Abhinav Agarwal

Abhinav Agarwal



'severe side-effects' of Moderna's Covid vaccine: Fatigue: 9.7% of participants (Pfizer: 3.8%) Muscle pain: 8.9% Joint pain: 5.2% Headache: 4.5% (Pfizer: 2%) If 600 M are vaccinated in India, 2% translates to 1.2 crore (more than total infections to date).

Just like Lasik is a successful procedure. Except for those it doesn't work. "His eyes are so dry and sore that he puts drops in every half-hour; sometimes they burn โ€œlike when youโ€™re chopping onions.โ€"

"As far back as 2008, however, patients who had received Lasik and their families testified at an F.D.A. meeting about impaired vision and chronic pain that led to job loss and disability, social isolation, depression โ€” and even suicides." #Lasik

"But the study also found that even after all those years, nearly half had dry eyes at least some of the time. 20 percent had painful or sore eyes, 40 percent were sensitive to light, and one-third had difficulty driving at night or doing work that required seeing well up close."

"Scott Petty, 36, a 3-D artist from Houston who developed video games for a living, was diagnosed with corneal ectasia six months after having Lasik surgery."

"His sight has continued to deteriorate, even after he underwent a new procedure called corneal cross-linking to strengthen his cornea. He is in so much pain that he is โ€œalmost suicidal,โ€ he said. โ€œItโ€™s like hot grease is in my eyes, 24-7. ... my career is over.โ€"

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