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GIFTS FOR ARTISTS; I saw someone going “don’t get those garbage cheap art sets for your kid/grandkid/etc”. Which is correct. But their replacement recommendations were a bit pricey unless you have a higher budget and really know they’re serious about art. Some suggestions:

If they are DEFINITELY a serious artist, get them a gift card to @JetPens. Trust me. They have gift set recommendations but if you want to be safe, get them a gift card.

If they’re young and you want a step up from Crayola, you can get they a gift card to Dick Blick or your local art supply store, but this can be tricky because some “art supply” stores are really more craft and framing stores and don’t carry a good selection of art supplies.

If you want to get a young person something more specific but not as pricey: Dick Blick has their own line of art materials that are good quality and reasonably priced.

Reeves is another very good entry level brand. They make everything, even water mixable oil paints. They sell mixed media/gift sets but they look bad and don’t store well, avoid them. Get them something like a set of pencils or paint with a container that won’t disintegrate.

For anime ass weeb children: Deleter is THE trusted brand of manga creators. Get them: The pen trial set or one of the more expensive sets. Deleter Black Ink #4 Deleter White Ink

IF THEYRE VERY LITTLE: I actually think Crayola is great quality but it doesn’t make a great gift due to the “not special” feeling. But if they’re pretty young, like 8 and younger, a giant Crayola set has some clout. Get something with a container! Parents will thank you!

If they’re about 12 and have a PC, consider getting them a xp-pen tablet. It’s much cheaper than a Wacom and won’t be a devastating loss if they destroy it. It works just as well as a Wacom and Wacom has been losing its prestige among artists too.

Another good gift instead of supplies are books that will help them learn how to do art. Unlike my childhood, actual good books exist now. Figure Drawing: Design and Invention by Michael Hampton should be on every artist shelf.

Human anatomy: Force Dynamic Life Drawing For Animators by Michael D Mattesi Animal Anatomy: Force Animal Drawing by Michael D Mattesi

Ok if you have a weeb child (or adult) and want to be a rockstar, make yourself an account and buy any of the anatomy books by this guy: I’m trying not to link to amazon but these are hard to get any other way.

Watercolor: Five Simple Steps to Sketching Flowers with Watercolors by Ai Nakamura

If you want to get them a sketchbook: Most sketchbooks are intended for people doing fine art types of sketches with a bunch of shading. If the person is doing art that’s more graphic (like anime/cartoon/comic shit), get them things labeled “drawing” instead of “sketch”...

“Sketch” paper tends to have tooth (not smooth) so it catches the pencil more easily. “Drawing” paper tends to be smooth and is good for precise lines and ink. If you’re in the store, touch the paper! I like Fabriano, make sure the listing says “BLANK” so it doesn’t have lines.

For your comic nerd: Do not get Strathmore comic boards. Their measurements are extremely off and they’ve never corrected it even though I personally told them about the problem. Yes I have a grudge. Get Canson instead.

Another rockstar gift: Need something super cheap but amazing? Good erasers. The Tombow makes three staple erasers. The black one, the white one, and the tiny Mono Zero pen one for details. The latter is the most precious to people working with pencils.

If you’re getting them watercolor stuff, get them the paper if possible. Watercolor isn’t going to work well on regular paper and they will be very sad!

Storage thing are also good presents. Pen organizers and pencil bags are a cheap and useful gift and every artist will eventually need storage stuff. Search under office supplies and craft storage supplies if you’re having trouble finding things.


Instead get them this, another rockstar gift: Body Kun, an actually useful poseable anatomy aid. Comes in different colors colors, I like grey.

Ok so Prismacolor is expensive. But!!! A while back Prismacolor bought Col-Erase, a type of erasable colored pencil that a lot of illustrators swear by. And the price stayed cheap! These are the two different packaging styles. Clout of Prismacolor without the price tag!

Mechanical pencil with big lead: 2mm mechanical/drafting pencils. if they're young they probably won't have one like this yet. Make sure you get some lead too. Check and see if the cap has a hole, this hole is a sharpener. If there's no hole, look for a sharpener (see pics)

Mechanical Pencil With Tiny lead: Another thing a young artist probably hasn't gotten their hands on yet. The tiniest that exists right now is .2 mm (2mm and .2mm are different!!!). More common is .3 mm.

Mechanical Pencil with Colored Lead. Colored leads are more obscure and harder for a kid to find. Either get it in size .7mm (the default/most common mechanical pencil size in the US) or buy a mechanical pencil to go with it.

White gel pen: holy grail of many illustrative artists. Must have if you got them inking pens. Uni-ball Signo Broad is arguably the best.

Inking pens: if you want something less scary than a pen dipped into a bottle of very permanent ink, many illustrators use Sakura Pigma Microns as a cheaper alternative to Copic/Staedtler. I recc getting them from a brick and mortar because online sellers can sell knockoffs

Don't get novelty erasers in the shape of animals, food, etc. They're cute but are completely unusable as functional erasers.

If you're getting them paint and want an add-on or if you want a little gift for a painter, get them brush cleaner.

If they do pencil/pen art, something they might not have is an LED lightbox. Lightboxes used to be a piece of frigging furniture costing hundreds of dollars and now they're very light, cheap, and portable. It lets them sketch something and then trace it to make a cleaner version.

One of these right-angle lamp things. They have different modes to prevent eyestrain. You'd be surprised how many artists have very dark work areas and don't realize it.

Okay! I think that's it! Good luck! Remember: DO NOT GET THAT FUCKING WOODEN MANNEQUIN.

People brought up kneadable erasers! I prefer the Mono Zero for precision but lots of people like these. They WILL get IMMEDIATELY disgusting. If you get a kneadable eraser buy one that comes in a little case like this to prolong its life.

If you see them using a lot of copy paper, you can blow their minds by getting them a ream of white cardstock from an office supply store. Cardstock is heavyweight paper used for gift cards and cover pages. Unlike most sketchbooks, it’s smooth, loose paper that can scan easily.

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