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1 year ago today, I started this Twitter account. Since then, I’ve gained 20,000 followers, became self-employed, and made tens of thousands of dollars. Here’s what I learned and how you can do the same: --Thread--

When I first started on Twitter, I struggled. I tweeted every day, but only grew to 750 followers in 3 months. But then I bought a Twitter growth course and realized what my account was missing…

A niche. I tried to talk about everything. And when you talk to everybody, nobody wants to listen. So I created a new account (this one) and niched down to writing.

And where it previously took me 3 months to get 750 followers, it only took me 41 days to get to a 1000. But it’s not that simple…

Sure, if you want to grow fast on Twitter, you need a niche. But if you want to make good money on Twitter, you need a skill. One you can teach, that’s in-demand. Some solid skills include:

• SEO • Sales • Fitness • Lead gen • Web design • Copywriting Pick one and dedicate 30+ hours to learning from experts. Then teach what you learn on Twitter. But whatever niche you’re in, study these 3 subjects:

Psychology, writing, and sales. These are foundational for anything in life. I guarantee dedicating dozens of hours to learning these will set you apart from 90% of people. But how do you separate yourself from other Twitter accounts?

Share your story. What interesting stuff have you done? Lost a lot of weight? Talk about it. Travel to foreign countries? Talk about it. Your friend got a “special massage” from a lady boy in Thailand? Maybe don’t talk about that…

People are interested in people. They’re tired of the photoshopped photos and perfect Instagram feeds. Talk about your struggles and what you’ve learned from them. It’ll lead to genuine connections with amazing people. Nobody does this better than my friend, @onegsisneros.

@OneGSisneros Give value. I never forgot the people who helped me when I had 50 followers. Those people now have a loyal friend for life. So, make it a habit to help without asking for anything in return. It’s better to make friends than dollars. 5 solid friends > 100,000 followers.

@OneGSisneros Thank you for 20,000 followers. If you enjoyed this thread, give the first tweet a retweet. Want more content like this? Follow me @wrongstowrite and subscribe to my free newsletter:

@OneGSisneros To summarize what I learned on Twitter: 1. Niche down 2. Learn a skill 3. Study psychology, writing, and sales 4. Share your story 5. Give value

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