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I made $0 online in 2019. 3 years later: - 100M+ impressions - $1.7M in online income - 4 successful revenue streams What changed? I started writing online every day. Here's my simple 4-step process. [Short 🧡]

Step 1: Ideate rapidly What’s the fastest way to come up with ideas? Use systems. I created my own content matrix in Notion. - Choose a topic - Match it to a style - Write a quick headline - Repeat until you have 10 ideas Much of writing is about systems.

Step 2: Choose a solid format Struggling to format your writing? There are so many tools out there to help. I am loving @typeshare_co They have beautiful templates built right in for inspiration. No better way to get started.

@typeshare_co Step 3: Edit ruthlessly No easier way to lose a reader than unclear writing. So, once I'm done, I pass my writing through @HemingwayApp It tells me: - The grade level - Poor word choices - Poor sentence structure Paste in your writing and see where you can simplify.

@typeshare_co @HemingwayApp Step 4: Distribute widely 99% of people waste distribution opportunities. You've already written something. Why not share it everywhere that's relevant? I use @Hypefury to send my content to multiple platforms. - Twitter - LinkedIn - Instagram The tool is powerful as hell.

@typeshare_co @HemingwayApp @hypefury Step 5: Stay consistent Writing consistently is the most important step of all. Here's the TL;DR: β€’ Ideate with topics/structures β€’ Format with tools like Typeshare β€’ Edit with tools like Hemingway β€’ Distribute with tools like HypeFury

@typeshare_co @HemingwayApp @hypefury That's it for today. If you found this thread valuable: 1. Follow me for more threads on solopreneurship β†’ @JustinSaaS 2. Get short tips for growing your online audience and business in my weekly newsletter β†’

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