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NSFW SakuAtsu demon and witch AU Young witch!Atsumu summons the wrong demon by accident in his living room. Problem is... He summoned the wrong demon by lack of experience and doesn't know how to dismiss /this/ demon when it shows up. As a result, demon!Kiyoomi is trapped in

that pentagram from the get go. And commences then a slow agony. This demon is gorgeous. Sultry voice, beautiful, dangerous eyes, insane body... And not afraid of its own nudity. Atsumu looks away as long as he can. But it's starting to get complicated when the demon insinuates

that the only way for Atsumu to cast him away is to indulge in a sea of pleasure with him... Or, as he puts it crudely when he gets Atsumu won't look at him if he's not provoked: "Give in, give me that one thing I want and I'll be off your hair. Give in. I'll take you right here

on the floor and before you even know it, I'll be gone. Let me fuck you through that pentagram and we will both be gone. No deals, no trick. Just give in to me, Atsumu." And Atsumu blames it on the lack of answer in his books of spells when he finally gives in. Oh he does.

He should have been more patient. He should have gone to his coven brothers and sisters. He definitely shouldn't have gone to his brother who fucked his way out of a vampire's claws (and still fucks with said vampire because it never worked). But said brother told him not to fuck

the demon by experience and Atsumu has a contradictory spirit. He still waits. Because it sounds like a bad idea. Because a little voice of reason told him a demon always has a trick in their sleeves. But.. This demon is naked in his living room and Atsumu fails to see the trick

up to the moment he's laying on the hard wooden floor, back arched over the dried up wax and sprinkled salt, a demon buried deep, the deepest anyone's ever been inside him, and it asks: "Say my name when I take you, Atsumu." At first it doesn't seem like the worst idea, Atsumu's

foggy brain thinks... If he has the demon's name, he's in control. But Atsumu, inexperienced Atsumu, seems to forget that to gain control of a demon is to bind your soul to it. And to bind your soul to a demon is already dangerous, but if it's while he's given it his body...

"Ki–Kiyoomi," Atsumu chokes out, nails raking on the wooden floor as his back slide against the panel and the demon slams him onto its giant cock. The rest of the words are drowned out, strangled, but it's all the demon needs. Atsumu hears the guttural laugh and feels his body

catch on fire. Each vein burned through, his skin consumed. His soul... Tied. The pentagram is gone, the only wax and salt remaining being what sticks to the sweat drenching Atsumu's back as he's jolted around on the floor like a puppet. But the demon isn't. The demon didn't

lie. It said it would be gone if Atsumu let himself be taken. But it never said he'd ask Atsumu to make one fatal mistake when he had no braincell left to think anything through. "No trick, but you've got yourself a deal," Kiyoomi whispers in his ear. "/Master/." For eternity.

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