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Nsfw Atsumu realises something: Kiyoomi is not aware of the fact that he’s a sadist. This started back when they were hiding in supply rooms and making out at All Japan. It was closing dinner time; Atsumu moved to pull back but Kiyoomi suddenly tightened the grip on his nape.

He broke the kiss, strings of spit breaking between them, moved his lips to his neck and started to suck. He was sucking hickies into his neck; an area where his collar would not cover. “W-wait, Omi—” “Not enough.”

His eyes were wide, “Huh?” “I said,” Kiyoomi’s lips were still attached to his skin; Atsumu could feel his fangs scraping with each word, “Not /enough/.”

They couldn’t meet up often; it’s only competitions and training camps which happened (at most) four times a year could they catch up. As students, they can’t afford monthly train tickets and quarterly hotel stays.

Kiyoomi technically can but Atsumu was adamant against using his family’s money for things like these. All in all, Atsumu /understood/ Kiyoomi’s frustration. But it’s almost dinner time. Kiyoomi always ate early to avoid the crowd.

It sucked to be an understanding boyfriend sometimes. Atsumu tugged Kiyoomi’s curls, blue balls be damned, “Come on, let’s eat dinner. Don’t want ya to be grumpy.”

But the bastard just curled strong arms around his back, burrowed his face into his neck, and sank his teeth in harder until he felt indents forming. The nerve— “W-what, Omi?!” Kiyoomi made a sound.

“Did ya just tell me to shut up?” Kiyoomi sucked his skin even harder. Atsumu shivered. Atsumu tried to retaliate by pushing Kiyoomi’s shoulders while fighting down a blush (or a boner. or both) but all that did was made Kiyoomi dug his teeth deeper.

He sucked and licked and bite and snagged; his lips touched a sensitive spot and Atsumu really— he really— he couldn’t helped but whimpered. Kiyoomi’s arms tightened. Then, he shoved him up and hoisted him higher against the wall.

He yelped, eyes flying wide. His toes barely reached the floor; he was blushing and he was moaning. He was holding onto strong shoulders. He’s pinned in place (where else can he go?) while Kiyoomi scraped sharp canines against his skin. He thought he was going to be devoured.

Once they were freshly showered and Kiyoomi was icing Atsumu’s bruises, he whispered, “Sorry, was I too rough?” “Nah, you weren’t. Just felt like I was losing a couple of arteries no big deal.” Kiyoomi huffed.

“I couldn’t helped myself.” Kiyoomi eyed the bite marks he left behind with a smug subtle smile. “You were just too cute.”

That was the first instance Atsumu noticed that Kiyoomi’s a sadist. The second was after Kiyoomi had caught wind of Atsumu’s promise to Hinata Shouyou. “Am I not giving you enough attention, Atsumu?”

Atsumu was gasping against the sheets, knees shaking from Kiyoomi’s fingers. They were at the hotel Atsumu’s team was staying; it was the last day of Interhigh where the couple had planned to hang out before Atsumu would leave the next day.

Kiyoomi had bribed Osamu with food so he would leave them alone. Atsumu had initially swooned at the thought of Kiyoomi wanting an entire uninterrupted day to themselves. It turned out Kiyoomi had wanted to shove him into the sheets and messed him up from day two.

At least he had the courtesy to wait until the games were over. Now, back to Atsumu whining and crying nonsense from Kiyoomi’s finger game.

“Swear you’d toss to them on the big court,” Kiyoomi gritted out, fingers twisting until Atsumu sobbed, “Making a huge show to everyone, letting everyone know you’re tossing to /him/” Kiyoomi held Atsumu down by the small of his back when he tried to squirm away.

“Did you made other promises that I don’t know of, Atsumu?” Kiyoomi leaned down to bite Atsumu hard on the ass, “Spit it out when I’m still feeling generous.” “Ya jealous fucking bastard!” Atsumu screamed, “It was just a show of dominance from setter to spiker!”

Kiyoomi pumped his fingers faster, “You didn’t made that promise with me!” “I— ah- I’m not just- oh, there- yer setter! I’m yours fer everything!” Kiyoomi made Atsumu repeat that for two more orgasms before he finally left Atsumu off the hook and came on his face.

Kiyoomi later admitted that he was only feeling petty (not insecure; there was a difference) and just wanted a heartfelt sorry but he ended up pushing for more because he couldn’t resist teasing a crying sobbing Atsumu. Atsumu hit him on the chest.

Author note: to clarify, they talked it out after and there’s no hard feelings; they used the colouring system throughout and it’s very consensual and safe. Kiyoomi really just likes Atsumu crying.

The third instance was after a fan event. Kiyoomi’s fashion-savvy; he chose a velvet suit and six inch heels, and he rocked it. He was beautiful. He was hot. The thirst comments and attempted gropes were proof.

It wasn’t until they were finally alone from fans and press did Kiyoomi went up to him and smirked, “You were eye fucking me the whole time.” He rolled his eyes, “If yer boyfriend was smoking in heels—which I could be!— you’d be on yer knees too.”

Kiyoomi hummed, and gave him a slow once over, down to up. “I don’t want you to be on your knees.” He dips his chin a bit; his smile was knife-sharp, “I mean, can you reach my lips even on your toes?”

He sputters, feeling hot for some reason. Kiyoomi was already taller than him; with the heels, he was looming. “Yer teasing.” Atsumu glares, cheeks pink. “Of course I can kiss ya.”

Kiyoomi laughed. He sounded mocking. He sounded mean. He took a step forward, “Prove it then.” He smiled with teeth, “Get on your toes, bitch.”

He can ignored the heat that immediately pulsed through his veins; he can ignored the betrayed twitch his cock made. But he could not ignored the strain of his toes as he tried to reach Kiyoomi’s lips. He wobbled. He’s still a hair away. Fuck.

“Are you already on your toes?” Kiyoomi eyed him with amusement, “Feels like you barely move.” “Shut it.” Atsumu grabbed Kiyoomi’s nape to bring his head down but he strained against his hold, not budging an inch.

He snapped, “Do ya want a kiss or not?!” “You begging?” Atsumu immediately went back down flat on his feet. “Not gonna beg for a kiss.”

Kiyoomi smiled; he curled an arm around his waist and jerked up, forcing Atsumu on his tippy toes. “O-Omi-!” Finally, Kiyoomi dipped his chin and sealed his lips over his.

After devouring his lips while still forcing Atsumu to stay on his shaky toes by the unforgiving curl of his arm, Kiyoomi broke the kiss, “You’re right.” “I always am.” Atsumu was not thinking straight but he knew how to snag a cheap win.

He laughed, calling him bullshit before continuing, “My point was, you’re right about not having to beg for a kiss.” Kiyoomi shook Atsumu, jostling Atsumu around with his toes still stretched, “I don’t need you to beg when I can just manhandle you like a rag doll.”

Atsumu screeched; he stomped on Kiyoomi’s toes in outrage.

The third time made him opened his eyes to the world of sadism and Kiyoomi in heels. But the fourth instance was what sealed the deal: They were fucking after a game with the Adlers. They were in the lockers; they had to be quiet.

There were still players lingering around for small talk and journalists lurking to snatch an interview. Kiyoomi seemed to get the theory: he had a tight hand clamped around Atsumu’s jaw to muffle any sounds. Here’s the thing: they never fucked in public before.

Sure, they had quickies in the genkan but that was still in the safety of their home. People could literally walk in any minute, but they were too keyed up to care. Apparently, Atsumu had been riling Kiyoomi up with too much of his signature ‘can’t keep my tongue in my mouth’

Anyways back to point, Kiyoomi looked like he knew why they needed to be quiet. However, the way he fucked Atsumu was completely unravelling his beliefs about Kiyoomi being the smart one. In fact, he was trying his very best to let the entire league know what they were doing.

He was slamming his hips loud and clear against Atsumu’s; he was ramming his cock so hard into him that Atsumu was forced onto his tippy toes (again with the fucking toes.) The lockers were filled with the telling sound of clapping flesh and lewd squelches.

His eyes rolled back; his drool drenched Kiyoomi’s hand. “You’re perfect, Atsumu.” Kiyoomi groaned into his ear, “It doesn’t matter how many times I fuck you, your hole is still the tightest little cocksleeve ever.”

Kiyoomi pressed a free hand to his belly like he was trying to cup his cock from the outside. Atsumu sobbed; his sound muffled by Kiyoomi’s palm. “See?” He grinned, “So perfect for me.”

Kiyoomi made Atsumu came all over himself, holding tight on his hips with both hands, as he squirmed and jerked and wailed (with nothing to muffle his voice). Then, he jackhammered his limp body before coming with the words ‘slut’ and ‘perfect’ on his lips.

In the end, Kageyama could not look at them in the eye without blowing a fuse. “What’s the point of covering my mouth when yer just gonna fuck me like a battering ram anyways?” He glowered at Kiyoomi from his side of the bed.

Kiyoomi smiled before kissing him on the cheek, “You sounded so cute when you tried your best to hold back.” He petted his cheek mockingly, “How could I resist not teasing you?”

Atsumu’ve gotten his revenge by sneaking under the table and sucking Kiyoomi off (loud and messy) during his monthly zoom call with his conservative family.

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