desi avocado 🥑 || whore arc (in theory only)

desi avocado 🥑 || whore arc (in theory only)



#sakuatsu atsumu decided to start a youtube channel in high school, and what better way than to do so with his best friend sakusa. osamu already raised his hands in defeat (what a loser), and no other friend was close enough to atsumu to entrust with a shared account.

atsumu was highly enthusiastic, sakusa a bit less, but together the two were motivated enough to shoot and edit videos on the regular. the two started out with volleyball analysis, both avid fans of the sport, creating complications of best play combos and

even interviewing laymen on their opinion of the sport. their intial videos received only 200 views. atsumu was heartbroken, truly believing that he wasn't cut out for the deal. he shed many hot tears of frusrations, regret at wasting so many important hours of his and omi's.

surprisingly enough, it was sakusa who came forward with the suggestion of switching to the comedy genre. apparently according to youtube studio, the most replayed parts of their videos were the one where atsumu cracked jokes. already at his last straw, atsumu agreed to

shoot a roast video on straight tiktok.

now with a total of 250M views and 10M subscribers, 'tsumu and omi-omi are revered as the top comedians on youtube. their channel, stumble, features a pair of tssuboki-boke teenagers, with atsumu catching the hearts of the viewers with his aggresive, humourous

roasts and sakusa acting as the counterpart with blunt remarks and taunts, usually directed more towards atsumu than the original subject. atsumu didn't mind, it was all scripted anyways, and if he had to bear the grunt of sakusa's droll stoidness for a little appeasement of

their fans, he certainly didn't mind. afterall, omi wasn't this huge of a jerk in real life and atsumu wasn't a hot mess like the comments suggested. the two had moved into an apartment in tokyo, doing online college courses on the side, but youtube remains a priority.

their fans are loyal yet unforgiving, but atsumu prefer them for that. sakusa insists on the fans referring to him as sakusa and sakusa only in almost every video, but none of the comments would even acknowledge that. he was omi-omi for all they cared. in heat of vengeance,

sakusa called atsumu 'tsumu in a live stream, with the fans butchering the poor guy's name infamously. atsumu didn't notice their hilarous comments, too wound up to will down the steady blush forming on his cheeks when sakusa said his name like /that/

for the videos, atsumu is 'tsumu. in real life, he is miya. atsumu wished he'd call him atsumu everyday. maybe even atsu. a chimerical wish, but a boy in love can dream. atsumu loves reading the comment section, for it actually is a reflection of what the viewers likes

or not. sakusa suggests strongly against it becoming an addiction and potentially ruining his mental health, but atsumu had an inbuilt filter as a twin to file out mean comments. (they never made sense anyways, atsumu hasn't even seen his own elbow in months, how did mr.eagle22

found them to be dirty is beyong his understanding.) he picks up some points of appreciation on one of their skits and a demerit of their rough editing but one particular comment stood out like a sore thumb.

did you see omi at 6:08, look at the way he blushed at atsu's joke. and on 17:23 he keeps staring at him with stars in his eyes. ♥️♥️😂 turu love 🤩 the comment had 45K likes and 200 replies, all affirmative. atsumu knew that he shouldn't click on the timestamps but dire

curiousity got the better of him. (he didn't dare raise his hopes up) atsumu could have blamed the lightening setting on the way sakusa's eyes looked so /fond/ as atsumu raved about some cheese onigiri or maybe an error of the camera. but he needed to get to the bottom of it

searching through the replies of the original comment, he found a peculiar one. i luv SakuAtsu sm🛐🛐 they married fr fr 🤡 heat consumed atsumu's cheeks and with trembling hands he typed in 'SakuAtsu' in the search bar.

almost a thousand results popped up. some were edits, some texting videos (woah) but a few were of the kind of complications. sakusa and atsumu being married for 13 minutes (not) straight sakuatsu moments as a side dish for your onigiri and to revive your soul

sakusa crushing hard asf on atsumu for 7 minutes. atsumu clicked on that one.

7 minutes later, he reached a revelation. the video revealed what his heart refused to see. the camera caught on the essense of their chemistry. and sakusa's expressive face uncovered the dormant feelings atsumu buried a long time ago. how could atsumu have been so blind?

no matter, atsumu now knew the truth. sakusa was in love with him, like he was in love with sakusa. really, atsumu owes a lot to his fans.

in case some poor soul got the end of the thread though its unlikely

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