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xing 💫 || semi ia (uni)



#sakuatsu One of Atsumu’s favorite things about playing in the v-league is traveling. Tokyo, Nagano, Hiroshima… each trip always has something new, whether it be food or souvenirs. But secretly, one of Atsumu’s favorite things about the v-league is cleaning hotel rooms.

He’s always paired with Sakusa during every trip—he thanks Meian and Coach Foster for this—and each one follows a routine: tables, restroom, and bedsheets. At first, it was mainly Kiyoomi who started the cleaning process.

“Miya, I’ll clean this room. Do not touch, move, or do anything outside of this area,” Kiyoomi says, hands digging in his bag to grab a pair of gloves. “But Omi, can’t I help ya?” Kiyoomi stares at him for a moment, unmoving. “You…” Kiyoomi works his tongue around his mouth.

“Yeah?” Atsumu asks, leaning in. “… throw away all the wipes I use.” Atsumu pauses. “Is that it?” “Yes,” Kiyoomi says, resolute.

“I can do more than that, y’know,” Atsumu drawls. “Ya don’t gotta do /all/ of it yourself.” “I enjoy doing /all/ of it myself. Now, please find the trash can.” Atsumu sighs, begrudgingly lugging the tiny plastic bin from the restroom.

Maybe he did a great job then—if folding the used wipes and shucking them in the trash were any good—considering how next time they shared a room, Kiyoomi surprised him. “Miya.” Atsumu closes the door, already looking for a trash can. “Yeah, Omi?” “Heads up.”

Atsumu turns around and, lo and behold, a mass of blue is coming towards him. He fumbles a bit and catches the object, unraveling it to reveal— “Gloves?” “Help me wipe the counters.” It takes a second, maybe two, but Atsumu’s eyes widen and his smile stretches to his ears.

He’s quick to slip on the gloves and saunter over where Kiyoomi’s already plucking out a couple of wipes. “Gimme those babies, Omi!” Atsumu outstretches his arms, making grabby hands at the pack of wet wipes. Kiyoomi rolls his eyes so hard Atsumu wonders if they’ll get stuck.

The thought, however, quickly goes away as he feels a cool sensation against the barrier of his gloves. “Start on the other side of the room,” Kiyoomi says. Atsumu salutes, wipe hanging loosely against his other arm. “Got it, cap’n.”

The other trips come and go without anything out of the ordinary happening. Atsumu often helps Kiyoomi wipe the counters, clean the restroom, and lately, place new sheets on the beds. It’s just cleaning a room, but Atsumu like he’s leveled up somewhat.

When they clean, it’s usually a quiet exchange, with Atsumu occasionally telling Kiyoomi his latest conversation with Osamu or a new hobby he’s picked up. Sometimes Kiyoomi joins in with a comment or a story of his own.

“I didn’t know ya painted, Omi,” Atsumu says, rising up from the lamp he just cleaned. “How long?” “A few years.” Atsumu’s mouth drops. “And I haven’t heard about it at all? Kiyoomi chuckles.

He’s been doing that more lately and Atsumu’s been trying to wring it out of him any way he can. “It’s not like I say it out loud, Miya.” “How is it?” Atsumu asks. “I mean, it can be kinda messy, right?” “It can be, but it’s a mess I don’t mind cleaning up after.

It’s like this.” Kiyoomi gestures around the room, then to Atsumu. Atsumu tilts his head, confused. “It’s like… hotels and me?” Atsumu asks. Kiyoomi nods. “Yes, I like them.” A pause. Then Kiyoomi continues. “I like you.” Atsumu drops his wet wipe on the floor.

All of a sudden, his throat is dry and he can’t swallow. Did he hear right? Were the words ‘like you’ thrown in there? Maybe he’s overthinking it. His crush on Kiyoomi wasn’t new, but maybe cleaning with the scent of rubbing alcohol and lavender was making him delusional.

Atsumu stays stock-still, and he’s about to deem it as him mishearing, but then he looks towards Kiyoomi and sees flushed cheeks and fiddling arms and oh. /Oh./ Maybe he didn’t mishear. Atsumu moves a little closer, slowly and carefully.

“So ya like cleanin’, paintin’…” Atsumu lists out, fingers tucked close. He then points to himself, a small, shy smile stretching across his face. “… and me?” Kiyoomi clears his throat, but the pink on his cheeks remain. “I think I made myself clear, Atsumu.”

Atsumu smiles wider and his chest feels like it’s soaring. “Can I at least hear my name again?” Kiyoomi thinks for a moment, face flushing a bit darker and ears coloring prettily. He looks away. Atsumu scoots a bit closer and stretches his hand.

He waits for any resistance, but when none comes, he gently tugs on Kiyoomi’s pointer finger. Kiyoomi looks back to Atsumu. “Kiyoomi,” Atsumu whispers. Something warm. Atsumu peers down to see his hand enveloped by Kiyoomi’s own.

Atsumu wants nothing more than to rip off his gloves and properly feel Kiyoomi’s skin on his. “What is it, Atsumu?” Atsumu shivers, body warm despite the cool air around them. “Can I kiss ya crazy right now or do we have to finish cleanin’ this room?”

A laugh escapes Kiyoomi, eyes widening as if the sound surprised him, but a tiny grin comes out anyway. “You can hold out a bit, can’t you?” Kiyoomi asks.

“Aye, aye cap’n. Clean room first. Make out session later.” Atsumu sighs, but it doesn’t last long and there’s no real heat behind it, not when Kiyoomi’s looking at him with an expression so in awe. “I’d rather we not kiss each other stupid in a half-cleaned room,” Kiyoomi says.

“Ooh, yer gonna kiss me stupid?” Atsumu teases. “Later,” Kiyoomi says, flicking Atsumu’s forehead lightly. “I’m not going anywhere.” Atsumu smiles and, just like that, tables are cleaned, restroom is fixed, and bedsheets have been placed.

Before he knows it, the sun’s gone down and his lips are swollen and red, the taste of Kiyoomi lingering against his lips into the night. So, yes, Atsumu’s favorite thing about being in the v-league is cleaning hotel rooms. Sure the process is relaxing.

The stories told in between each cleaned surface is also fun and exciting. Hell, even seeing how better the room looks afterward is rewarding to Atsumu. That’s probably what Kiyoomi thinks. But to Atsumu, it’s something else.

After each clean, he watches Kiyoomi’s body relax and lips upturn into a smile, comfortable despite away from home, and Atsumu can’t help but think that this is it. This is his favorite. ★

based on what I do everytime I go to a hotel. aka, me last night but I don’t have a lover with me.

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