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#sakuatsu @HQomegaverse #hqomegaverseweek2022 day 4: nesting Sakusa Kiyoomi nervously twisted his hands together Sakusa Kiyoomi was never nervous about anything so his eyes had to be tricking him, but they weren't. Sakusa Kiyoomi was nervously twisting his hands together,

And having a hard time making eye contact. "I need some of your stuff, for my nest. It's not a big deal, don't make it weird." How was that not weird? They barely knew each other, just here for the extra vb training and that was it. "Ya gonna go into heat or somethin'?"

Shit, that was insensitive, the back of Atsumu's head was practically burning from where his Ma would smack him if she were here. "Yes." Sakusa said bluntly, trying to look bored. Too bad he was wringing his hands. "Does that mean I won't see ya at camp anymore?"

That would suck, Sakusa was a good hitter, had a killer serve too if Atsumu was being honest. "No, why--oh, /oh/ no that's not, I'm not gonna, that /stuff/ doesn't happen until you're older. I just need a nest for comfort that's /all/" Okay /now/ Sakusa was flustered.

It was cute, really cute actually. He needed to build a comfort nest....and he'd come to Atsumu....Atsumu's scent made him feel comfortable. Well shit, that was a good feeling wasn't it? "Forget it," Sakusa huffed, "I'll figure it out on my own,"

He was embarrassed. Shit, Atsumu was so bad at thinking on his feet when he wasn't on the court. Sakusa was an omega and he liked Atsumu’s scent and he was leaving because Atsumu was a slow, bone headed alpha. "Wait! Just gimme 5, please, I'll be right back."

Then he was rushing back to his room so fast that he didn't even remember the way he'd grabbed Sakusa's wrist to stop him, or the way the omega had blushed when he did it. Atsumu grabbed everything--except underwear, that'd be inappropriate (it wouldn't) and rushed

Back to Sakusa with overflowing arms. His voice was muffled when he said, "lead the way" Atsumu wasn't allowed to stay and watch whatever Sakusa did with his clothes. He may have been dumb, but even he knew how special and intimate nest building was.

But, he did catch a glance of Sakusa sifting through his clothes with a soft private smile that stirred something in his chest the way nothing but volleyball had ever done before. So it was worth it....almost.

Expect that he was stuck hand washing the clothes on his back for the entire duration of the training camp because of course he had given away every single thing he owned to Sakusa Kiyoomi. Did ge get teased for that?

They're teenagers, what do you think? Was it worth it for the way Sakusa hovered close to him and /only/ him, trusting and quiet? Absolutely. And the cherry on top was getting those clothes back. Clothes that didn't smell like him at all,

But of sweetened raspberries and a hint of peaches. It was the best thing Atsumu had ever smelled in his entire life. And for years he thought about the spicy omega with the sweet scent and twisting hands never knowing that in turn Sakusa pined after the

Alpha who had be willing to give everything to him just so he could feel safe and comfortable.

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