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Men, this is how you stop relapsing to your Porn, alcohol, weed, social media, tobacco etc habits🧵

Who is this thread for? - You want to break a habit - You MUST want to transform your life - You have tried repeatedly but failed - You don't know how to beat your addiction - You relapse often - You want LIFETIME RESULTS Very important - read to the very end

Brother, understand this, Your addiction is a brain problem. No, you don't have poor willpower, no you're not a loser, no you aren't immoral. Forget this nonsense and listen close. All addictions are dopamine addictions and you relapse because of changes in your brain. Period.

Have you felt any of these? - You walk past a smoker and want a smoke - You look at a bikini clad girl and want porn - You watch an ad on tequila and crave it - You find your old bong and HAVE to smoke Why does this happen? Because of glutamate.

If dopamine was the CEO of your brain's pleasure center, glutamate is the secretary following him around and taking notes Let me explain. What happens when you use a drug and get high? We all know dopamine is released and you feel good.. But that' s not all. There's more..

Glutamate is the most abundantly occurring neuro transmitter in the brain It's main function is to help with learning and memory What does it do? Every time you indulge in your drug of choice, as soon as you get a hit of dopamine.. GLU takes notes and stores in into memory.

Every time you smoke, or drink or do coke or watch porn and feel good.. Glutamate is recording everything. The smell, the taste, your surroundings, your feelings, your emotions ALL of it. Now, any time you come across the same, there's activation and you want dopamine

Most frequent causes of relapse : 1) Low dopamine D2 receptors resulting from over exposure to dopamine 2) Elevated baseline for dopamine & anhedonia ( feeling like nothing else is good enough ) 3) Glutamate memory activation from cues and triggers

LETS TALK SOLUTIONS : 2 components to manage to fight relapse. 1) Frontal cortex 2) Mid brain I will simplify and explain both. Your frontal cortex is your conscious brain. Your self control & will power reside here. Morals, ethics.. whatever you need to say NO, exists here

Midbrain is your unconscious brain. It is primitive and you have no control over it. It is only driven by certain triggers and ALL of your habits and addictions directly work by stimulating the mid brain. Now pay attention, This is how you stop relapse :

Remember glutamate? Every time it activates from a trigger, Your frontal cortex goes to sleep and your mid brain activates. This is why you are helpless during cravings. The part of the brain that is supposed to say no, is asleep. Primitive brain is wide awake. So what now?

2 things you need to do to fight off relapse, 1) Quiet the midbrain and let it sleep 2) Keep the frontal cortex awake How do we do this? Understand this, When you encounter a trigger and your mid brain activates what does it want? DOPAMINE. We will use this..

For extreme cases of addiction, There are medications that do exactly this - quiet the midbrain. For most cases, lifestyle changes, behavior modifications and coping techniques are enough to fight effectively How does one quiet the mid brain? Read on..

Two steps to follow to quiet your midbrain and fight relapse, 1) Awareness of the shift 2) Management Awareness : There are 5 triggers that can make you go into mid brain activation - craving mode 1) Time 2) Place 3) Events 4) Emotion 5) People

Your goal is to be aware of every trigger that is listed here, and identify when your brain begins to flow into an unconscious craving state Without awareness, you will go with the motions and unconsciously do the task / indulge in the drug with no hope for control Next,

You are aware of your change in state, what do you do now? You need to manage it. Again there are 2 ways to manage mid - brain activation : 1) Ride the urge 2) Substitution dopamine

1) Urge surfing is a mindfulness trick where you are fully aware of the urge - You just let it pass A simple google search will give you all the information you need to practice this method 2) Substitution. You give your mid-brain what it wants, DOPAMINE - but on your terms.

1) Exercise 2) Social interaction & laughter 3) Meditation 4) Walks 5) Outdoors 6) Music 7) Sunlight Essentially anything that spikes dopamine, but moderately. Just enough to quiet the mid - brain with a little taste of dopamine Awareness + substitution = Relapse prevention

Now, is this all there is to it? Absolutely not. This is the fundamentals that you can practice starting TODAY. This thread is a part of my ongoing series on addiction & transformation Next, we talk about systems and how to create systems to fight habits Follow, like, RT..

P.S, if you're a working professional and want to - Beat an addiction - Build better habits & systems - Heal your brain chemistry - Transform your life @ coaching program is all you need Guaranteed results or you pay nothing

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