#miyacestober2022 Day 2. It’s sick. They both know it. It’s sick and twisted and wrong. They’ve heard it a thousand times. Different mouths, different contexts. And Osamu and Atsumu are aware of that. But it’s not enough to make them stop. It has never been. Not even when they —

were kids and their mother scolded them for kissing each other. Not even when they were teenagers and their friends looked at them funny when they saw them hugging. Or when someone asked them, bewildered, how came none of the twins had never had a girlfriend, when they were so—

handsome. It’s never been enough. Nothing has ever been enough to separate them. Not even themselves. They’ve tried to stop. To stop whatever this horrible feeling is, between them. But they’ve never been able to drop it. No matter how hard they’ve tried. —

No matter how hard they’ve gone. It’s never worked. They always, always, return to each other. It’s fine. They’ve accepted it by now. Or rather, they’ve accepted the fact that society will never see them in good eyes. It doesn’t matter. Not anymore. Not, when they finally —

discovered how nice it is to lose themselves in their twins arms, eyes, mouths, souls… “No one will love you but me” they say in the dark, where not a person will see them, hear them. “You’re mine. You’ve always been. No one will love you but me.” It’s quiet, it’s rushed. —

They tell themselves all that while kissing and trying to not make a sound. Their love isn’t one that can be shouted at the sky. Their love is one destined to remain in the back alley of a club. Behind closed doors and closed hearts. No one will ever know about them. —

No one will ever get the chance to see how they really feel. But that’s ok. They don’t need to demonstrate anything to the world. After all, no one will ever love them as they can. ####################

Ok, soooo this is /actually/ the second time I write publicly about them and I'm honestly a bit scared 😅, but oh well! I decided to finally write something about them, and this is what happened. Pretty lame, Ik, but I'll try to do it better in the next prompts! ❤️❤️

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