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How to find your perfect family :

Humans need to quench their thirst to belong. We can't help it, it's a powerful survival instinct. To contribute and take away from a group of like minded people is an evolutionary need. At the centre of all this is a formidable leader, and an idea written in stone.

A tribe is an interconnected group of people. Connected to, ➼ Each other ➼ A leader ➼ A Purpose To be functional a tribe needs two things, A shared interest and a way to communicate. Your tribe is your family.

1) Search for Opportunity There are tribes everywhere now. Public, private, inside and outside organizations. All are desperately looking for able leadership to drive them to their goals Use this opportunity. Find and assimilate into a tribe. Display competence and lead.

2) Core belief Tribes are centred around faith. A strong sense of belief in their purpose. Unifying notion of community. Grounded in mutual respect toward the leader and other tribe members. To lead you must challenge the status quo Create movements, make waves.

3) Leading from the bottom Skeptics look at leadership and hesitate They believe without authority you cannot lead Lead a tribe that is inspired by change Galvanize and organize them Give them the tools to succeed Start at the weakest members and empower them Evolve

4) Communication There are 4 vital aspects to this, ➼ Leader to tribe ➼ Tribe to leader ➼ Tribe member to tribe member ➼ Tribe member to outsider The first two aspects lead to more impact Third for better connection among members Last one is purely for growth

5) The Anatomy of a Movement All tribes need a revolution. A movement to feel a part of something bigger than themselves. This has 3 elements, ➼ Narrative - A story about the future you're trying to build. ➼ Bond - A sense of connection ➼ Action - With few limitations.

6) Non - Conformism Tribes that destroy the status quo win. Leaders who inspire to change the rules thrive. It requires commitment both private and public You MUST reach out to others and put your ideas on the line. Be daring enough to change the status quo - Be the ELITE.

7) Be Personal If you want to reach humans you need to show you are human. Talk like a real person, have genuine interaction - show you care for their growth Be accessible, let them not feel like they have to jump through hoops to get to you. Show your scars, be real.

8) The power of Anticipation Your fellow men need to anticipate your message. Wait with bated breath to hear what you have to say. Without anticipation they will just tune you out. Speak with authority to a direct audience, command respect and over deliver on promises.

Every tribe is different. Every leader is different. The very nature of leadership is to do what’s not been done before. If you were, you’d be following, not leading. All I can hope for is that you’ll make a choice. Every leader has made this choice - To lead his tribe.

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