Bounty Submission #2 @0xTPH @mayurrelekar @ArcanaNetwork Tell us ✅ what app you want to build ✅ which stack you want to use ✅ why we need this

Concept note Want to build a mentorship app for teenagers, to help them discover various career options. I believe there isn't enough conversation about career possibilities and what they look like when we are in high school.

The is a huge gap in education -> career discovery. The easiest and most thorough way to actually know about a career is from the experiences of someone just ahead of you. (2 yrs exp) Mentorship is a thankless job, needed but thankless.

Problem: How can we make mentorship rewarding and engaging in a true sense? Solution:

How will this work? - Imagine Tinder, but with career cards. - Intrigued by a career, swipe right. - Deep dive into shortlisted careers. Explore them in a fun way. - Connect with young professionals on video calls - Earn credentials from young professionals.

How is it fun? Discover videos, movies, influencers, books, podcasts. Anything that tells you more about your career. Want to suggest a book? sure thing. We reward you for your suggestions.

The reward system Earn tokens for every contribution. Professionals can earn tokens for every mentorship session. Use these rewards to get discounts on a store, which will have everything that you need to upskill yourself according to the careers you shortlisted.

The P2P credentials system. Professionals can use the rewards to "Invest in kids" . As a kid, think he is going to go places? Invest your coins in their growth/projects. Reap benefits later. High school kids, use your skills to gain credibility now!

Design : I have already designed the app with some features. Here is the Figma link:

Tech Stack: Frontend: React.js Backend : Rust(Solana) / Solidity (Polygon) Database: IPFS Blockchain: Solana or Polygon Tokens : $NITO Node infrastructure: Alchemy Wallet: Metamask or Phantom (among others)

Two kind of users 1. teens 2. mentors

Features Mentor facing 1. Professional profile (projects and teens supported), connected to your wallet 2. Messaging /chat 3. Scheduling meet 4. Video calling 5. Ability to invest in “people” and their projects. 6. Store: buy educational material at discounted prices

Teen facing 1. Professional profile(add projects, socials) connected to your wallet 2. Feed to discover various careers 3. Detailed view of each career 4. Peer list: connect with another teen with interest in the same career

5. Messaging /chat 6. Scheduling meet 7. Video calling 8. Store : buy educational material on discounted prices

Why the world needs it? Career discovery is broken. We can’t keep churning grads who are not interested in what they are educated in. We need to know about possibilities to find our actual calling and provide the teens right opportunity.

Had been writing a few articles to explain the thought and ideas behind the solution. here is the first one on "On-chain Social Capital"

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