Psychology of Positive Emotions You Should Know. - Thread -

Benefits of Emotions (Look for positive even in the negative ones): Anger: to fight against problems Fear: to protect us from danger Anticipation: to look forward and plan Surprise: to focus on new situations Joy: to remind us what's important

Sadness: to connect us with those we love Trust: to connect with people who help Disgust: to reject what is unhealthy BENEFITS of Positive Emotions: - Reduced stress and Boosted well-being - Stranger resilience - Increased performance and engagement

- Increased healthy choices - Broadens your focus and expands your thinking - Improves your problem solving ability TIPS to Enhance Positive emotions: - Keep talking to yourself positively - Meditate to eliminate negative thoughts.

- Notice and name your positive emotions - Focus on your feelings. - Tune in to your emotions in real time, as they happen. - Contract the muscles near the corners of your mouth

- Make the smile as wide as possible and extend your eyebrow muscles slightly upward. - Hold the resulting expression for about 20 seconds - Recall your most happiest moments to give yourself a boost - Try new food /visit a new place. Doing New things give you lot of happiness

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