Youtube has over 50M creators worldwide. But most people don't make it past 1000 subscribers. Here's 7 Youtube hacks you'll wish you knew sooner (I promise):

✅ 1. Better end screens A simple end screen strategy can easily increase views. Here's mine: 1. Smooth transition from content to outro 2. Push audience towards relevant video I've been able to get close to 30% end screen CTR with this strategy 👇

✅ 2. Pick better topics Better topics = better everything. It's that simple. A GREAT topic will increase views, CTR & AVD without any optimization. Think about that for a second... All because of a single thing: DEMAND.

✅ 3. Track video performance When publishing a video Look at real time views & average video performance to track the current video's performance. CTR & AVD are contextual

✅ 4. Evergreen vs Trendy topics Never make 100% evergreen or trend based videos. You should have a good mix of both. A perfect example is @tommy His channel has perfected this strategy 👇

✅ 5. Finding outlier topics When starting out with 0 subscribers You need to find outlier videos in your niche: Outlier: a video that outperforms the channel's average video views. Find these by searching up topics and filtering by: "This month" and "View Count"

✅ 6.Create optimized intros All the best intros have these 4 elements: 1. Reaffirm (topic) 2. Stakes/Goals 3. Interesting Twist 4. No Extra Fluff Now that doesn't mean intros should always be short. Some video formats perform better with long story-type intros.

✅ 7. Sort channel data by day This is good to see how YouTube pushes your video. 1. Click on a Video 2. Go in "Advanced Mode" 3. Click "Data" tab 4. Click Blue Plus button and add Impressions 5. Filter by Date You be able to see how impression change based on CTR & AVD.

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