NSFW FwB Skts except they only fuck before an important game because they can't sleep. They are both relentless thinkers, their brains taking control over their bodies. So even when they are exhausted in bed, their brains keep working on all the possibilities of the match.

They used to masturbate alone though it didn't bring a satisfying enough result but it was all they had. Until they were paired up together in the hotel room before a game against the Falcons. Atsumu is taking his shower and Kiyoomi clearly hears a loud moan from him.

When he gets back in the room in PJ, Kiyoomi clearly understands what he has been up to with his pink cheeks, breath still trying to go back to a normal pace, and the slitht afterglow he is radiating. "Did you seriously masturbate just next to me?" Atsumu flushes and -

stops his movement. "No! What?" Kiyoomi crosses his arms, showing that it's no use to lie. Atsumu groans. "Yeah okah, sue me! but it's the only thing that slightly helps me to sleep before a game." Kiyoomi is shocked, clearly shown on his face by his widened eyes.

"Me too..." and before he realises it, the words leaves his mouth. The silence between them after this admission is heavy, deafening all their senses. So maybe that's why Atsumu proposes: "Let's just help each other out then."

Kiyoomi didn't imagine that his night would play out like this. Splayed against the bed, being fucked into the mattress by Miya Atsumu while his hair was pulled up. The soft brush of his dick against the towels they put under them to not ask for other sheets at 10pm and the -

constant pistoning of Atsumu's cock against his prostate is in fact just what he needed to fall asleep that night. And all the other nights after this one. They stay friends and teammates the rest of the time. But the nights before a match when their nerves are overtaking -

them, they find themselves in each other's appartment, or ask to be put up in the same room. Just before sleep, Atsumu would abuse incessantly Kiyoomi's prostate, until he feels it might explode. They clean each other off and sometimes they have enough energy -

to walk back to their own place, or go to slump to the single bed next to the other. But more often than they would like to admit, they find themselves sharing the same space, becoming a puzzle of limbs as they instantly fall asleep in each other's warmth.

Can you tell that I wrote that as I, myself, couldn't fall asleep? 🫠

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