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#dkbk #dkbkSRSHalloweek @dkbkexchange The Ghost at Apartment 420 Day 1: ghosts / haunting There is a ghost in Katsuki's apartment. It has been there for as long as he can remember.

CW: ghosts, hauntings, creepy scenes. Please if you do not like ghost stories, please do not proceed ahead.

There is a ghost in Katsuki's apartment. It has been there for as long as he can remember. Ever since he moved here, there is always something bizarre that happens. But this apartment is the only one he can afford that has good connections to his workplace.

With the amount of work he does, he also doesn't have the time to look for anything else. As long as he's not being physically harmed, Katsuki thinks he can endure this for now. It's not really that bad... when you squint hard enough.

It all starts when his things go missing and they end where they shouldn't be. His sunglasses that he always remembers to put back in its case, mysteriously ended up in the oven. He found out too late.

Halfway through pre-heating it to 200C, the smell of burning plastic filled the whole kitchen. The smoke triggered the smoke alarm. He made sure there are multiple locks on his door and his windows are always shut after that.

But no matter how secure his aparment is, his things always end up in a different place. They never get lost, he ends up finding them again. It's as if someone is pranking him. Today, he cannot find his laptop. Shit.

After he got home from work, he set it open on the dining table and played his spotify rock playlist. He turned around for just a second, to set the stove on and put some oil, when the rock music abruptly stopped. When he looked back at the dining table, his laptop is gone.

"Stop fucking around with my stuff!!" He yells into his own apartment and he threw his spatula on the kitchen floor. There's no one there, of course. Katsuki had already made sure to inspect all possible hiding places, at least five times, and he's almost sure that he is alone.

He goes to sleep that night, more livid than terrified because of this inconvenience. "When I wake up, you better return my fucking laptop or I'll ..." He pauses, what can he threaten something he can't see with? "OR ELSE!

I could fucking lose my job, you know?!" Katsuki huffs and turns off his light, grumbling the whole time about some 'shitty-ass rude ghost'. When he wakes up, his laptop is on the bedside table, right next to his charging phone. Thank christ.

He has enough to deal with in his life. "I had enough of you. Stop hiding my things." He says no one and furiously gets out of bed. ------- When he's at work and taking a break the next day, he almost chokes on his sandwich. He's casually chatting with his friends.

They're all sending in photos of their food. Katsuki takes a photo of his, but he doesn't understand the appeal of it. He tells his friends this hundreds of times. But he knows them well enough that they won't stop until he sends one.

He opens the photo app on his phone and he immediately freezes. He could feel all the hair at the back of his neck stand up. Right before the photo he took just now, is a photo of himself, fast asleep in his bed. He immediately lets go of his phone, in shock.

It clatters on the table, its screen still on Katsuki's sleeping face. "What the fuck...?" With shaky hands, he takes his phone back in his hands and checks when it was taken. It's only from this morning too at 07:15, five minutes before Katsuki's alarm is about to go off.

Jesus christ. He has half the mind to seriously call the police, because this is actual evidence. -------- Well, this is disappointing. The police comes to apartment 420 and Katsuki awkwardly explains what has been happening.

For what it's worth, the police officers do a thorough search of the place, and even use their detectors that hover over the walls and stuff. But they find nothing. Katsuki kind of expected it, but he hoped to at least have an explanation of what's happening.

They also check his phone and find only one set of fingerprints that are predictably Katsuki's. So they leave Katsuki alone in the apartment, once again. They tell him to call them in case he has something more concrete. -------

There are long stretches when things would be normal. His things would stay where they are, no new photos taken on his phone. Katsuki also turns his phone off in the evening and gets himself an actual alarm clock (he had to find it a vintage store, wtf)

Then there would be days like this. Katsuki is sitting by his work desk, working away in the morning at home. He's so busy replying agreeing to his colleague about putting the wrong people in the CC when he suddenly sees something from his peripheral view.

Someone just walked past his windows, but Katsuki was too late. He just saw a glimpse of dark-green hair. It should be ok and normal, but Katsuki lives on the 4th floor. Maybe it was a window cleaner? He stands up and looks out the window. Nope. No one there.

*knock knock knock knock knock* Katsuki immediately starts. His heart is running so fast. Chill. It's just a knock. He goes to the door as the person behind it keeps knocking and when swings it open, there's no one there. *knock knock knock knock knock* Oh for the love of god.

Katsuki slams the door, "Stop messing with me!!" he yells into his apartment once more. The knocking persists and he realizes that it's actually not coming from the door, but instead, it's coming from beneath his bed. *knock knock knock knock knock*

There is a loose floorboard that rattles ever so slightly whenever the knock happens. Katsuki is scared sure, but he's also more curious about what's underneath that. So he pries the loose woodboard open, and immediately, the knocking stops.

There are old notebooks, yellowing with age, photos and letters undeneath. He takes one of the old photos and it's of a boy with dark-green hair and freckles. Probably same age as Katsuki in this photo.

He flips the photo around to see a hand written text of the date, all the way back from 30 years ago. [Analysis for the future] one notebook said. There's a name underneath. "Midoriya...

Deku?" Katsuki says out loud, "Is that your name?" then all of the lights in his apartment surged up until one of the light bulbs of his lamps broke. "Hey no breaking of lamps, Deku!"

from the top:

By this point, Katsuki has long been used to it. Whatever this ghost does, Katsuki is not the least bit surprised anymore. His things would still be moved, but they will never be hard to find. Sometimes his home speakers would turn on their own and play some rock songs.

Katsuki likes to think that it's because Deku has the same music interest. Christ. Katsuki is going crazy. There's something unearthly in his apartment and here he is, scrambling his eggs for breakfast and smiling at that thought that him and his ghost likes the same music.

When he casts a series on his TV, and he settles himself on his couch, he feels a cool gust of wind on his side. The lamps on the other side of the couch flicker a little. Perhaps Deku would like to watch some hero shows with him.

So let's say Deku is really real, and say he is sitting down on the couch, next to Katsuki. It's not bad if Katsuki gives him a premise of the show, right?

Katsuki points at the screen, "So this kid got bitten by a mutated spider. Then he got special powers. Now he's fighting with the rest of other powered heroes..."

The lights steadlily and softly flicker as Katsuki tells about this engineer who built his iron suit in a cave, 'with a bunch' of scraps'. Every night from then on, Katsuki puts on a super hero films. He turns off almost all his lamps, except for the one next to him.

Every time he starts one, his lights softly flicker. -------

Katsuki spends long nights reading through Deku's notebooks. He finds out that Deku was an engineer, most of the notes are calculations or drawings of machinery that Katsuki has no idea about. He keeps Deku's photo by his work table in the living room.

It's weird to keep a dead guy's photo on his table, but .... well Katsuki kinda speaks to Deku more often than he does to his colleagues. One restless night, Katsuki finds himself tossing and turning in his bed. He looks up the ceiling and sighs, "Deku, I can't sleep."

He glances at his open door and for a second, he thinks he had closed it before going to bed. But apparently not, because there is someone standing by his door frame, in the dark hallway. Katsuki feels his stomach drop.

He wants to get up, throw open his window and make a run for it. But his legs and arms refuse to move. He can't even close his eyes as he watches helplessly as the figure hovers over the wooden boards, towards Katsuki's side of the bed. Katsuki lets out a scream as he wakes up.

His sheets are soaked in sweat. He knows that what he saw was Deku because of the hair, but he can't be sure. Because even if it had some sort of dark-green hair, it didn't have any face. Ok that's enough. Katsuki needs to think about this whether he really is losing his mind.

As he hastily packs a bag with a few overnight clothes, he ignores how the the lights in his apartment all frantically flicker. In the middle of the night he drove to his parents house and spends the night there. He needs to think about what to do about this.

He doesn't dare to tell his parents, instead he does what any matureed person in 2022 would do-- He googles 'how do i make ghosts talk to me'. It's not exactly as futile as it sounds. Katsuki finds out that ghosts can possibly communicate in dreams.

So maybe Katsuki was too hasty leaving his apartment. Maybe Deku only wanted to talk to him. This whole time, it's only been Katsuki doing talking.

He goes back to apartment 420. As soon as he opens the door, all the lights start flickering again. Katsuki sighs, puts his bag down and takes a quick look around. There seems to be no object has been misplaced yet, good. "Deku, listen to me."

As soon as he says that, all of the lights stop flickering. "I'm sorry I left, I just got scared." "You can talk to me again in my dreams BUT do not scare me like that." Thus on that evening, Katsuki tries so hard to fall asleep.

He's hoping that once he does, Deku will be there so he can finally talk. But Katsuki is so excited that he can't even lie still. He turns to his side, towards the other side of the bed and finds himself face to face with a pair of green eyes. Oh, Deku has green eyes.

It wasn't very clear in the old, grainy photo. He has freckles on his cheeks and a little dimple on the left. Deku is lying next to him, mimicking the way he's lying down on his side. "Hi Katsuki."

He says and gives Katsuki a smile prettier than the one he saw in the photograph. ---------------- Sometimes, when Katsuki is walking by himself in a crowded street, he thinks about whether Deku is really just something he only created in his head.

But he brushes the thought away. It doesn't matter if Deku is real or not, he is real enough for Katsuki. Katsuki speaks to him all the time in his dreams and when Deku wraps his arms around his waist, Katsuki feels it more than anything real in his life. ---------------

P.S. They figure out that it's not the apartment that is "haunted". Deku is bound to this belongings that have been stuck under the floorboards. Katsuki often takes Deku with him whenever he goes for a long drive next to the sea.

Maybe if Katsuki has to go one day, he wishes that he'd be bound to Deku in his afterlife. --- the end ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿงก

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