Ayla// ia

Ayla// ia



#sakuatsu nsfw mention, age gap for some reason im thinking, atsumu who's now tired of being EVERYONE's eye candy and love interest. He genuinely enjoyed the attention but he was now so very tired of it. He still was incredibly horny, but didn't wanna look up for it anymore.

That was, until he was sitting next to some stairs with his friends, just chatting, and he saw someone descend the staires. He never paid attention to these random people, but this dude was over 6ft. Dont get this wrong, even he was 6ft tall, but the dude somehow looked taller.

He was wearing a fitted, full sleeved, black gym shirt, loose grey lowers and had a duffle bag. He was proly going to the gym nearby. He had black curls which fell perfectly to reveal 2 moles on his forehead and a slight undercut on the back. His hair looked fresh and gorgeous.

But despite everything about this dude screaming "HOT DUDE ALERT" in atsumu's mind, something really stuck out to him. This dude had a beard. A white natural beard with black peppering in some places. He was gorgeous. And also, probably twice Atsumu's age.

Now hear him out, he wasnt a fan of age gaps in real life. he would never look at someone with an age gap of over 3 years, but this dude somehow took all his ideals and threw them out of a window. Usually whenever people walk by, they always ALWAYS look at atsumu

+ and hence, he usually avoids looking at people first to avoid eye contact. But boy did he stare at this hunk, almost hoping he looks back at him. He didnt. This white bearded dude didn't even bat an eye at atsumu, which was very unnatural and slightly offended atsumu.

Now all he wanted was for this dude to throw him on any gym equipment and have his way with him, rough him up, mould him to fit around his dick. And atsumu would do anything to get this guy's attention. So begins his journey go get fucked by this dude, twice as old as him.

this was me self projecting. i hate age gaps irl but i saw the dude i described omi as, no curly hair tho, but ive never wanted to get fucked so bad by a dude twice my age. unfortunately, i never saw him again so idk how (if) this will proceed.

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