John Doe

John Doe



Look at this DM. I'm aware some of you like this follow me & clearly, some of us are mutuals as the case of this young man. That's why he can DM me. I take no offense at all that you sent me a DM. As a matter of fact, I like that you come to say this. I'll tell you & others

like you or may wish to be like you a few things. I'm not sure your reason for engaging in fraud is wise enough. You had several other options but chose this path. How about you get caught before you even finish schooling? Are you saying that poor children don't attend

schools in Nigeria? Is there no other skill you can learn to help you through school? Will you tell the judge this if you get caught? Will the judge have pity on you? How about the children of those you're defrauding? What if it's their own school fees you're stealing just so

you too can go to school? I shared a story one time here, of a man that came from a poor home & his mother told him not to take the path of crime. He held on tight to his mother's words & took the pain to train himself on a skill. Today, he makes six figures & he's married.

I feel bad for you but I still can't encourage you to continue this way. Are your parents aware this is what you're into? If not, will they be proud when they find out? You're not even proud of yourself so for how long are you going to be living with this guilt? Don't get me

wrong, I'm not talking from a privileged position. Many of us held tight to the words of our parents despite the hard times. We feared bringing shame to their name & that's why we decided to choose the legit path. I sincerely hope you listen to me & I hope someone reading will

offer to help you gain a skill & mentor you. I don't wish that you get caught but if you do get caught, please don't blame the devil. Don't blame poverty either. When life adjusts itself for us, it gives you the advantages and disadvantages of whatever choices we make. End.

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