In 2018 I had a beer belly, made min wage washing dishes, and was the "shyest man alive". Today, I have 6-pack abs, building my business to $1M, and have confidence. If you want to transform your life, read this:

I woke up in a hospital bed facing a harsh reality: • my girlfriend dumped me • I lost nearly all my money in stocks • my confidence was at an all time low And now, I drank so much that I'm sitting in a hospital l bed with alcohol poisoning. This wasn't my plan...

You see, I wanted to be "the man". The man that walked into every room with a powerful presence, the man everyone respected, the man with confidence, the man with a beautiful woman on his arm... So over the next 3 years, I did these 7 things to become the man:

Lift weights. I made fitness a priority. And in 12 months, everything changed: • I benched 275lbs • I saw my abs for the 1st time • I took my shirt off at the beach I now looked in the mirror and was proud of what I saw. Confidence starts in the gym.

Journaling. Social anxiety is an incorrect thought pattern. You need to rewire your thinking. Every morning, write 3 things you're grateful for. Day by day, you'll reprogram your mind from anxiety to gratitude. In 1 month, gratitude will become your default mindset.

Intentional discomfort. Force yourself to do uncomfortable things. Start small and push yourself more each time. For me: • I approached women • I did a 5-minute ice bath • I faced my fear of heights Soon you'll realize they're not so bad. Your confidence will skyrocket.

Study psychology. I studied influence & psychology from books like: • Influence - Cialdini • The Social Animal - Aronson • Psycho-Cybernetics - Maltz, M.D. This gave me the tools to be confident in conversation with anyone.

Business. Many aren't confident because they lack purpose. 3 years ago, I dropped out of college & started a business with my best friends @Gabepluguez & @joeyyochheim In that time, we went from 0 to $64k+/month. Business gave me freedom, confidence, & a true purpose.

Inputs. I turned CNN off. I deleted Tiktok. I skipped sad music. I cut out toxic people. I blocked haters on Twitter. Negative inputs = negative mind Positive inputs = positive mind

New self-identity. To truly become confident, you have to change your self-identity. Never call yourself: • Shy • Loser • Sack of sh*t You'll embody the identity you give yourself. So identify as confident.

If you want to transform your life, follow these 7 steps: 1. Journal 2. Find purpose 3. Get in the gym 4. Study psychology 5. Curate your inputs 6. Embrace discomfort 7. Stop labeling yourself as shy

P.S. Right now, I'm looking for 5 men who want to lose 20-40lbs in 90 days. If you're okay investing 2.5 hours/wk, you can do this. DM me the word "Body" for details. Click below to DM me "Body" 👇

If you willing to put in work, you can be unrecognizable 90 days from now. Here's some examples of men I've worked with:

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