People Trust INDIVIDUALS more than companies and institutions this was another trend I noticed in the mid 2010s, the decline of institutional trust & rise of "personal brands" The public at large no longer trust large entities, we look to individuals for guidance & learning

5. MY STORY- Now that you got some of the meta ideas behind my thinking, lets get into the nitty gritty Why did I choose Twitter? Why do I work in fitness? How does my business actually work? Why an email list and newsletter?

6. PLAY TO YOUR STRENGTHS I have a god given ability to write, and write A LOT. I I chose twitter in 2016 because twitter is entirely written word. People on twitter like to READ At the time, there was no "Fitness twitter", I saw this an incredible opportunity....

I could become the first big twitter account based on fitness. People that liked to read, they'd probably read my newsletter as well So I set out to tweet as often as possible (tweets are content) this plan worked...this is my newsletter today

7. FITNESS IS AN INFINITE MARKET I started working as a personal trainer back in 2010. Training is hourly, but I always believed I could transcend this somehow. In the early 2010s, the first big fitness ebook came out, 5/3/1, by Jim Wendler It cost $30, it sold bonkers

I met the man who had edited 5/3/1, Bob Ihlenfeldt (he is since deceased) Bob told me the program had sold tens of thousands of copies I was stunned. I realized there was a market for information products (I myself had bought 531) I believed this would only grow with time

There are 3 Infinite Markets They are based on the 3 Fundamental desires of Human Beings We want Better Health (energy, wellbeing) We want More Wealth (money, income) We want Better Relationships (love, sex) You can look at it a few ways, but people always want these things

8. SPECIFIC KNOWLEDGE FOR SPECIFIC PROBLEMS People used to shit on ebooks, courses. People used to shit on youtube videos and instagram, and tiktok Now every company in the world has social media marketing and there are entire industries devoted to growing platform presence...

I mention this because its another Meta Point: Everyone online is LOOKING for something. And if they have a PROBLEM they are trying to solve, they want specific solutions to their problem. They want ANSWERS Ebooks are one way of packaging knowledge to provide an answer

9. THE NEWSLETTER A newsletter is a direct connection your most devoted customers, followers, and people who are LEADS An email list cannot be taken from you. You own your list Every serious business in the world has an email list, a personal brand is no different

Again, when I realized this, it was a no brainer to have an email list Are you a person with exceptional knowledge and the ability to solve problems/needs for a specific niche of people? Then you should have an email list. People are starving for knowledge, they want it

10. DIGITAL REAL ESTATE I’ve written over 40 ebook programs Some have sold thousands, others a few hundred Regardless, they are all digital properties that I own. I can repackage them, update them, find new ways to market them, they can always make money

I chose this business model because A) ebooks can be produced quickly B) they have practically no overhead (I write mine in Google docs) C) this creates a content base that can be built on through other forms of media D) this is all mobile obviously. Laptop + Wifi=business

11. Online Business is a played 24/7, but Winning is the long game I see lots of people start accounts, profiles, channels They have ideas But they don’t execute, if they do They’re inconsistent. They’ll fail. Not because they’re not good enough, but for lack of action

Tweet every day, for 5 years Write every day, for 5 years One video a week, for 5 years One hour a day devoted to a skill, for 5 years Success is built on the compounding returns of these daily actions No short cuts. No secrets. Stop wasting time looking for them

12. Systems A system is the organization of Actions, for the purpose of an outcome All the prior points/ideas, they probably make sense conceptually But day to day, staying focused, organized, and purposeful requires structure. This lack of system is where many fail

It’s also WHY I succeeded -This is where the “pitch” comes in If you want to make Wifi Money and are SERIOUS about it, @joserosado and I will teach the system and mindset of what we do Get on the waitlist, we start next week

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