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Write A Sales Letter In 5 Days Challenge - (Day One) // THREAD)

Welcome to Day One of the "Write a sales letter in 5 days" Challenge. As all sales letters should start. We are going to do our research first. Today we're going to be doing research to gather information about our product… Here's how to go about it…

Before we begin… If you are confused about what this challenge is read this first.. Done? Cool let's go..

The task for Day 1 is to KNOW YOUR PRODUCT You need to become an expert on your product to write an effective sales letter..

When I say you need to become an expert I did not say you need to know how to create the product or anything What I mean is that you need to know a lot about how your product functions. That way you can effectively communicate its benefits to the customer.

Let's say you're writing for a software (SaaS). You don't need to know how to code or how to write the programming language used to make the software. But you need to know enough to tell the customer : "This is how this stuff works.."

"This is what happens when you click this button" "This is how you can use this feature to get X results." More importantly you need to know if the product works at all. Trust me. It is easier to sell something when you believe that the product is going to work.

If you know that your product will solve a particular problem for someone you'll do all it takes to convince that person to buy even if it means you have to offer free trials and crazy guarantees, etc).

If you're not sure the product works then you'll be skeptical about selling it and if you do sell it you won't do a very good job. If you are writing copy for a tweet scheduler you should know how to schedule tweets with it. You should also know other features like..

Auto Dm feature Thread delay feature Auto plug Feature Auto Retweet feature, etc

If you're writing for a hair care product you should know how it's supposed to be used. πŸ‘‰ How many times it should be applied in a day πŸ‘‰ The different ingredients used in making the product and what each of them does πŸ‘‰ Instructions on how to apply it.

The framework is simple for whatever product you're writing for. Find out everything you can about it Not only knowing the features....

You should also know the benefits of all these features and how your customers can make the most of it. For today your task is to find out all you can about that product you're writing for and organize the information you got. How to do this? It's simple.

πŸ‘‰ If you're writing for someone ask the person questions about his products. πŸ‘‰ If possible use the product and see things for yourself πŸ‘‰ If it's your own product then it's assumed you already know everything about your stuff

If you're doing this for practice just do a simple Google search and find out all you can about the product you're practicing with. So now what do you do with this information. πŸ‘‰ Open Google Drive and create a folder.

πŸ‘‰ Name it whatever you like. This is where every information about this sales letter (including the sales letter itself is going to be stored) πŸ‘‰ Inside that folder create a Google doc file and name it "PRODUCT RESEARCH" πŸ‘‰ Create a table inside the Google doc file ( 3 columns)

πŸ‘‰ Label one column "PRODUCT FEATURES". Label the other one "BENEFIT" then the last one should be "How product helps achieve benefit" Now for every feature your product has, write down its benefits and how the product helps achieve benefit. Example (using the tweet scheduler) :

Feature - > Auto plug Benefit - > Make more sales How product helps achieve benefit - >This tweet scheduler will automatically plug a link to your course under any of your tweets that go viral. Do it like this for each product feature you have listed.

You've already started to assemble the copy. You'll see what I mean in the coming days.. Once you're done. Go through all the features and find the unique one that differentiates your product from other ones in the market… This will be your USP.

Once you've finished with this you're ready for the next step which is getting to know all you can about your customer. The thread will drop same time tomorrow so stay tuned.

For today find out everything you can about your product and arrange the information you got the way I showed you to. That's a wrap! If you enjoyed this thread: 1. Follow me @I_AmUche for more of these 2. RT the tweet below to share this thread with your audience

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