K is a DREAMER☕︎ 🖤🤍

K is a DREAMER☕︎ 🖤🤍



Taehyung remains speechless and just get along with the two. He's all smiles with his fellow staff too when Jeni suddenly grabs his hand and pull him to the side while Jungkook is busy talking to the other staff. "Tell me this is just a huge prank, now!" Jeni glared at him.

The male omega dramatically pulled his arm from the female omega in front of her before he folded his arms in front of his chest. Now that he knows Jungkook has a past with Jeni, he couldn't help himself but feel a little bitter about the girl who has a fake blonde hair.

"I wish I could say it's a prank Jeni, but you've heard Jungkook yourself too right? I don't think a CEO of a huge company like ours would waste his time throwing prank like this. So to answer your question, no. This is not a prank so get over it." Taehyung replied thinking of

the days Jungkook used to spend his time with the female omega. He knows it's unfair for Jeni to be hurt like that but he would never admit it out loud, he's petty and he's not gonna stop until he made sure Jeni knows that Jungkook isn't available anymore. Taehyung feels so

guilty when he saw the tears brimming in Jeni's eyes but he reminds himself about his pup. 'I'm doing this for Star. My pup deserves to know her father and I won't let anyone get into her way in meeting him.' Taehyung tried to reason out to himself before he returns to Jungkook.

Jeni is beyond livid when Taehyung left her alone. She looks at the now couple alpha and omega talking to everyone and remembers how Jungkook treated Taehyung the first time they've met. "Is that why he was so caring to him? That b*tch just pretended to be a new applicant when

all these time, they're already a couple?" Jeni mumbled to herself while checking Taehyung out. She just wanna make sure she's prettier and more sophisticated than the male omega until she noticed something that made her smile evilly. "Taehyung, excuse me?" Jeni called him out.

The male omega turned to look at the female omega who's now smirking at him. "Yes Jeni? do you need anything?" he asked. "Uhmmm, not really Taehyung-ssi...but I'm just wondering, since Jungkookie here announced that you're his fiance now.. where's the ring? Can I see it?"

Taehyung's eyes widened because he didn't expect that question at all. He even unconsciously pocketed his hands as if he's really caught red handed. He swallowed and started to breathe heavily because he's not the type of wolf who lies easily and whenever he lies, he sweats too.

"Uhmmm, the ring? Oh uhmmm." Taehyung starts to stammer too that made Jeni widened her smile too until Jungkook came to the rescue. "Oh geez, baby don't tell me you left it at home again? I told you to always wear it already. You have nothing to be ashamed of especially now that

they all know about it." Jungkook even have the audacity to wrap his arm around Taehyung's waist. At first, the male omega was surprised with the gesture but when he smelled Jungkook's calming scent, he realized that the alpha purposely touched him to comfort him.

Taehyung then tried his best to compose himself again before he looks at Jeni with more confident gaze. "I'll make sure to show it to you tomorrow Jeni, you know Jungkook would never just give me a plain ring when he's been waiting for me all his life." Taehyung purposely said

it to annoy both Jungkook and Jeni who are both staring at him now. Jungkook wants to laugh at Taehyung when he heard the omega. He is a walking contradiction. He could be so timid when cornered but so feisty when he knows someone got his back. He likes it, he likes the fact

that he knows he's the one backing him up at the moment. The alpha froze on his feet when he realized what he's thinking. He even quickly removes his hand from Taehyung's waist when he realized he's too invested with their acts now. He then excuse himself from everyone too.

Seokjin saw the whole interaction and just to make sure Jeni won't add another fuel to the fire, he the ask everyone to go back to their own work spaces. Everyone greeted Taehyung one more time before they all left, leaving only Seokjin and Taehyung in the conference hall.

"So, the ring?" Seokjin can't help but tease the younger omega who can't help but smile shyly too. "Hyung, I didn't even know he'll pull that announcement! He never told me anything! We just agreed that I'll pretend to be his date on the Golden Ball and not this!"

"Well, he did a good job right there. It's a good idea that he did because I'm pretty sure Mr. Jeon will do some snooping here once he gets to meet you. Now, your next problem is the ring. What are you gonna do about it?" Seokjin said totally invested with what's going on.

Taehyung knitted his brows and looked at the older omega again. "I'll probably just wear one of the rings I bought at Tiffany's hyung. I wish i wouldn't have to do this." he replied nonchalantly but Seokjin is quick to stood up from his seat. "What? No! Taehyung you can't

do that. If you want to convince this office that you and Jungkook are really engaged, the first person you'll have to convince is Jeni. And I know that girl, she would roast you alive the moment she learns you're wearing a Tiffany as engagement ring from Jungkook."

Taehyung suddenly feels a little anxious knowing that Jeni might ruin Jungkook's plan. As much as he really doesn't like pretending, he also still wants to help Jungkook with his parents too. "Hyung what should I do then?" he asked while biting his lower lip too.

Seokjin grins at the younger. "Well, what else can you do? Go to your alpha and demand that ring! After all, it was him who put you in that situation Taehyung. Now, go!" Seokjin even playfully pushed him towards the door. Taehyung then nods & decides to follow his suggestion.

The male omega knocks on Jungkook's office. The CEO has his own luxurious office in the building too so it was so easy for the omega to follow him. Bambam; Jungkook's secretary in Seoul allowed the omega to enter the office since he is also convinced that he is the fiance.

Jungkook on the other hand can't help but feel a little annoyed when he smelled the sweet scent of the omega again so instead of asking the reason why he's in his office, he chose to ignore his presence and pretends to be focusing on his work. "Jungkook-ssi." Taehyung called.

Jungkook is definitely not deaf and he clearly heard the omega calling his name but he still ignored him. He even pretends to furrowed his eyebrows as if he's in the middle of reading an important document when the truth is, all his senses are focus on Taehyung.

The alpha even almost smirks to himself when he smelled Taehyung's angry pheromones. 'He's already mad but he still smells so sweet' he even thought to himself. "Mr. Jeon." Taehyung tried to call his attention again and yet the alpha still chose to ignore him.

Taehyung clenches his jaw and again started to count 1-10 inside his head because he could literally feels like he's about to explode because the alpha obviously could hear him but purposely ignoring him. "JEON JUNGKOOK! ISTG if you don't---" "Yes Taehyung? What do you need?"

The male omega is so close to snapping at the alpha right at that moment. "I need a ring." Taehyung chose to be direct to avoid long conversation with the alpha. He might not admit it yet but he still feels nervous around him when they're alone inside a closed room.

Jungkook frowns upon hearing the Omega because in a split second, he was confused until he realized why Taehyung suddenly needs a ring from him. "So does it mean that you don't have a problem agreeing to be my fake fiance too?" Jungkook clarified. Taehyung has to swallow the

lump forming in his throat upon hearing the word 'fake' again. He wants to scream at the alpha and tell him that he once was a real one! But of course, he knows he couldn't just do that so he just took another deep breathe and smile sarcastically at the alpha.

"As if I have a choice now. You already announce it to everyone so might as well I do a good job so you wouldn't have to regret letting me stay in your place for free." Taehyung replied to the alpha who doesn't like what he just said. Jungkook doesn't know why he doesn't like

the idea that Taehyung is only his fiance because he wants to live in a free of charge apartment. He frowns thinking that Taehyung is really only up to his plan because of that. He hates that thought a lot! "Okay, then go buy your ring." Jungkook then gave him his black card!

Taehyung stared at the black card on top of Jungkook's table before he looks back at the alpha. "I said I need a ring and not your unlimited black card." he even emphasize each word for the alpha to understand what he needs. Jungkook frowns at him. "Then buy a new one."

Taehyung is so close at yelling at the alpha already but he knows he can't. He might have an agreement with Jungkook but he's still his boss so he tried his best to calm down before he replied to him. "No." "What do you mean no?" Jungkook stood up from his chair this time.

"You want this right? Then you'll have to buy me a ring!" Taehyung replied, unfazed. He knows Jungkook is really intimidating once he uses his alpha voice to him but thankfully, the alpha remains calm even when he's obviously not impress with his hardheadedness.

"Oh so you want me to buy you a ring?" Jungkook asked sarcastically to the unbothered omega hoping that Taehyung will get the hint that he's not happy with his actions anymore but the omega still has the audacity to reply to him too. "Yes, that's what I'm saying."

Jungkook is starting to get annoyed now but he knows that he brought it to himself so instead of saying bad words that might scare off the omega, he just starts to poke the inside of his cheeks with his tongue. Taehyung almost laughs to himself when he noticed the gesture.

He knows that Jungkook's habit a lot. He only does that when he's jealous or really annoyed. "Fine!" Jungkook uttered before he sits down again and pressed his intercom. "Bambam come here for a second." he ordered his secretary. it only took the beta few seconds he's already

inside his boss' office. "Yes sir?" Bambam asked while holding his ipad. "Can you search the most expensive engagement ring for me and show them to Taehyung. Have it ship here ASAP." Jungkook said without any hint of emotions. Taehyung's eyes widened when he heard the alpha.

"You know what? Nevermind! Bambam, you can stop searching now. I might as well call off the wedding since your boss is too busy to even make sure my ring would fit my finger perfectly. Excuse me, I have designs to finish." Taehyung said before he walks out of the office.

Jungkook & Bambam are left speechless. "S-sir, shall I still---" BamBam doesn't even know what to say anymore, good thing that Jungkook already cut him off. "What the fxck is wrong with him? I'm already buying him the ring he wanted!" Jungkook is so frustrated.

Bambam scratches the back of his head upon hearing his dense boss. Of course he totally unserstands Taehyung throwing a fit like that. "Uhhhm, Mr. Jeon can I say something?" he asked permission first to make sure he's not stepping any boundaries they have. "Go ahead."

"I think, all Taehyung really wanted to ask is for you both to take and choose the perfect ring for him. Omegas will only get married once and choosing the engagement ring prior to your mating & marking is important too. You might as well do that together...sir." Bambam said.

Jungkook almost chokes with his own saliva upon hearing those big words coming from his secretary. He even glared at him as if warning him to stop talking already. "Cancel all my appointment for the rest of the day. I'm going somewhere." he said before he grabs his jacket.

"But Mr. Jeon you have a lunch meeting with---" "I said cancel everything and just reschedule. I'm not coming back to the office today." he said before he also walks out of his own office. Meanwhile, Taehyung is still sulking inside his work space after walking out from

Jungkook's office. "Yeah right, I know this is just fake but he couldn't make an effort to make it believable." he mumbles to himself while pouting. He's currently sketching some winter clothes for their future collection when his door burst open. "What the---Jungkook?"

"What do you want now....sir?" Taehyung asked while he's trying his best not to roll his eyes at their CEO who looks intimidating when standing in front of him. "I thought you'd like to get that ring? Then grab your things and let's buy that fxcking ring." Jungkook replied.

Taehyung's eyes immediately lit up upon hearing the alpha but when he realized how unromantic the other is, he quickly frowns back at him. "You look like you're only forced to do it, nevermind. I'll just wear my old ring." Taehyung replied to Jungkook's utter surprise.

Jungkook wants to smash his own wolf at the moment because instead of getting pissed, it's as if his insides are celebrating while watching the pout on Taehyung's lips. He could definitely stare at that face for the rest of his life if he'll given---no! He's just distracted!

"Taehyung, istg I have so little patience remaining inside my body. I know i put you into this situation so allow me to do it right with you. Please just grab your things so we can go." Jungkook said slowly as if he's talking to a child already before he explodes.

Taehyung wants to laugh while listening to the alpha because he could literally see Jungkook's ears turning red already. "Woah, so this is how it feels to be your fiance...and I get to choose my ring too." Taehyung teases him more. "All for you baby." Jungkook replied.

Taehyung knows exactly that jungkook is being sarcastic already but he still finds himself blushing whenever the alpha calls him by the nickname he used to call him when they were still together. He still could feel his heart flipping with joy whenever that word rolls out from

Jungkook's tongue but of course, he doesn't want to act weird about it so he just pretends that he is unaffected of the word. The male omega then proceeds to grab his bag and follows jungkook to the elevator down to the parking space hoping he won't embarrassed himself.

Taehyung is surprised when he saw the driver already waiting for them inside Jungkook's car because he honestly thought that they'll go at the jewelry shop alone. The two of them take the back seat and they both remain quiet all through their ride until they arrived at the shop.

And since Jungkook is now one of the most sought bachelor in the city, 3 attendants of the jewelry shop immediately welcomed them, totally ignoring Taehyung. The male omega wants to glare at the other female omegas who are all obviously swooning over Jungkook.

"Mr. Jeon, what jewelry are you looking for today?" the tallest among the three omegas asked. Taehyung pretends not to hear the question and just focus on the necklaces that are on display inside the shop. Jungkook followed Taehyung's movement with his eyes and he noticed that

the only jewelry Taehyung is wearing is a thin bracelet with an arrow engraved on it. "I'd like to have the most elegant mates band you have in the store please." Jungkook finally replied when he was asked by the attendant again. Everyone fell into silence.

"Would this be a gift to your parent's anniversary Mr. Jeon?" the thinnest among the omega attendants asked just because she wants to prove herself that Jungkook isn't asking for a mates band for himself. "No, it would be for my Omega right there." Jungkook replied.

Everyone in the store followed the direction he's pointing. And again everyone in the store are beyond shocked when they realized that the pretty omega that is clad with simple clothes is actually Jungkook's fiance. "Taehyung, baby they need to measure your finger."

Taehyung tried his best to calm down when he heard the endearment again. He followed Jungkook to the luxurious sofa set where the attendant are already waiting for him. He extended his hand for them to measure his finger. After making sure that the staff got the correct size

of Taehyung's ring finger, they started to show up with trays of different engagement rings that almost made Taehyung regret his life decisions. When he asked Jungkook to buy him a ring, this is not what he has in mind. He was just thinking of local stores with generic rings!

But since he is already there, he just chose the thinnest ring with the smallest diamond among the jewelries. Jungkook saw his choice and frowned again. "You made a scene of dragging me out here just to buy the cheapest they have here? Is that the reason why you want to come

here at the store so you could choose the ring in promo?" Jungkook isn't happy about Taehyung's decision so without thinking twice, he picks the ring with the biggest diamond among the selection. "Here... my fiance would never wear that ugly ring." Jungkook said before sliding

in the diamond ring on Taehyung's finger. The omega wants to protest again but he knows that with the frown and Jungkook's upset scent now, it's not a good thing for him to throw a fit again. He just chose to be quiet this time and let Jungkook pay their bill.

Taehyung still couldn't believe that there's a whe huge diamond resting on his finger. Jungkook insisted to get the biggest one and since Taehyung doesn't want argument anymore, he just keeps quiet until they're back insie Jungkook's car. "Don't worry I'll return it to you."

Jungkook's inner alpha immediately flared up upon hearing the omega's words. "What did you just say?" he asked to make sure if he heard it right. "I'm talking about the ring, I know this is hella expensive so you don't have to worry about it. I'll return it after the ball."

"You really thought I can't afford to buy you that ring? I bought it for you so no one else will have it. Don't even try to bring it up again." he said with a stern look. Taehyung wants to say something but he noticed how Jungkook clenches his jaw already so he chose silence.

The alpha on the other hand focus on the view outside his window to avoid grabbing Taehyung's hand beside him. He might never say it out loud but he thinks that the elegant ring suits Taehyung's slender finger. It looks like it was made for him. 'It really is nice on him.'

The drive going back to their office is filled with awkward silence. Taehyung still couldn't believe that there's a ring that is probably more expensive than his whole existence attached to his finger. Jungkook didn't speak again until they're inside the elevator.

"I will set up an appointment with Bambam for you to do some fitting for the golden ball. Mr. & Mrs. Jeon will be there so we want to make sure that they won't doubt us. They know my taste, I don't want to disappoint them." Jungkook said without looking at the Omega who's now

pouting behind the alpha. 'Of course I know your taste.' he thought to himself while looking at the alpha's reflection through the mirror inside the elevator. He hates how Jungkook sounded so businesslike while talking to him so he didn't reply at all. He just nods at him.

The elevator pings to signify they're at their floor so Taehyung is ready to get off when Jungkook suddenly grabs his hand and hold it on his own, tightly. Taehyung was about to protest and pull his hand away when he saw some of the staff staring at them. "Oh."

Jungkook guides Taehyung until his own space and the alpha only let go of his hand when they're at the door. "Don't forget your appointment with Bambam tomorrow." the alpha reminded the omega before he left as if nothing happened while Taehyung is still in shock of what just

happened. "So, he really is so willing to take this seriously!?" he mumbled himself only to be surprised again when the moment he turned around, Seokjin is already grinning at him. "So, it's not only that you went ring shopping today but you also have an appointment tomorrow?"

'OMG hyung, I almost had a heart attack!" Taehyung dramatically pats his chest as he walked closer to the older omega who's sitting on the couch inside his office. "Well, a little birdie told me that you and your fiance went to buy your ring so I'm excited to see it!"

Taehyung suddenly remembers the huge diamond on his finger so he quickly attempted to remove it but Seokjin is quick to stop him. "Taehyungie, you will only see the beauty of an engagement ring when it's placed to the right hand of the person. Let me see?" he said with a fond

smile. The younger omega smiled back as he extended his hand for Seokjin to see. "Wow, I already know Jungkook has an exquisite taste when it comes to jewelries but this is beautiful. Don't you know that Piaget's only have two of this beauty? The other one was sold to the

Prime Minister's wife and the second one is this. It's beautiful and it really suits you Taehyung." Seokjin said while staring at the beautiful ring. Taehyung's eyes widened upon hearing that because he didn't expect that ring to be that expensive. Of course he knows that costs

Jungkook millions of won but not like this. "OMG hyung I didn't even know that. I chose another one but Jungkook refuse to take it. I think I'll just have to make sure this ring is safe until the Golden Ball is over then." Taehyung said while looking at the ring.

The two omegas are still chatting about random things when Lyza; Seokjin's assistant knocks on the door. "Yes Lyza? what is it?" Seokjin asked. "Mr. Kim, Mr. Min is in the lobby." she said with a smile. "Oh okay..what a pleasant surprise! That man is so busy that he always

cancels on me and Namjoon's invitation for dinner. I guess he finally feels guilty. I bet he brought me my---" "Oh, I'm sorry Mr. Kim but sir Yoongi is here to see Taehyung." Lyza corrected the older omega's notion. Both Taehyung and Seokjin are surprise to hear what she said.

"Yes Mr. Kim, the receptionist called in to confirm if Taehyung is back since they saw him leaving with Mr. Jeon an hour ago. Shall I let him come up here or---" "Wait, do you know Yoongi?" Seokjin stops his assistant and asks the younger omega. Taehyung frowns at first only

to slowly smile back when he realized who Min Yoongi is. "Oh, yes hyung. He's a friend of mine." he replied that made Seokjin swallowed. "What a freaking small world! Then why don't you invite him in so I could also smack his head for always working so hard! Lyza, let him in."

Yoongi was told to go up to Taehyung's office after waiting for few minutes. He knows he could just directly go upstairs since he personally know the owner of the building and the director himself but he's here not for them but for Taehyung so he wanna make sure that he follows

the protocol. He knows it's few minutes before the employee's lunch time and he's here to invite Taehyung to have lunch with him. Yoongi arrived at the floor and immediately greeted by some of the staffs who already know him. Lyza even leads him to Taehyung's office.

Taehyung & Seokjin both smiled and greeted the alpha who's holding bags of food. "Look at you bringing all these food to my Taehyungie and yet you keep dodging Namjoon's call yoongi!" Seokjin didn't even hide his fake jealousy to tease the alpha. Yoongi smiled sheepishly.

"I actually brought yours too hyung, already gave it to Lyza." Yoongi replied before he looks back at Taehyung. His nose immediately flares when he smelled something different from the pretty omega. The scent smells familiar but he couldn't quite remember it specifically so he

just ignored it. "I'm sorry for coming uninvited like this Taehyung. I was already on my way when I was trying to call you but---" "Oh, I'm sorry hyung my phone's dead right now because I forgot to charge it last night. But it's okay, who wouldn't want a free lunch?!"

Seokjin and Yoongi laughed at the younger omega's antics. "Alright, since Yoongi here came for you Taehyung, I'll leave you both alone. And hey Yoongi-ah, make sure to answer my Joonie's call next time." Seokjin said as he stood up and left. "I didn't know you're close to him."

Yoongi nods and smiles at the younger omega who's now taking out the food from the bag. "Well, we grew up in the same neighborhood. Seokjin hyung's family and my family are good friends and aside from that, I used to live with Namjoon when we we're studying in Spain."

"Ahhh, so that makes sense. You mean you also studied abroad hyung? No wonder why your restaurant is doing so good. You brought the taste of the world in Korea." Taehyung commented while removing the lids of the food container. He's excited to eat already since he's also hungry.

"Yup, in fact my bestfriend and I both decided to study abroad when Seoul seems to be congested for us. It was really a fun experience. But Taehyung before I forgot, how's Star? You mentioned that you're eating lunch together right? Would it be okay if we eat here or do you want

to go and bring these food so we could eat with her too?" Yoongi said with a smile because with Taehyung's reaction, it's very clear on the omega's face that he got so excited and totally forgot about the little alpha. "OMG hyung!!! How did I forgot my pup over food!?"

Taehyung looked at the food one more time & quickly put back all the cover. Yoongi can't help but laugh at him but starts to help him pack the food & put them back in the bag again. "It's okay Tae, you must really be hungry now. I'm sure Star is already waiting." he teases him.

"Hyung!!!" Taehyung cutely whines at the alpha when he reminds him that Star must be hungry by now too. The alpha can't stop laughing at the omega's adorable reaction until he noticed the huge diamond ring on his finger. Yoongi doesn't want to judge Taehyung and thought of it

as fashion ring so he just ignored it. "Just kidding Taehyung.. alright are you ready? You said it's just 5minutes drive from here right?" Yoongi asked as he carries the bags of food again. "Yes hyung, it's pretty close here. I'm sure Star will be surprise to see you too."

Taehyung doesn't know why he finds himself so comfortable with the alpha. Ever since they've exchanged numbers, they're constantly exchanging texts too so they eventually became close to each other. There are times when Taehyung wants to distance himself from Yoongi because he's

scared that the older might misunderstood him but the alpha never made him feel uncomfortable. Yoongi is like a breathe of fresh air. He doesn't demand not impose anything to him and most of all, he's always been so caring to Star. He is a perfect alpha anyone could wish for.

Meanwhile...Jungkook is staring at the wall for few seconds now to make sure he controls himself. Bambam just informed him that Taehyung left the building with an alpha. And since he doesn't want to sound like a jealous boyfriend, he pretended that he didn't care so he also

missed the chance to ask who that alpha is. 'He agreed to pretend to be my fiance & it's not even a day but he's already going out with another alpha?' he gritted his teeth in annoyance. And since he knows the walls wouldn't give him an answer, he just decided to go to Seokjin.

Jungkook frowns upon entering Seokjin's office because it smells food. "I didn't know you also order food hyung? Thought you always go to the pantry for that. What happened to your chef here? Isn't he doing a good job anymore?" the alpha asked, genuinely concern about his hyung.

Seokjin's eyes brightened up upon seeing his cousin. "Oh, no Jungkookie. Someone brought these foods for me. And before I forgot, here's something for you." Seokjin grabs the tub of ice cream from his personal fridge inside his office. Jungkook immediately smiled upon seeing

the sweet treat. "Choco mint?" he asked while grabbing the spoon from the bag he spotted. "Yup! Your favorite." Seokjin replied, totally hiding the disgust on his face because up until now he couldn't believe that there are people like Jungkook who eats mint!

Jungkook flashes his bunny smile at his hyung. Of course he knows Seokjin and Namjoon both hate his favorite ice cream so he really appreciates him for at least pretending to be happy with it. "Thanks hyung. I love this." Jungkook said as he devour a spoonful of the sweets.

The two are happily eating and chatting about random things when Jungkook suddenly remembers something. "By the way hyung, you mentioned someone came to bring you these food. Did Namjoon hyung came? He didn't even say hi to me." Jungkook asked as he scoops another one.

Seokjin looks at him and swallows his food first before he replied. "No, it wasn't my Joonie who brought these food Jungkook. Actually, it's Yoongi who came and drop them." he replied while taking another chicken from the container. "Ah so he just dropped them and left?"

"Nope, he gave these to me but he's still in Taehyung's office. They're probably eating there too." Seokjin replied oblivious of the fact that Jungkook is just fishing for information. The alpha suddenly drops his spoon. "Yoongi brought those food to Taehyung too?"

"Yes, in fact he really came here today for Taehyung. I didn't even know they're friends but they seem pretty close." Seokjin replied while continuously stuffing his mouth with the delicious food Yoongi gave him. Jungkook knows he is not petty. No, no one has a proof of that!

"Hyung, why is this ice cream tastes to weird? I don't know what they put into this but the texture is rough and it seems like there's an after taste too. Are you sure those food are healthy or clean?" the alpha throws the ice cream in the bin. Seokjin is dumbfounded.

"Jungkook-ssi, you almost finished that ice cream already and you're only telling me that now?" he frowns at him. "Well, I only realized it now hyung. Anyway, I got to go. I have a meeting." Jungkook said before he left. Seokjin grins to himself when he realized something.

***Back at Seoul's Playgroup, Taehyung and Yoongi can't help but smile while watching the little alpha have her way with her chocomint ice cream. "Yoonyoon this is really yummy!" she excitedly scoops her ice cream while the two adults are watching her. "Careful baby."

Taehyung grabs a napkin and start wiping off the smudge on his pup's cheeks. If they're just at home, he would let her finish first but they're at her school now so he wants to make sure she remains tidy. Yoongi can't help but adore how the omega takes care of his pup.

They are in the school's canteen so there are other families, parents and students eating on the other table so Taehyung is glad that Yoongi reminded him about Star or else, his pup will have to eat with the staff again. "By the way is that kid over there the one you're talking

about Star?" Taehyung subtly pointed at the only boy eating with the staff in the long table. He obviously isn't happy about it but since he doesn't have anyone with him, he got no choice but it with the teachers. Star followed who is Taehyung pointing at then nods at him.

"Yes Taetae, that's Taeguk. Teacher said his papa and dada are always busy so he gets to eat with them all the time." Star informed them. Yoongi also looked at the handsome boy and immediately feels sorry for him. He recognized the boy is the son of a famous soloist in Korea.

"Maybe we could invite him to join us next time?" Taehyung suggested to his pup. "Sure Taetae! Taeguk will love that. I also shared my sandwich with him during our snack time so I'm sure he'll love to eat Yoonyoon's food too." Star replied excitedly.

"But baby, we can't ask Yoonyoon to bring us food everyday." Taehyung replied with a smile at his pup. Yoongi quickly joins their conversation too. "Well, unless if you'd like me to bring you food everyday little alpha. Yoonyoon's shop is just few blocks away from here."

"Yoongi hyung! That's too much.. of course you can't do that. You're spoiling Star too much. Please, don't do that. You can visit her at home on weekends but to bring her food here everyday is a hassle to you already." Taehyung declined the offer immediately but the alpha is

also quick to reply. "Well, if that means I get to see you and this beautiful pup everyday Taehyung, then I'd love to do it." Taehyung doesn't know why he suddenly feels a little nervous when he heard that from the alpha. He even starts to blush in front of him so he tried

to hide his face by pretending to wipe it with his hand. "Geez, hyung what's gotten into you?" he tried to play it off but Yoongi just stared back at him. "I'm serious, I'd love to spend my lunch with this adorable alpha here.. you can join us if you want." Yoongi teases him.

Taehyung playfully rolled his eyes when he realized Yoongi is just teasing him. For a moment there, he got scared that the alpha means more because he knows that it would be impossible for him to reciprocate whatever affection the alpha is willing to give them. He is not ready

for anything other than friendship and he wants the alpha to know and feel it. Star's lunch break is over so Yoongi and Taehyung went back to Golden Closet's Office already. "Thank you so much for the delicious food hyung. I really appreciate it." Taehyung thanked the alpha.

"That's the 99th time you've thanked me Taehyung. Please stop doing that. Thanks for not thinking I'm a creep who just pops in at your work place like that. I was just so excited knowing that Star is already in school." he said with a smile. "It's okay hyung. It's a win win for

me because you didn't just make my Star happy but I also got a free food." Taehyung replied. Yoongi pulled over in front of the building and quickly got off his seat to open the door for Taehyung. The omega thanked him for his kind gesture again. "I'll text you later Tae."

"Thanks again hyung!" Taehyung even waved at the alpha before he finally get inside the building. Taehyung is already in the elevator but he still couldn't contain his smile. He's just so happy and thankful that finally, Star and his life are getting better everyday.

The male omega is still smiling like an idiot when the elevator opens upon reaching their work floor. His smile immediately falters when he saw Jungkook glaring at him. "Mr. J-jeon?" he greets him but Jungkook just gave him a deadly look. "To my office, now." he ordered.

Taehyung followed the alpha to his office & thankfully Bambam is inside fixing something so he took that chance to sit on the sofa far away from the CEO's desk. "I'm not even saying anything yet and you're doing it again!" Jungkook is so frustrated when he saw the omega pouting.

"Doing what exactly?" Taehyung is confused because he honestly don't know what Jungkook is talking about. The alph isn't sure if the omega is just oblivious or if he's really unconsciously making his world turns upside down with just one pout! Nevertheless, Jungkook is unhappy!

Jungkook breathes in and out for few more times before he looks back at the omega who's now waiting for his reply. Jungkook might never admit it to anyone but Taehyung really looks beautiful. Roman goddess Venus & Greek goddess of beauty Aphrodite have no way of competing to

his ethereal visual. Everything on Taehyung's face is just so perfect that he doesn't even have a bad angle at all. Now Jungkook is wondering why is he a designer & not a model when his face could be the cover for all the famous & prestigious magazines all over the globe.

"Jungkook-ssi?" Taehyung asked again when the alpha seems not to hear his question. Jungkook wants to smash his own head when he realized that he's spacing out in front of the same omega he's trying to compare with the goddesses of beauty. "Nothing. I just want to remind you

about your appointment tomorrow. This ball is important to me so I don't want any complications." Jungkook knows he couldn't just stop Taehyung from seeing anyone, that's too personal. "Sure Jungkook-ssi, I'll bare that in mind." Taehyung replied. "Is there anything else?"

'Stop seeing that other alpha you just went out to have lunch with! His food isn't even that good. I wonder how you met him when he always look like a bored cat and---' "Mr. Jeon, are you okay? Do you need anything from me or?" "Just leave." Jungkook just cuts him off.

TIME CHECK✔ 1:11AM already so time for me to rest besties..HUGE THANK YOU to those who keeps screaming with me in the timeline! I appreciate all your dms & qrts besties! See you again tomorrow💋 -k

Teaser for tomorrow's update 😅 CLOSER YOU & I

Taehyung went back to his office with a pout because he's so sure Jungkook has something to tell him but the alpha just pushed him away. "He really lost his memories but he's still the same!" the omega uttered while logging on to his pc! He wants to at least finish a part of

his patterns he's gonna use for his designs before the ball. He also put a note on his phone about the appointment he needs to attend with Bambam tomorrow. He already prepared his own outfit for the ball so he needs to inform Jungkook's secretary later that they don't need to go.

The rest of the day was uneventful. Jungkook remained in his office and resumed some of the meetings Bambam has cancelled for him that same morning. It's when home time already when Jeni knocks on the alpha's door. "Jungkookie, are you overworking yourself again?" she asked.

Bambam who saw the female omega's advances feels so awkward so he quickly gets out of the room. He even almost bumps to someone on his hurry. "Bambam, are you okay?" Taehyung asked when he saw Jungkook's assistant scurrying away from the CEO's office. "Hi Taehyung-ssi, yeah."

"You don't look okay though. Did the CEO do something to you? Did he yell at you?" the male omega asked again. "No, definitely not Taehyung-ssi. Mr. Jeon has never raised his voice to anyone even when he's mad or frustrated, it's just that.... "Bambam hesitated for a second.

"Just what?" Taehyung asked. "Uhmmm, Ms. Jeni is inside so I hurriedly came out because I don't want to interrupt something." Bambam informed the omega who immediately got so disappointed too. He knows that Jungkook is obviously not interested with Jeni when they're on public

but he knows Bambam wouldn't say such comment if he hasn't seen them in a compromising situation in the past. He also remembers that the two used to be flings too. "How long has she been inside?" Taehyung asked while trying his best to act as if he's not affected even when

the truth is, he already wants to rip off Jeni's heart from her chest. "Just few minutes already..Do you want me to inform Mr. Jeon you're here?" Bambam asked when he noticed how Taehyung clenches his jaw while staring at the door. "No need Bambam, I'm going home already."

Taehyung left the building mumbling incoherent words to himself. He can't believe that Jungkook has the audacity to two time him even when what they have is fake relationship right now. He's still upset when he arrived home with Star. "Taetae, you're mad." the little pup said.

Taehyung feels guilty when he realized he's been releasing negative pheromones. "No baby, Taetae is not mad. I think I'm just tired because of my boss." he replied honestly without giving extra details. "But your scent smells..wait, is that a rwing?" Star noticed his ring!

Taehyung momentarily forgot the reason why he's upset when the little pup is giving him the surprised and excited face. "Yes baby, this one was given to me by---" "Dada? He sent you something? Taetae I saw it in movies! It's pwetty like you." the little alpha supplied.

The male omega froze on his feet upon hearing the little girl's words. He knows that Star randomly blurt out words like that and he's supposed to be used by it already but he just realized that it hits differently now because he's guilty. He is affected by the pup's words because

she is right this time; the ring came from her Dada. "Uhmmm, yes baby. He gave it to me." Taehyung doesn't want to lie to his pup anymore but he also doesn't know what to say next after admitting that. "How about me Taetae? How about Stwar?" she asked with a pout.

Taehyung feels like his heart is going to break thinking that he couldn't give the world to the little pup. He's about to apologize to her when he remembers something. The ring Jungkook bought him came with a cute hair clip. It was small but it was made of silver & the cherries

on it were made of Swarovski crystals. Yes, rich people's give aways are that expensive too. "Of course Dada sent you something too. In fact, it's prettier than my ring because it's more colorful and it came in pair my little alpha." Taehyung smiled widely at the pup.

Taehyung quickly rummages his bag for the clips. Star is watching him anxiously too. "Here they are baby.. look at these beautiful hair clips!" Taehyung opened the box and showed them to the little pup. "May I see, Stwar wanna see it too Taetae."

The moment the little pup saw the pair of clips sent to her by her "DADA", Star immediately picked them up and put them on her hair. "Taetae lwook! They're pretty like you." she said while twirling in front of the huge mirror in their living room. Taehyung's heart cracks while

watching his pup. He knows Star's father could give her the world if only he knew that she exists. Without saying a word, Taehyung leans closer to the little girl and embraces her in his arms. "They're beautiful like you my baby. It suits you perfectly my Byul." he whispered.

That night, Taehyung made an effort to read a story for his pup on her bed time. Since he's been so busy with work and moving in to their new place, he almost neglected those tiny routines they used to have. Star obviously enjoyed her extra time with her omega father. She even

start scenting Taehyung when she buries her face on her papa's neck while trying to go to sleep. They stayed on that position for quite some time and it's only when Taehyung heard tiny puffs of air from the pup when he finally put her down. He also decided to make food for her.

The next morning, the male omega woke up early to assemble the food he pre-cooked the previous night. He took two identical lunch boxes and prepared two meals for two pups because he remembers Star's classmate who's always eating with their teachers. "I hope he likes this."

The father and duo finishes their morning routine without a problem before they finally left the house. Taehyung greeted everyone in the office upon his arrival. He's about to enter his workspace when Bambam stops him. "Taehyung." "Yes Bambam?" "Mr. Jeon just wanna remind

you about your appointment with the designer for your suit fitting." Bambam said with a smile. Taehyung sighs. "This is the main reason why I was about to tell you to cancel the appointment Bambam. Did you hear how ridiculous that is? I am a designer. Why would I ask someone

else to dress me up for the Golden Ball? I don't care about Dior, Gucci, Louis Vuitton or any other brands. I am attending the Ball wearing Seoul GC. It would actually be a free promotion for our brand! I don't even know why no one else thought of that. We are a fashion house

for goodness sake and you'll let your employees to wear something from the West just so they could fit in the high society? No. I'm not gonna do that." Taehyung explained. Bambam is speechless. He admires how Taehyung is so smart and so confident in saying things in his mind.

"O-okay Taehyung-ssi, I'll let Jungkook-ssi know about it." he said with a smile. "Uhmmm, you know what...don't even mention it to him Bambam. If ever he'll ask you, just say I'm all set for the ball, okay?" Taehyung even winks at the assistant of their CEO. "S-sure Taehyung."

Bambam left and Taehyung gets inside his office without knowing that a pair of eye have been watching their exchange. "I'm really so glad I craved for that lobster that day. Thank you so much pup. I've met a wonderful and deserving designer to be in this team." Seokjin mumbled.

That day, Taehyung didn't see Jungkook in the office and it's only at the end of the day when Bambam informed him that the alpha went back home to Busan to meet important investors. "Oh I see, well that's good to hear Bambam. Thank you. And by the way, before we go home I just

want to ask something." "Sure, what is it Taehyung?" the assistant asked. "Well I know the event will be held here at the 19th floor, I was just wondering if I'll come here alone or shall I wait Jungkook at the entrance? We haven't talk about that yet." Taehyung said.

"Oh yeah, the Golden Ball will be the day after tomorrow and it's your rest day tomorrow right?" Bambam suddenly remembers. "Yup! I just wanna make sure that I won't commit any mistake." "Mistake? Mistake of what Taehyung?" Bambam asked, confused. Taehyung's eyes widened.

He almost forgot that Seokjin and Jungkook are the only people who knows about his set up with Jungkook. "Oh, well...I mean, it will be my f-first time to meet his parents and I know he's the CEO and media will be there too so.. uhmmm, I was just---" Taehyung keeps stammering

so Bambam took it as if the omega is just worried about the event. "Ahhh, come on Taehyungie. I'm pretty sure they'll like you. Mr. and Mrs. Jeon are the kindest people in the realm and you might not want to believe it but I heard they're excited to meet you too."

Taehyung almost chokes with his own saliva upon hearing Bambam's words. He remembers how Jungkook used to invite him back home in Busan. The alpha kept telling him before that he's sure his parents would like Taehyung too but the omega wasn't ready yet back then so he declined.

****FLASHBACK***** "Baby it's really okay. You don't have to feel guilty about it okay? I totally understand and I know you've been waiting for that internship." Jungkook reassured the omega who's now crying because of his mix emotions. "But love, I'll miss your graduation!"

Taehyung can't stop crying while holding his plane ticket because it's only now that Jungkook is telling him his graduation date. At first he thought it will be on the day before his flight but upon checking his ticket, they both learned that it's actually before the alpha's

graduation and as much as Taehyung wants to make sure he'll be there cheering for Jungkook too, the alpha himself told him that he doesn't have to. "Come on Tae, baby you've been with me through my sleepless nights. You're cheering on me whenever I feel like I won't be able to

finish all my drafts and of course I would love to offer you my diploma on that day too but I know how you've worked hard for you to get this internship program so I wouldn't want you to miss this opportunity too. Baby we could always just celebrate once you're back or maybe I'll

come and visit you in Italy." Jungkook replied while cupping the omega's now puffy face. Taehyung pouts at him. "Yeah right, the tickets are expensive and I know how long you've been saving money so that you can treat your parents once they come here on your graduation day."

Jungkook froze for a second upon hearing Taehyung's words. A sudden rush of guilt starts to spread all over his body because it's been couple of years now and he still hasn't told Taehyung the truth about his origin. What Taehyung knows about him is the basic him and not the

son of business tycoons in Korea. He feels so bad for not telling everything to Taehyung yet but he loves what they have and for him, that's more than enough. "I have saved enough already." Jungkook remembers to reply while his guilt is slowly eating him. He knows he needs to

tell Taehyung about where he really came from soon. "But still, you'll have to save more money so you can afford to stay here in Paris while you're looking for a job too Gukkie." Taehyung still insists not knowing that his boyfriend is actually an heir who could definitely

afford to live in a penthouse of the most expensive hotel in Paris. "Alright, fine I'll save more for my tickets to Italy but please don't feel guilty for not attending my graduation okay? I'm sure my mom and dad will meet you once we go back in Korea." Jungkook said.

The male omega nods at his boyfriend. "Thank you for understanding love. And please tell your parents I would also love to meet them next time." Taehyung replied with a sad smile. "No worries baby, I'll tell them that." Jungkook said before pulling the omega into a hug.

Jungkook's guilt keeps bigger and bigger as he hugs the omega. The truth is, he never once mentioned Taehyung to his parents because he knows that once Mr. and Mrs. Jeon learned about the omega, they will definitely fly to Paris to meet him and that will blow everything.

Needless to say, Jungkook failed to tell Taehyung the truth about his real identity as the Jeon's only heir. He wasn't able to tell his boyfriend that he's not broke and that he affords to buy him red roses every single day so he doesn't need to be guilty receiving them.

He failed to tell the male Omega that he doesn't have to skip meals just to make sure he'll save enough money for their monthsary dates. He failed to tell Taehyung where to find him in Korea just in case something happens to him until the very day he got into an accident.

******END OF FLASHBACK****** Taehyung blinks when he realized that Bambam is no longer in front of him. He then proceeds to call Wooshik to make sure the omega would be free to take care of his Star during the event. He knows he could just hire another nanny but it's evening

time so he wanna make sure to leave his pup to someone he trusts and since he only has few friends in Seoul, Wooshik is the only one whom he could entrust Star. It only took him two rings when the older male answered. "What's up Taehyungie?" "Hyung, are you still up on your

offer of looking after Star during our Ball? I'm sorry to ask you this hyung but I--" "Shush Taehyung! OMG, of course my offer will forever stand for that most adorable pup. We will pick her up so you don't have to worry about her, okay? We can also just bring her home after."

"Thank you so much Wooshik hyung! you're really the best!" Taehyung thanked his friend before he ended the call and continues to work on his designs. He knows he wouldn't be able to finish all the designs he's aiming to do before the ball but he still wants to finish as much.

*******************************D_DAY******************************* Two days has passed and before Taehyung would know it, it's already their company's anniversary. The staff of Seoul Golden Closet are all excited to show up at the ball tonight. Taehyung even received an

early phone call from Bambam to inform him that Jungkook would meet him at his office that evening because the CEO won't be able to fetch him from Decalcomania. To say that Taehyung is nervous is obviously an understatement. This will be the first time he'll be with Jungkook

again even when it's just fake dating. Aside from the whole night he'll be with Jungkook, he will also finally meet the alpha's parents. He knows that the Jeons have no idea who he really is but finally meeting them makes him anxious. "I can do it." he whispered to himself.

That day, Taehyung prepared everything he's going to need for the golden ball. He makes sure that his suit and accessories are all ready to be worn by him before he also starts packing Star's things. "Baby are you ready to stay over at uncle Woowoo's house?" Taehyung asked.

The little pup jumps on the bed while watching him pack her things. "Stwar is excited already Taetae but it will be so much fun if we'll stay over together." she pouts while resting her chin on her hands. Taehyung suddenly feels so guilty upon hearing the pup's words.

"I'm sorry baby, you know that Taetae needs to work tonight right? But I promise, I'll follow you at uncle Woowoo's house and we're going to ask him if we could also swim at their pool. Would that be fair enough?" he asked hoping that Star would understand. Star grins at him.

"You gonna let me dive to the pool?" Star asked, her eyes literally sparkling with excitement upon hearing that she's gonna experience one of her favorites again. "Of course baby, Taetae will let you do it." Taehyung promised her. "Owkay, you can go to work tonight then."

Taehyung grins back at his pup. He temporarily put all her things on the side and scoops her from their bed. "How am I so lucky to have a smart alpha pup like you?" he asked while bopping her tiny nose that resembles Jungkook's too. "Because Taetae is smwart too!"

"I am?" Taehyung genuinely got curious of the girl's thought of him. "Yes Taetae, you're smart and Dada too!" the little pup blurted out that made Taehyung almost tear up again. He knows Star has no idea who her daddy is but she always has good words for him. "Thank you baby."

Taehyung pepper his pup tiny kisses before he finally put her down on the bed again so he could continue packing her things. It's during their lunch when the male omega received a call from Wooshik. "Taehyung I'm really sorry, Seojoon's mom had an emergency so we have to fly

here in Daegu. But don't worry because I already talked to my mate, we're coming back as soon as he made sure his mom is fine." Wooshik's voice is apologetic too. "Oh no, hyung I totally understand. How's Seojoon hyung's mom now? Hyung please if you really need to stay there

just let me know. I'll just call the center and book a nanny for tonight so---" "No no, Taehyung you know how scary the world is nowadays. Seojoon already told me that we'll come home later okay? We might be late but I'll definitely fetch Byul from your apartment so you can go."

"Alright hyung.. if that's the case then we'll wait for you. But hyung not to put pressure on you, I just wanna know around what time will you back in Seoul so I have an idea too?" Taehyung asked while scooping another spoonful of rice into Star's plate.

"Oh around 7 o'clock, so probably half past 7 and we'll already be at your doorstep. Would that be fine?" Wooshik asked. Taehyung knows that might compromise his time so he quickly thinks of other solution. "Uhmm, hyung can you just pick up Star in the office?" he asked.

"Are you sure you wanna bring her to SEoul GC?" Wooshik confirms because he knows Jungkook will be there. Taehyung could feel the anxiety creeping on his mind but he got no choice. Jungkook wants him at his office at 8 o'clock so he needs to be there on time. "Yes hyung."

Wooshik sighs on the other line. "I'm sorry Taehyungie you have to do this. Don't worry, we'll come and get Byul as soon as we can." Wooshik said before he finally hangs up. "Tatae gonna bring me to work?" the pup asked after he put down his phone. "Fortunately, yes baby."

Taehyung knows what he's gonna do will be a huge risk. The Golden Building is huge as fxck but still, the thought of his pup inside the same building where Jungkook is makes him dizzy. He's scared that the two might bump into each other when he's not ready for that interaction

yet no matter how the readers of this AU are ready and waiting for it. He still doesn't know what will Jungkook's reaction the moment he sees her. But nevertheless, Taehyung finds himself preparing for the night. He decides to put on his suit while he puts Star on her hoodies!

The male omega grabs his pup's overnight bag before he carries her out of the apartment. "Taetae, put me down. Your pwetty clothes will be ruin if you cwarry Stwar." the little pup said while trying to slide down from her omega father's hold. Taehyung can't help but smile.

"Look how thoughtful you are. Alright then little alpha, hold my hand instead." Taehyung extended his hand for the pup to grab before they walked towards the cab is. The two of them got in the cab excitedly and in less than half an hour, they're walking towards the entrance of

Golden Building already. "Baby, remember our rules?" Taehyung asked with a nervous smile upon passing by the receptionist. There are still few people in the lobby since it's just 6:30. He purposely came way earlier to avoid many guests. "Yes Taetae. Never talk to strangers."

"Well done baby. Just stay beside me, okay?" Taehyung reminds her again before they hopped in the elevator. It's not Star's first time to go to Taehyung's work but she's visibly more excited now because it's the first time Taehyung brings her to his workplace in Seoul.

The father and his little alpha pup successfully arrived at Taehyung's workplace without any problem. There are staff who saw Taehyung with the pup but the omega ignored all of them because they're not from their department. "Wow! Taetae your office is so huge and pwetty!"

The male omega hasn't even replied yet when his phone rings so he just asked his pup to sit on the couch and play with his fashion puzzle in the center table before he answered his phone. "Yes Bambam?" "Taehyung, I'm sorry but Mr. Jeon just called me to inform you that you need

to come to the office earlier. Probably around 7? He wants to talk to you first before your first appearance as couple." Bambam informed him. Taehyung's eyes widened in surprise upon hearing the executive assistant. He quickly looks up to see his wall clock to check the time and

he almost panics immediately upon seeing the time. It's 6:45 already so that means Jungkook will be in his office within 15 minutes. "Taehyung did you hear me? Can you come earlier?" Bambam asked again. "Uhmm, yes Bambam.. I'll come earlier. Please tell Jungkook I'll meet him."

"Thank you Taehyung and I'm sorry about the late notice." Bambam said before he ends the call. Taehyung breathes in & out before he looks at his pup. Jungkook can't see her yet, not now that he couldn't even remember them. He doesn't want the alpha to hurt the pup just in case.

The male omega looks at the time one more time before he quickly types in a message on his phone before he sits beside the little alpha. "Do you like my workplace little alpha?" He asked to stop himself from overthinking. "So so much.. i like it this much." Star replied.

Taehyung smiled at the little pup as Star continues to play with the tiny pieces of puzzle on the table. She likes doing them even when she was younger. Many people commend her for being smart too because of her ability to solve puzzles in short period of time. The two remains

at peace in Taehyung's office when they heard a knock on his door. The male omega's eyes widened in nervousness as he glance at the wall clock again. It's only five minutes before 7 o'clock. "Taetae, is that your boss?" Star asked curiously while staring at the door too.

Taehyung stands up from the couch and walks towards the door to check who it is and he almost jumps in happiness the moments he opened the door. "Yoonyoon!" Star immediately screams upon recognizing the alpha on the door. "Hello little one." Yoongi replied as he opens his arms

for the pup who also quickly runs towards him. No one among the three of them noticed that the alpha accidentally drops his keys when he catches the little alpha who's genuinely excited to see him too. "Yoongi hyung, I'm so sorry for asking you this late.. Wooshik hyung is

already on his way to pick her up but my boss wants me at 7 and no one will look after Star so---" "Taehyung, come on. I already told you to call me anytime when you need something. I'm glad you did text me tonight. No need to apologize, okay?" Yoongi reassured the omega.

K's NOTE, Besties, just a simple reminder that using words like "cliff hanger and bitin" discourages me to write even more. I ask all of you to please refrain from using those words to me because I'm trying my best to KEEP WRITING this AU as much as I can. Thank you.

Taehyung thanked the alpha again before he took Star's bag on top of the table. Yoongi immediately took it from him too. "Baby, Yoonyoon here wants to treat you for a McDonald's first before uncle Wooshik comes to get you, would you like to go with him?" Taehyung feels guilty

to ask the pup. Of course he knows Star will never say no to McDonalds. "Taetae will let me eat cheeseburgers now?" the little alpha asked in excitement again. "Just for tonight baby, while you're waiting for uncle Wooshik." Taehyung replied. The little alpha hugs him and

pepper him with kisses all over his face before she runs towards Yoongi. "Thank you Taetae. Star will see you tomorrow at uncle Woowoo's place." the girl even waves at her omega father before she climbs to Yoongi's arms again. "Thank you again hyung." Taehyung waved at them.

Yoongi and Star arrived at the parking lot when the male alpha finally realized that his car key is missing. "Something wrong Yoonyoon?" the little pup asked when she noticed Yoongi shaking his head off. "Uhmmm, nothing's wrong sweetheart but I guess Yoonyoon dropped the key

at Taetae's office." Yoongi said while trying to look around them. He spotted a familiar black Audi pulling over the entrance but he's too busy making sure the pup isn't cold despite her being in a hoodie so he just ignored it. "Can we go back and get it?" Star asked him.

Yoongi wants to say no but he knows he got no choice if he wants them to be able to leave so he nods at the little pup. He carries him on his right arm while he carries the bag on the other before they get into the elevator. Meanwhile, Taehyung and Jungkook are already staring

at each other inside Taehyung's office. "That's not the suit I asked the designer to give you." the alpha commented after few minutes of blankly staring at the most ethereal creature in front of him. Taehyung is absolutely gorgeous in that purple suit but just to hide his

embarrassment of being caught staring at the omega, he needed to improvise. Taehyung frowns with confusion at first until he remembers how he made a connivance with Jungkook's executive assistant about the suit he's going to wear at the ball. "Yeah, I know." he replied.

"You know? Then why didn't you wear the one I ordered for you?" Jungkook is silently thanking the heaven for letting Taehyung wear what he's wearing at the moment but he would never say that out loud. "What is wrong with my outfit? This is Golden Ball so wouldn't be fitting for

a GC designer like myself to wear our own brand?" Taehyung rebutted in frustration. Jungkook is taken aback because he honestly dont know that the suit Taehyung is wearing came from their own brand. "That's ours?" "Yeah, I've designed and created this." the omega replied.

It's official, Jungkook is impressed. He likes how brave Taehyung is for answering all his snarky remarks but he admires his talent more. He might be so mad at him for not following his order but he truly admire his creation. "But still, you haven't even informed me about it!"

Jungkook doesn't know why he's always picking a fight with the omega but one thing is for sure, even when Taehyung is mad...he still looks pretty, like he's really pretty even when his nose is already flaring! Meanwhile, Yoongi put down Star on the floor so she could walk but

to his surprise, the little alpha quickly run away from him upon spotting Taehyung's office. The door is also unlocked so the little girl had no trouble of running inside. "Taetae!" Star is so excited to go back at her father's office but immediately taken aback when she

noticed that Taehyung isn't alone in the room anymore. Taehyung's eyes widened upon seeing his pup. He feels like his whole world is crumbling right in front of him when Jungkook slowly turned around to see where the tiny voice came from. "Ooops, big alpha!" Star blurted out.

Jungkook frowns upon seeing the little human being in front of him because he honestly expects to see different breeds & ranks of human wolves this evening but never did he thinks that he'll come across a tiny alpha, a female one too. "Big alpha? And who the heck are you?"

Star's eyes widened as she dramatically covers her mouth with her tiny hands. "You said a bad word too! Are you the big bad alpha here?" the little pup asked, her small doe eyes staring straight at Jungkook who's also staring back at her. "What? Me? the big bad alpha?"

"Yes! Stwar hears you saying the H word!" the pup replied, this time her eyes are starting to tear up because she might be acting brave but the scent of the alpha is doing something to her innocent wolf. She might be too young to explain how she feels but Taehyung immediately

understands what's happening to his pup. He's about to push Jungkook on the side when Yoongi appears and quickly grabs the little pup on his arms. He even covered her head with his hand as the little alpha buries her face into Yoongi's neck as if she really got scared after

acting so tough in front of Jungkook. The CEO of Golden Closet is so surprised to see Yoongi there too but he knew his wolf is howling inside not because of the presence of the other alpha but because of the way he's being possessive with the little female alpha in his arms.

"Min Yoongi? Are you here for the ball with that pup? The party's on the 19th floor & it's strictly no pups allowed. Alcohol will be served, it's not safe for the pups." the CEO said while clenching his jaw for unknown reason. Taehyung thanks the heaven when he heard his words.

The older alpha looks at Taehyung and recognized the anxiety written all over his face so he quickly scans the room and found the key right beside his shoe. But since he doesn't want to be obvious too, he pretends to carefully put down the pup first.

"Hey sweetheart, say goodbye to Taetae and Mr. Jeon. We're going to get your Mc Donalds now, okay?" Yoongi asked as he subtly picks up the car key on the floor while kneeling in front of Star. "Okay Yoonyoon, let's get out of here." Star pouts without even looking at Jungkook.

Taehyung's heart is breaking while watching his pup wraps her tiny arms around Yoongi's neck. He even mouthed a little "thank you" at Yoongi before he pretends in front of Jungkook again. "You owe the pup an apology, don't you think Mr. Jeon? You scared her." Taehyung said.

Jungkook pocketed his hands as clenches them. Yoongi is also still looking at him but he's now carrying the pup again. "Why would I even apologize?" Taehyung tried his best to calm down and control his omega wolf at the moment because he doesn't want his and Yoongi's effort

to protect Star from Jungkook put into waste. "You scared her." "I didn't even mean to scare her." Jungkook can't believe he's getting ordered by an omega to apologize to a kid but his wolf is already condemning him too. "Exactly, if you didn't mean being rude to her,

then apologize." Taehyung is adamant for Jungkook to do it because he doesn't want Star to think that Jeon Jungkook is a mannerless alpha. The little alpha would be surely disappointed to know how her flawless "dada" can't even apologize to her. "Fine, I'm sorry pup."

K's Note Besties as much as I want to write more..my eyes are too swollen to see already so i guess I'll continue tomorrow. Thank you for your patience! Please keep safe always! Sweetnight beautiful souls 🖤 -k

Yoongi tried his best not to smirk upon hearing the alpha apologizing to the little pup. He's about to walk out of the office to make sure the conversation won't prolong anymore when the girl on his arm suddenly turned around and look at Jungkook. "You mean it?"

Jungkook froze on his feet. How could a little girl ask him if he meant his apology?! He's mad again. He's not just sure if it's because of the question or it's because of the fear written all over the pup's face. He hates the fact that he caused it. "Of course I mean it."

"Big alpha, saying sorry without meaning it is like lying to yourself. Stop yelling at Taetae too, that's mean. You're an alpha so you shouldn't be a meanie." Star said that made Taehyung's heart shatters to pieces again. He always teaches that values to his pup.

Jungkook opens his mouth to defend himself only to close it again when he suddenly couldn't find the right words to say. Yoongi on the other hand took that chance to excuse himself and Star from them. He nods at Taehyung and waved them goodbye. The two are left alone again.

Taehyung's office is filled with awkward silence. Jungkook is still holding his breathe because he's contemplating whether the tiny alpha was wearing a cologne or that distinct smell he smelled from her is her original scent. They're not blood related so it's impossible for him

to smell the pup's scent but here he is trying to identify the scent. The male omega on the other hand is on the edge too. Jungkook is too quiet and that makes him even more nervous because he has no idea what is he thinking. "Mr. Jeon?" he tried to catch his attention.

"Was it just me or that kid also reeks of sugar? She kinda smell like you." Jungkook knows it's rude to comment on other wolf's scent because that's part of their natural form so he wants to regret it immediately once he realized that he just voiced that out. Taehyung frowns.

"Damn it! I'm sorry Taehyung, just never mind that. Forget I asked." Jungkook said while trying to calm his wolf who keeps howling inside him. The alpha in him is so upset and it's frustrates him because he doesn't even know why he's being upset now. Taehyung sighs again.

"Okay.. so, can we go to the 19th floor now? or is there any other things you'd like to tell me before meeting your parents?" Taehyung asked, trying his best to divert the alpha's attention from his pup. Heaven knows he wants them to meet already. He wants them to introduce

to each other too but not this way. Jungkook sighs finally. He tried to calm down too when he remembers that there's more pressing matters he needs to face tonight. He's about to introduce Taehyung as his fiance to his parents. He needs to focus on that to make sure his dad

will be convinced. "What if they asked us where di we meet? We didn't even talk about those stuff!" Jungkook suddenly realized he knows nothing about Taehyung and he's about to introduce him as the love of his life. Taehyung wants to roll his eyes. 'Only if you didn't forget

about us then you wouldn't have to panic about that.' he thought to himself before he flops down on his couch. "Okay, I guess we have to quickly settle all that now Jungkook. Please sit down." Taehyung pointed at the chair in front of him to make sure Jungkook will hear him.

Taehung looks at the clueless alpha before an idea pops in his head. "So we met in Paris few years ago when you're still in the university. You were smitten the moment you laid your eyes on me. I was a busy intern back then but that didn't stop you from approaching me."

Taehyung pause for a second because he needs to stop himself from laughing at Jungkook's reaction. "Actually, you were trying to save your face from your ex back then so you even pulled me by yourside and begged me to pretend to be your boyfriend. And as a kind hearted wolf that

I am, I agreed to help you out. In fact, your ex girlfriend back then was too stunned to speak." Taehyung recalled their first meeting with a smile while Jungkook starts to frown at him. "Where do you get all those cheesy scenarios? Is this how they write kdramas nowadays?"

Taehyung almost burst out laughing upon hearing the alpha's words because he knows that what he just told him is in fact their real story when they first met. "No Jungkook, that's not a scene from a K-Drama and that's what you need to remember. Now when they ask us when did we

start dating, we're gonna tell them..." Taehyung pauses for a while because he hesitated whether to use their own stories or if he'll just make up a new one. "We're gonna tell them what?" Jungkook asked when he noticed Taehyung stopped. The male omega swallowed before he

continues. "Uhm, we're gonna tell them that you've learned that we're attending the same school and ever since you've learned that, you never let me go anymore. You kept following me around." Taehyung smiled while remembering those days Jungkook used to follow him in the campus.

"I kept following you around? Me, and alpha from the bloodline of Jeon?" Jungkook's eyes widened as he started to disagree with the plot Taehyung is laying down in front of him. "Yup, you even chased after me Jungkook." Taehyung replied without thinking. He even almost chokes

on his own saliva when he remembers that Jungkook is probably thinking about their fake scenario and not what really happened to them. "Fine!" Jungkook surprisingly agreed to his plot so far. "So how long did we date?" the alpha asked again. "About 4 years and a half."

Jungkook didn't reply immediately this time as if he's weighing things on his head before he finally speaks again. "If we met during my university days in Paris and we dated for more than 4 years.. then why didn't you follow me in Seoul when I got into the accident?" he asked.

Taehyung froze on his seat. His eyes automatically starts to tear up & his heart feels like someone else is squeezing it. He knows Jungkook is just trying to ask logical questions about their fake dating but what he just asked hits him on the spot! 'Why didn't you follow me?'

Jungkook can feel the tension that suddenly appears between himself and the omega. He doesn't even know why his wolf feels like he wants to run away from where they are now. There is a heavy feeling on his chest when he looks into Taehyung's suddenly sad eyes.

And since the omega isn't saying anything at all, Jungkook took the matter to his own hands. "Ahhh, so we broke up when I came to Seoul that's why you never followed me here?" And now we met again so I never wanted to let you go ever again." he said with a force smile.

Taehyung subtly wipes away the tears brimming in his eyes as he smiled back at Jungkook. "Yes, so that's what happened." the omega agreed because he doesn't know what to say anymore. He's scared that the moment he opened his mouth again, he might say something stupid again.

"That's sad but I'm guessing that we broke up because you ate a lot of sugar while im a health prick!" Jungkook tried to lessen the tension between them. On that note, Taehyung can't help but smile fondly because he knows Jungkook loves his sweet scent so much.

"Right! we could say that to them." Taehyung agreed before he stood up signifying that he's ready to go. "Great. I hope my mom and dad won't ask you more questions about this whole relationship thing. We can't mess this up Taehyung. This is important to me." "I gotchu!"

The two gave each other a reassuring smile after that. It's magical how the tension between them a while ago suddenly vanished the moment they step out of Taehyung's office. They both walked towards the elevator too. They're not talking to one another but the silence between them

now is more comforting. Jungkook pressed the number 19 on the elevator and when they finally reached the floor, the alpha suddenly grabs Taehyung's hand and hold it on his own. "Huh?" Taehyung looked at their intertwined fingers. "I won't let my fiance out of my sight tonight."

Taehyung's heart melted upon hearing the alpha's words only to immediately goes back to normal when the moment they stepped out of the elevator, they were welcomed by no other than Jeni who looks like she's going to sell all her skin tonight. "Jungkookie, I was waiting for you."

Jeni is so quick to lean towards Jungkook and gives the alpha a light kiss on his cheek while totally ignoring Taehyung. Jungkook can't help but laugh when he felt Taehyung squeezing his hand when Jeni kissed him. "Come here love, I think Jeni left a mark on your cheek."

Taehyung then dramatically called one of the waiters and grabs one of the napkins on his tray before he wipes Jungkook's cheeks with it. "There you go, it's all clean now. Let's meet your parents now?" Taehyung asked, totally ignoring the fuming female omega on his side.


Jungkook guides Taehyung to where his parents are sitting. Everyone in the ball may it be alpha, beta and omega are all eyes on them. The alpha can't help but to feel a sense of pride knowing that he's holding the most beautiful omega by his side. He even tightened his hold on

Taehyung's hand and when he senses another alpha's gaze on his 'fiance', he has decided to wrap his arm on Taehyung's waist instead. "Huh? Possessive much, Jeon?" Taehyung teases the alpha when he felt his arm around him. "You're mine tonight." Jungkook replied with a smirk!

The omega's eyes widened upon feeling Jungkook's breathe on his neck. He even feel the shivers all throughout his body and he's still a little frozen when an older female alpha approaches them. "My son, you're finally here." Mrs. Jeon's greeted her son with a peck on his cheek.

Jungkook smiled back at his mom. "And who's this gorgeous being? Please tell me he's Taehyung." Mrs. Jeon smiled at the omega who's now smiling at them too. "It's a pleasure to meet you Mrs. Jeon, my name is Kim Taehyung." the omega introduces himself to Jungkook's mother.

Jungkook pulled the omega closer until there's no space separating their bodies. "Mom, that's right. This is Kim Taehyung, my fiance. Tae, baby this is Mrs. Jeon; the beauty and brain behind the Golden Group of Companies, my mom." Jungkook introduces the two to one another.

Taehyung suddenly feels a rush of different emotions upon hearing the familiar nickname Jungkook just used to address him. He even lifted his gaze and looks at him to check if it was really him who called him those endearing names and his heart did a somersault when he confirmed

that it was really Jungkook who called him that. His wolf is howling with joy too and Taehyung knows exactly why. They didn't even talked about the endearments they're going to use tonight but Jungkook just naturally called him the way he used to call him when he still remembers.

It's only when Jungkook subtly squeezes his waist when Taehyung finally got out of his daze. He tried bis best not to cry right there because he knows it's not the right time yet. Mrs. Jeon leans closer and to the couple's surprised, she suddenly hugs Taehyung.

"It's nice to have finally meet you, Taehyung." Taehyung doesn't know why but the female alpha's words feels so different. He knows that it's normal for her to say that but there's something in her eyes that tells him there's more to that simple statement. 'Stop overthinking.'

The male omega tried his best to calm down and remind himself that he's here to impress Jungkook's parents. "I'm glad to finally meet you too Mrs. Jeon. I have heard so much about you and your husband. Jungkook adores you both so much." Taehyung said with a fond smile.

The older female alpha let go of him first before she turned to call her husband who's already busy talking to their business partners. "Hyeok-ah, honey look who just arrived here. Come and meet your son's omega." Seri called Mr. Jeon who immediately joins them.

Jeon Hyuk looks as handsome as Jungkook. He is just an older version of the alpha who's still holding him in his arm as if someone will snatch him from his hold. "Dad, I want you to meet Taehyung; my fiance and future omega mate." Jungkook introduced Taehyung to his father.

Taehyung is expecting Jungkook to do his best in convincing his parents that they're together but the way he speaks to them whenever he introduces him to his own parents is giving him chills. It feels so real. 'Only if he could remember you.' he reminds himself again.

"Good evening Mr. Jeon, it's a pleasure to have finally meet you sir." Taehyung extended his hand towards Jungkook dad but instead of taking it, the alpha also leans closer and hugs him instead. "I'm glad you finally came and meet us Taehyung." he also whispered.

Taehyung is screaming inside him. He knows he's an overthinker so he's just probably overreacting and probably overwhelmed with the fact that he's now meeting Jungkook's parents but there is definitely something beyond Mr. and Mrs. Jeon's words and hugs. It makes him feel uneasy.

Jungkook winks at his mom when he saw how his dad is so accepting of the omega. He's happy thinking that he successfully convinced his dad that he's now in a happy and healthy relationship but Mrs. Jeon just look at him as if she didn't understand what the wink is for.

The four of them has decided to settle on the table set up for them. Taehyung is thankful that there are no other guests in their table because he's still overwhelmed with the sudden realization that he's really here right with the Jeons! Jungkook's parents are the nicest people

he has ever met. They're super wealthy and powerful and yet they treat him with respect as if he's their equal. "I know this is a ball for everyone including you to enjoy the good food and dance floor Taehyungie but do you mind staying here with me to keep me company tonight?"

Mrs. Jeon even hold his hand on top of the table when she said that. "Mom, he's my date tonight. What do you mean you want my baby to accompany you instead?" Jungkook reacted first that made Mr. Jeon smile. He has never seen his son this attentive to anyone else before.

And Mr. Jeon might not say it out loud but he wants to apologize to his son for not being the best father when he needed him. The older alpha gives his mate a knowing look before he turned to Jungkook. "Mr. CEO I know you brought your gorgeous omega here tonight to have fun

but you know the main purpose of this event. Let's go meet them and let Taehyung entertain you mom while we're gone." Mr. Jeon said as he taps his son's shoulder. Taehyung smiled at the older Jeon, of course he understands how businessmen work. "I'd gladly do that sir."

"Taehyung, it's dad for you too son. You're my only son's omega now so please make this old man happier by calling me dad or father...you can call me uncle too if you still need time." Mr. Jeon corrected himself when he saw the hesitance on Taehyung's face.

Taehyung can't believe how welcoming the chairman of GGC is to him so he gave him a smile. "Uncle Hyeok sounds great." he replied with a smile. "Okay, I'll take that for now Taehyungie. Now, Mr. CEO let's go meet some of your guests tonight." the older Jeon said.

Jungkook stood up but before he followed his father, he leans towards the omega and left a peck on his head. "I'll make it quick. I promise, I'll come back asap." he said before he left the omega who's now speechless because of that tiny gesture. Jungkook used to do that before!

The father and son Alpha Jeons left their table and entertain their guests who attended the Golden Ball. Everyone looks luxurious and powerful. Taehyung is delighted when Mrs. Jeon ordered one of the hostess to serve them food in the table, just simple snacks & cocktails.

The male omega is enjoying his drinks already when Mrs. Jeon finally speaks directly to him for the first time. "I can't believe it took us years to finally meet you.. Taehyung, when are you gonna introduce us to my grand pup?" Seri asked that made Taehyung froze on his seat.

The male omega knows he got 2 choices at that very moment. One, pretend that he never came back to Seoul and take Star back to Paris or two, stay right where he is and listen to what Seri is about to say. And since his feet are still frozen, he chose the latter.

"Mrs. Jeon how---" "If my husband is kind enough to gave you an option to call him dad or uncle, bare with me Taehyung but please I would appreciate if from now on, you'll call me mom...as you should from a very long time ago." Seri interrupted the omega to correct him.

Taehyung feels like someone's pounding on his head. He couldn't wrap his mind on everything at the moment because he's too stunned with all that's happening around him. All he thought was, he attended the ball to help Jungkook pretend. He's here to convince Mr. & Mrs. Jeon that

their son is finally ready to settle down to make sure that Jungkook will get all his inheritance. Never in his wildest imagination that he'll seat in the same table with Jeon Seri who's now trying to ask him when would they be able to meet their grand pup, his Star!

"Taehyungie." Seri moves closer to the omega so that she could hold his hand. "Calm down. I'm sorry if I was too tactless." she even apologized to him when she noticed that the omega is about to have a panic attack. "H-how did you know? Since when did you know about it?"

Seri smiled fondly at him first as she picks up the cocktail on the table. She took a sip at it first before she speaks again. "I was the one who told Jungkook to hire someone who will pretend to be his fiance in front of his father. I know it's so wrong, but I'm a mom and I

always wants the best for my son so I went against my husband just to make sure Jungkook will get what he deserves as our only heir. At first, Jungkook was hesitant but with me persuading him...he ended up agreeing with me." Seri paused for a while as if she's letting Taehyung to

understand everything she just said. "I'm sorry..I didn't mean to---" "Sssssh, you have nothing to apologize Taehyungie. I understand." she cuts him off immediately. "That day when Jungkook told me he already found one who agreed to pose as his fiance, I got worried."

Taehyung subtly wipes the tears brimming in his eyes. Seri saw it and gave him her expensive looking handkerchief. Taehyung thanked him for that. "Without Jungkook knowing, I made a background check on you. I just wanna make sure that my son won't open his door for a wolf hiding

under a sheep's skin. My private investigator worked for less than 24 hours before he managed to gather your information. I went over your file and started to learn about you. You were a budding fashion designer in Paris before that stupid alpha messed up your career. I got

interested when I've learned that you even had some of your units in college from my son's school. It was a huge coincidence for me & even thought that you might have planned this all along until I came across with a photo of you holding a little pup. She's as beautiful as you."

At this point, Taehyung couldn't stop himself from crying anymore. And since Mrs. Jeon doesn't want to create a scene, she grabs the omega's hand and guides him towards the exit of the hall. They ended up inside Jungkook's office in the building. Seri even poured him a drink.

Taehyung downed the drink in one go before he sits down on the couch opposite the female alpha. "She's turning 5 soon, her name is Byul and I call her Star." he said with a tear on his eyes. Seri can't help but tear up too while looking at the omega who raised their grand pup

alone for years just because Taehyung never had an idea what happened to Jungkook back then. Mrs. Jeon stood up from her seat to settle tight beside the male omega. "Thank you. Thank you for being so strong and brave, for taking care of yourself and your pup all those years."

Mrs. Jeon cups Taehyung's face after saying that and starts to scent the male omega. She read the whole file their private investigator gave her and learned everything about the omega who was left in Paris alone to raise his pup because Jungkook, the other father of his pup

wasn't able to go back to them after he got into a horrible accident. The two remained in that position for a few minute before Seri pulled away from him. "Why didn't you come and look for him?" the older female alpha asked, her eyes hinted with a bit of sadness.

Taehyung swallowed. He knows that once he opens his mouth, there will be no turning back. He knows that this is him unlocking the door that separates his pup from her real family, this is him letting the world know that his Star isn't just an ordinary star but an heiress of Jeon.

"S-Star..I mean Byul, she's 9 months when Jungkook decided to come home and let you know about us. He told me back then that he's gonna come home to tell you the good news. He wants you to come and visit us in Paris since he knows I couldn't leave my career back then.

Mrs. Jeon's eyes widened upon hearing the information she missed from Taehyung's file. 'W-wait a minute..Taehyung, are you saying that Jungkook knew he has a pup before the accident?" Seri asked, her eyes full of grief for her son who lost his memory of his beautiful family.

"Y-yes mom..he was there the whole time I was carrying our pup..he was even inside the delivery room up until he brought us home. He's the best father any pup could ever ask for. He used to sing a song for her too so it was really so hard when I thought he left us." he confessed.

"OMG!" Mrs. Jeon blurted out and this time, she couldn't even contain her tears anymore. "I knew it! I knew there's something wrong the moment my son woke up for the first time from being comatose for weeks. We tried to contact Yugyeom but that kid just vanished after his own

mate died from giving birth too. It was the same year when our Jungkook got into the accident. We tried to ask and investigate at his own flat in Paris only to find out that he never truly stayed there. Now it all makes sense, he was with you all those years in Paris."

Taehyung smiled at the older woman as his mind starts to wander back to the past where he used to spend his time with Jungkook in Paris; the time when the alpha decided to join his world instead of staying on his own safe place.

************************FLASHBACK**************************** "Jungkook did you hear me?" Taehyung's voice is trembling, his right hand holding the result of ultrasound while the other is resting on his still flat tummy. It's been a few minutes already since he told Jungkook

that he's carrying his pup but the alpha is still speechless, frozen and just standing there staring at him without any hint of emotion on his face. "Yah! I was just telling you this because I thought it's just right for you to know that we're having a pup but that doesn't mean

I'm asking you to accept it. I'm not gonna beg for your time and affection because if you don't want my pup, then don't worry Jungkook because I will still raise my little alpha alone." Taehyung pretends to be brave even when deep inside, he's already breaking because of the lack

of reaction from the alpha also known as his co-maker of the the life inside him. And since the alpha still remains quiet, Taehyung can't help but starts to tear up already. He doesn't want to look pathetic so he quickly grabs his bag and about to walk out of Jungkook's flat

when Jungkook finally speaks for the first time. "H-hey, Tae where are you going?" he's quick to wrap his arms around Taehyung's waist from behind. "I'm not gonna force you to be a father of my pup if you're not ready for---" the omega wasn't able to finish his sentence when

Jungkook is quick to turn him around so that they're facing each other. He even quickly sealed Taehyung's lips with his own so that he could stop talking already. The alpha hates the idea that Taehyung really thought that he is capable of letting him raise their pup alone.

"G-Gukkie.. I'm sorry I---" "Ssshhh, baby why are you even apologizing? gosh, do you even have an idea how grateful and blessed I am right now because of you? Tae, you're carrying my pup inside you. You allowed me to have a piece of you forever and now we're having a tiny

version of myself or you...no, it would be better if we'll get a tiny version of you, talented, beautiful inside and out, loving, selfless...I want my pup to grow up like you &thank you baby, thank you so much for this wonderful present. I love you Tae, I love you so much baby."

Taehyung cried harder the moment he heard Jungkook's words. He even started to pepper the alpha with small kisses all over his face. Jungkook can't stop smiling with the omega's action. "You're not upset that I got pregnant?" Taehyung asked after leaving tiny kisses on the

alpha's face. "NO! OMG, baby why would you even think of that? I love you. I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you and our pup. Of course I'm not upset, this is in fact a dream come true to me. I know I haven't spoken to you about this before because I feel

like I haven't proven myself to you yet. I got nothing to be proud of on myself so I feel like I have no rights to ask you this but baby..." Jungkook has to stop talking for a while because he suddenly feels like his emotions are rushing over him and now that he's staring at

the omega who's now carrying his pup, he can't help but to tear up. He slowly let go of Taehyung and walked away from him. His eyes are still on the omega while he starts rummaging his backpack. He even smiled to himself when he saw the box he's looking for. "Gukkie."

Jungkook tears starts to flow on his face. He promised himself that he's only gonna propose to Taehyung once he finally told the omega who he really is but he suddenly feels like it's the right time for him to do it already so without hesitation, the alpha slowly gets down on his

one knee in front of the omega. "I know you deserve so much more...you deserve the biggest diamond ring on your finger but Kim Taehyung, would you accept me; a broke freshly grad aspiring business man to be your alpha for the rest of your life? Baby, will you marry me?"

Taehyung didn't even look at the thin ring Jungkook is offering him. His eyes are directed to the most beautiful doe eyes he has ever seen in his life, the same pair of eyes that holds the whole galaxy too. The omega isn't sure if it's his hormones that suddenly kicks into him

but the moment Jungkook speaks again, he started to sob so hard too. "Kim Taehyung, my omega please marry me." Jungkook repeated his statement because the omega is still just looking at him. "I thought you'll never ask me that." Taehyung cried harder as he throws himself

at the alpha who immediately caught him in his arms. "I'm sorry it took me a while to save for this ring baby." Jungkook whispered into the omega's nape while Taehyung is hiding his face on the crook of Jungkook's neck. "You know I'll marry you without a ring, silly alpha."

Jungkook quickly slid the ring into Taehyung's ring finger before he carried him like he doesn't weight anything. He even turned around while screaming how happy he is before he carefully put Taehyung down again. "I love you baby and I promise I will take care of you & our pup."

Taehyung can't help but cry harder when he saw the happy tears flowing from Jungkook's eyes. "Of course love, I know you will. I love you too Gukkie, we love you too so much." he whispered before he buried his face into Jungkook's neck again. And that very same day, the alpha

has decided to leave his own luxurious apartment and started to live with his omega and their future pup. At first Jungkook is a bit worried because the luxurious apartment is a graduation gift of his parents to him. It's very new and he's worried that Yugyeom might report him

to his parents once he chose to live with Taehyung. Good thing that his assistant slash partner in crime is a little occupied with his own mate too. Jungkook took his personal belongings from his own flat and started to live with Taehyung in their new space where they dream

to have a great life together. Jungkook knows he could give Taehyung and their pup the best life ever but since he's worried that the omega would be upset once he learned the truth, he has decided to keep his real identity a little longer. He promised himself to confess to

Taehyung once he has given birth. He just wanna make sure that their pup and the omega are safe. It was a nagging feeling inside the alpha every single day but then again, he kept reminding himself that Taehyung loves him and he would understand him, he just needs more time.

Jungkook and Taehyung had the best day of their lives during the pregnancy of the omega. Jungkook is so attentive and very sensitive when it comes to Taehyung and their pup's well being. He managed to be efficient at work and at the same time be the best alpha that he can.

Taehyung kept working until his second trimester but the alpha insisted for him to stay at home already when he's just few weeks away from giving birth to their very first pup. Jungkook just bought the omega some fabrics and his own sewing machine at home so that he won't get

bored. Taehyung loves the new space Jungkook has set up for him. He started sewing their pup's clothes. Even made a personalized blanket for her too. According to the OB gynecologist, they're going to have a little girl so majority of her things are pink and yellow.

The omega knows Jungkook is working double time to provide for their growing family so he wanna make sure that he's also doing his best to create the best home for their pup. He wants to make sure that Jungkook will also be proud that he chose him to be his partner in life.

It is on the last month of the omega's pregnancy when they both decided to buy a camera. Taehyung learns that one of his alpha's passion is taking random videos of him just like now that they just arrived back at their apartment after their visit to his OB. "Baby look at me."

"No Gukkie, you don't love me anymore." Taehyung replied, still sulking. He knows he's not supposed to smile when he heard him but Taehyung really looks so adorable when pouting that all he wants to do is kiss him endlessly. "What? That's impossible Tae, you know i love you."

"No, you don't." "Baby you heard the doctor, she said it's best for you to cut off your sweets so you won't suffer much once you gave birth. I said, you can have all the Mc flurry that you wanted after you gave birth.." Jungkook tried to explain to the preggo omega.

"It's the same thing Gukkie. You said you're gonna give me everything that I---" Taehyung wasn't able to finish his sentence when Jungkook already sealed his lips with his own. "Fine, let's go get you that Mc Flurry now." the alpha knows arguing with the omega is like going on

a war without a gun. Taehyung immediately smiled sweetly at him the moment he heard his words. "Really? You gonna get me a Mc flurry and nuggets too?" he asked with his 'baby voice' that always gets Jungkook. "Of course baby, with large fries too." the alpha added.

It's night time already so Jungkook made sure that his omega is well covered. He can't help but smile to himself when he realized that Taehyung is the best gift he has ever received a few years ago and now the omega is about to give him the most precious gift next to himself.

Few days from now and it's already his birthday and few days from now, they're about to see their pup for the first time. He guides Taehyung to his car and when they're about to leave and go to Mc Donalds, he noticed how the omega is looking at the sky. "Tae, what's wrong baby?"

"Huh?" "You suddenly become so quiet. Are you feeling okay baby? Do you want me to go alone so you can just wait at the apartment?" he asked, genuinely worried. Taehyung smiled at his alpha as he lifted his hand to caress his flawless face. "No love, I'm totally fine."

"Then what's bothering you?" the alpha asked. "Nothing's bothering me Gukkie, it's just that I realized how lucky I am to have you. Not everyone has the privilege to raise their pup with a partner but here you are always putting my needs &well being first before anything else."

Jungkook's heart melted at those simple words of his omega. He took Taehyung's hand and bring them to his lips. "I promise that I will take care of you and our pup as long as I live. You two are my life now baby. I love you so much." he said before he pulled him into a hug.

That night, the couple promised each other that they will raise and take care of their pup together. They made a pact that whatever happens, they'll always stick together not knowing that the universe is about to test their faith, trust & love to each other. END OF FLASHBACK

Mrs. Jeon and Taehyung are still both teary eyed when they both felt another presence joining them. It's Mr. Jeon who got worried when he couldn't see Mrs. Jeon in the hall. "I know you're not gonna wait for another day to talk to Taehyung here but my honey, people are watching

us. I don't want the media to know about my grand daughter first before my son does." Mr. Jeon said. Taehyung can't help but feels so intimidated in front of the older Jeon. "I'm sorry Mr. Jeon, I didn't intend to hide Star from you. Heaven knows that---" "Oh Taehyung, no."

The older alpha's face immediately softens upon sensing how Taehyung got nervous in front of him. "You did what you think is right for you and our heiress Taehyungie. You did an amazing job raising her well alone despite all the uncertainties and grief our son has caused you."

"I know this is too late for us to say but Taehyung, we just want you to know son that you're not alone anymore and that Star doesn't only have you but the whole world now. I am not going to force you to change the lifestyle that you have but please, allow us to be part of our

grand daughter's life too. I'm not forcing you to introduce us immediately Taehyung but at least can you let us see her? We'll give you all the time that you need until you're ready." Mr. Jeon said with loving tone that made Taehyung cry a little harder because never in his life

that he imagined this. The time Jungkook didn't go back to see them was the hardest times of his life so ever since then, he thought he'll die taking care of his pup alone. "T-thank you Mr. Jeon, I-I really appreciate it and---" "It's dad now Taehyung, you are our son's mate

and the omega father of our only heiress. Please allow us to be your family too." Mr. Jeon corrected the omega who can't help but blush upon hearing the 'mate' word. "Jungkook and I...uhmmm, d-dad, we're not mated yet." he shyly admits to them. "What?"! "How?!" Silence.

"W-we planned of doing that after we got married but it never happened because he came home and never came back to us." Taehyung confessed with his head down. Mr. Jeon takes a deep breath and sighs. Now it makes sense to them. Jungkook might have lost his memories but it

could've been easier for him to recognize Taehyung if they properly mated before but now that they have confirmed that the two are still unmated, they now fully understand why Jungkook is still oblivious. "I'm sorry about my son's biggest mistake for not marking you Taehyung,

but if you don't mind..." the older alpha of Jeon pack pauses a little when he looks at the male omega in front of him. "What is it d-dad?" Taehyung asked, still not used to calling these wealthy and powerful wolves as his family. "Uhmmm, are you seeing anyone now?"

Taehyung knitted his brows together because he doesn't understand what---wait, oh! The omega's eyes widened when he finally realizes what Mr. Jeon is asking him. "Taehyung, don't worry son. We'll understand if you're already seeing someone else, it's been years now and--" "NO!"

Taehyung covered his mouth with his own hands when he realized that he just yelled at Jungkook's parents. His face is so red now because of embarrassment but he's adamant of letting the old folks know that he's not seeing anyone else. "I'm not seeing anyone Mr. and Mrs. Jeon."

Seri even clapped her hands upon confirming that the omega bearer of their grand daughter is still unmated and free to be mated by their own son. "I know you're not! I just really want to hear that from you Taehyungie so you don't have to feel shy about it son." she smiled.

"H-how did you know?" Taehyung asked. "You're still wearing the bracelet Jungkook gave you when he got his first job. We happen to be in New York too when he attended that business trip and I saw the box. I even thought it will be for me but he said he wanted to give it to

someone who gave him direction in life." Mrs. Jeon even pointed at the bracelet hanging on his wrist. Taehyung can't help but feel a little too emotional again because that's exactly what Jungkook told him when he gave him the bracelet. The arrow engraved to it symbolizes him.

The omega could still vividly remembers how Jungkook put that bracelet into his own wrist. He remembers the alpha telling him that he's just like the arrow in the bracelet, he always directed him to the right path for him to hit and achieve his dreams. "H-he told me that."

Taehyung is still staring at the gold bracelet when another intimidating voice joined them too. "Who told you what?" Jungkook entered his office, his eyes searching and asking his own parents and his supposed to be 'fiance' for the night. "Gukkie!" Taehyung blurted out.

"Baby, I was looking for you everywhere. I thought you ran away from me already. Are my parents making a deal with you now so that you can run away & leave me already? Tell me, how much did they offer you?" Jungkook teases Taehyung who's now blushing because he knows his parents

would never do that. "I'm actually still waiting for them to offer me millions of won in exchange of me leaving you behind Gukkie, but you came and ruin the party now." Taehyung teases him back just to prevent an awkward air among them. "Oh well, I guess both of you are wrong

here. We actually kidnapped Taehyung here to ask him to convince you to set the wedding date already. We want to have our pups and---" "Dad!" Jungkook's eyes widened upon hearing his father's suggestion. Mr. Jeon has no time for jokes like that so Jungkook can't help but blush

when his own father mentioned pups too! He's fine with the wedding because that's the main reason why they're pretending to be couple but 'PUPS'??? That already means he will... fvck! The alpha wants to smack his wolf when he realized he got so excited with the idea of him and

Taehyung creating pups. 'No mf! Calm the fxck down! We're not mating or marking anyone!' Jungkook is screaming in his head but his wolf just keeps teasing him. 'Come on, you know that he's your type... long legged honey glazed skin, full lips and---' "NO!" Jungkook yelled.

Taehyung, Mr. & Mrs Jeon are all looking at the alpha who's now standing in front of them with super red ears. Jungkook wants nothing but the ground to swallow him because of the embarrassment but Taehyung is quick to grab his hand too. "Are you okay? What's with the no?"

Jungkook wants to smash his own head on the nearest wall because instead of shutting up, his wolf teases him even more when the omega held his hand. "N-nothing Taehyung I'm so sorry about that. Mom, dad, people are looking for us now, the program is about to start."

The CEO of Golden Closet tried his best not to look dvmb in front of his own parents but with the look and wink Seri gave him, he knows his mom is already laughing at him. "Alright, if you say so Mr. Jeon...please lead the way." Seri even replied to him as she holds on her

own mate's arm too. Taehyung gave the older couple a knowing look before he also follows Jungkook back inside the hall where they are suddenly welcomed by other guests and press people. Jungkook proudly introduces the omega on his arm as his fiance making Taehyung blushes again.

Jungkook is aware that the omega beside him is blushing and he can't help but enjoy it a little more than necessary. He likes the idea that he has that power over Taehyung when he's so feisty most of the time. They're about to go back in their table when one press people cornered

them. "Mr. Jeon, remember me?" she asked with a sly smile that visibly made Jungkook uncomfortable. "Y-yes of course Mina, I remember you because you also attended my party last time." the alpha replied dismissively but the reporter just smiled sweetly. "It was just few months

ago and back then, you were single and ready to mingle. Are you sure you're not just using this omega to get your father's favor since he already announced his retirement?" the female omega asked, her eyes mocking Taehyung on Jungkook's side. Taehyung's about to snap at her when

Jungkook suddenly wraps his arm protectively around Taehyung's waist again. "I always let you slide in the past but to disrespect my omega right in front of me is something that even your life can't pay. Get the fxck out of my sight Mina and never come back ever again."

Taehyung and Mina's eyes widened upon hearing Jungkook's voice. He said it in a very low voice that only the three of them can hear but it definitely is so powerful that drove Mina away as quickly as she can. Taehyung was left with the alpha alone immediately.

"You don't have to do that. I mean, you know it's normal for the people to think that way because---" "No Taehyung. No one is allowed to breathe the same air as yours once they've disrespected you. I won't let anyone disrespect or hurt my omega, not on my watch."

"Woah! You're scary when you're mad." the omega mumbled when they're back at their seats. "But you're not scared of me." Jungkook replied while his eyes are still focus on the omega's red lips. "You don't scare me." "Why?" "I know you're not gonna hurt me."

Jungkook and Taehyung stared at each other for quite some time as if they're the only people inside that ball room. "What makes you so sure that I'm not gonna hurt you?" the alpha asked when his eyes landed on the omega's lips. Taehyung smirks at the alpha. "You promised."

Taehyung wants to grab the table cloth and hide underneath it when he realized what he just replied to the alpha. He momentarily forgot that the Jungkook in front of him is the alpha who has no recollection of him & their memories together. "I did?" Jungkook asked, confused.

"Y-yes! Remember when we made the deal. You said you're not gonna do something that will harm me." the omega thanked the heavens when he saw Jungkook remembers his words although, that's not what he was really referring to a while ago. "Don't be too comfortable Taehyung, I'm

still an alpha and you're just an omega." Jungkook hates himself for saying that but he's already caught off guard. It seems like Taehyung is the one in control the moment they entered the hall and as much as he's enjoying that, it kinda make him feel anxious. There's a nagging

feeling behind his head that tells him to be more cautious around Taehyung not because the omega might hurt him but because it seems like Taehyung might do something they didn't talk about before. "Okay, if you say so...alpha." Taehyung replied sarcastically too.

The rest of the evening is filled of socializing with different high ranking alphas and their mates who attended the golden ball. Jungkook as also obliged to drink some wine with the guests too so the alpha can't help but show what's really on his mind. It's almost midnight

when the host of the event asked the Golden Closet board of directors to take their partners to the dance floor and dance the music that is being played by the orchestra. To everyone's surprised, Jungkook suddenly grabbed Taehyung's hand and guided him to the dance floor.

"OMG! Jungkook, what are you doing?" Taehyung asked a little embarrassed because the alpha isn't just holding his hand now. Jungkook's arm is wrapped around Taehyung's waist while his other arm is guiding the omega's hands to rest on his own shoulders. "Dancing." he replied.

"How is this even dancing?" Taehyung asked with a blush on his cheeks because he noticed the cameras pointing at them already. Of course, he doesn't even need to guess what's going to be the headlines the next day after the party. "Are you embarrassed of me?" Jungkook asked.

Taehyung doesn't even need to look at Jungkook's face to know that the alpha is offended so he's quick to explain himself. "Of course not! Gukkie you are literally the CEO of this company, why would I be embarrassed to be seen with you? But there are medias everywhere and I'm

just worried about the other people who wants you." Taehyung confessed his worries. To be honest, he's fine being seen with Jungkook because that's what he really wanted but he knows there's a consequence being Jungkook's future mate. He's not scared for himself but he's worried

that those people might hurt his pup in the process. Jungkook knitted his brows when he senses Taehyung's worried scent. "You're really scared." he stated that pulled him back to the reality without the spirit of alcohol. "I'm not scared but I'm worried." Taehyung denied.

The alpha pulled away a little just so he could cup Taehyung's face with his two hands. Jungkook is so close on smashing Taehyung's lips with his own but he reminds himself that the omega has different concern that's why he's pouting. "I promise, no one can hurt you."

Taehyung blinks. He doesn't know if it's just another act from Jungkook tonight but his wolf tells him that it's his alpha talking. So without saying a word, he chose to rest his head on Jungkook's shoulder and he's not sure if it's part of his imagination or not but the moment

his head rested on the alpha's shoulder, he feels Jungkook leaving a light peck on his fluffy hair. It's a gesture the alpha used to do when they were still together. The two remains like that in the dance floor before they finally went back to their seats again.

Taehyung really thinks that the event will end peacefully until Jeni suddenly appeared in front of them again. And since Seri knows the female omega too, she was incited to join their table. "So Taehyung, I've heard you got your ring already. Look at my necklace too."

Jeni flaunted her diamond studded necklace too and as much as Taehyung hates where is this conversation going, he still chose to be composed. "Yup, go the ring right here." he showed the female omega his ring that Jungkook bought for him. Jeni smirks at Taehyung even when her

eyes are obviously filled with envy and jealousy. "That's a cute ring...but look at my necklace, it's pretty right? This is Jungkook's gift for me on my birthday last year." Jennie said with a smile. Taehyung tried his best not to pull the omega's hair and yank her outside.

Seri who's witnessing the exchange of the two can't help but smile to herself. She recognizes the necklace because she was the one who bought it and sent it to the female omega last year in disguise that it came from her son. Jungkook also looks at his mom and saw her smile.

Jungkook doesn't want Taehyung to misunderstood his connection with Jeni but the look on the omega's face is fascinating him. He doesn't know why he's enjoying the fact that Taehyung is being territorial with him. So instead of telling Jeni to leave, he just keeps quiet there.

"Nice necklace Jeni, but I'm sorry I'm not interested. I have no plans of buying a new one." Taehyung faked a smile at the woman who's now really furious at him. "But I'm not even selling it!" Jeni glared at the male omega who looks so unbothered sitting beside Jungkook.

Taehyung opens his mouth and dramatically covers it with his own hand. "Oh goodness me, I'm so sorry Jeni. I thought you're trying to sell that necklace to me because I didn't even noticed that you're wearing one until you came and show it to me." Taehyung feigns innocence.

Jungkook on the other hand can't help but laugh out loud beside his omega. He can't believe Taehyung could be that petty. Jeni looked at the two of them before stomping her way away from them. Seri can't help but shake her head off too. Taehyung is really something else.

Taehyung ignored the eyes of the Jeons staring at him at that very moment because the truth is he's now kinda embarrassed of his actions a while ago. Good thing that the host of the event is finally announcing the the best dressed couple of the night and the face of the evening!

Taehyung's the first one who claps so loudly when the host announced Seokjin and Namjoon to be the Best Dressed Couple of the night. The mated couple truly looks dazzling in their matchy outfit that really complimented each other. The crowd is excited when the host finally took

the envelope from the golden chest in the middle of the stage. "Alright, ladies and gentlemen the face of this evening is no other than... " the host purposely gave the crowd a few seconds to guess to add to their excitement. Taehyung spotted Jeni fixing her gown already so

he also expects the female omega's name to be called out but to his surprise, it's not Jeni's name that was called out. "The Face of the Evening for tonight's golden ball is no other than Kim Taehyung, our very own CEO's date tonight!" the host announced with delight.

Jungkook is so quick to stand up from his seat and assisted Taehyung to go to the stage to receive his prize. There's a red envelope with the gift certificates & of course the huge bouquet of flowers too. Taehyung thanked the host & smiled back to Jungkook while waving too.

Needless to say, the event is a huge success.Taehyung succeeded to get the investor's attention with his own design. Seokjin even teased him in the middle of the night that the investors didn't just pay attention to his clothes but to himself instead. They both just laugh it out.

People are starting to leave the building when Taehyung also bid his goodbye to Mr. & Mrs. Jeon. The older Jeons gave him a hug and Taehyung knows even without a word, those thight hugs are reassurance that they acknowledged him & accepted him as part of their family already.

That light peck on his cheek from Mrs. Jeon is also a reminder for him that he's not alone in raising Star anymore. Jungkook's busy saying goodbye to one of his business partners when Taehyung went back to Mr. & Mrs. Jeon. "It's Jeon Byul, I know you don't have that on the

file you've received in the investigation mom but I named my pup Jeon Byul after your Jungkookie." Taehyung said, his voice so low because he's scared Jungkook might hear him. Mrs. Jeon smiled widely at him. "Thank you so much for letting her carry our name." she replied.

"Mom, it was actually Jungkook who wanted that name." Taehyung replied with a fond smile. He's about to say more but the alpha is already on his way back to him so he remains quiet already. "I'm also going home now." Taehyung said to the alpha when their eyes met. "Okay."

"Thank you for tonight Jungkook, I really had so much fun." Taehyung replied when the alpha keeps quiet already. Jungkook just nods at him and went straight to his parents leaving Taehyung alone so the omega just grabbed his jacket and started to walk towards the exit.

The omega is already outside of the door when someone suddenly grabs him by the waist. Taehyung doesn't even need to see who the alpha behind him is for him to know that it's the father of his pup. "Gukkie!" he accidentally blurted out that made Jungkook froze on his feet.

"Gukkie, I like how you say it." the alpha said before he took his hand and guides him towards the car that is parked in front of the building. Taehyung looks at the alpha with wide eyes before he looks at their intertwined hands. There are no people watching them anymore.

"Jungkook, what are you doing?" Taehyung asked when the alpha opened the door on his passenger seat. The alpha frowned at him in confusion too. "What am I doing? Of course I'm taking you home. Do you really think I'll let you go home on a cab alone at this time?"

Taehyung's mind immediately wonders at Wooshik place because he promised Star that he's going there after the event so he doesn't even have a plan of going back to his apartment at the moment. "Jungkook, it's really okay. I can just take the cab---" "You're not going home,

are you?" Jungkook is quick to caught up to the omega's rejection. "Uhmmm, actually---" "Are you seeing someone Taehyung"? Jungkook can't help but ask it already because he knows he'll probably die in curiosity if he wouldn't know where Taehyung is going to sleep tonight.

Taehyung knows he has a choice, whether to tell Jungkook that 'yes' he's seeing someone and watch how the alpha would react or 'no' and let him know that he's going to a friends' house. But with the way the alpha is now clenching his jaw, he knows the best option to tell.

"OMG! NO Jungkook! I'm not seeing anyone but yes I'm not going home tonight because I promised St--I mean, I had an agreement with my mated friends to spend the weekend with them so instead of going there tomorrow, we agreed that I'll go straight in their house after the ball."

'I told you idiot! Why would he agree to fake date you if he's seeing anyone?' Jungkook's wolf is mocking him. "Okay then, I'll take you to your friend's house. Where's the address?" the alpha asked while trying to act cool. Taehyung bites his lower lips when he remembers

Wooshik's text just a while ago. "Jungkook seriously, I can manage to---" "Put on your seatbelt Taehyung. Now tell me the address." Jungkook cuts him off again as he started the car. The Omega gave him the address so they finally left the venue of the ball.

The ride to Wooshik & Seojoon's place is uneventful. The two enjoyed the silent inside Jungkook's sports car after the loud event. When the alpha finally pulled over in front of the couple's house, Taehyung honestly thought he'll leave him there until the alpha also got off the

car. "W-where are you going?" the omega asked. Jungkook pocketed his hands and acts as if he didn't understand the omega's question. "Assaults happen inside the elevator or right in front of the doorstep so let me walk you to your mated friends doorstep." The alpha replied.

Taehyung cant believe how Jungkook goes from 0 care about him when they first met in Seoul GC and now...well, he's not sure if he cares already but the way he's acting right now is confusing Taehyung too. Meanwhile Jungkook's wolf can't stop laughing at himself.

'Assault your ass Jeon! This is an exclusive residential area and no one can just enter here. Just say you wanna see Taehyung's friends instead of acting like you're a constipated teenager who can't say you're worried of your omega.' the wolf teases him. Jungkook ignored that!

Jungkook and Taehyung stopped at the doorstep of Wooshik & Seojoon's house. "This is my friend's house, thank you for bringing me here Jungkook." the omega said, subtly pushing the other way because he's kinda worried that the door might suddenly open soon.

The alpha knows exactly that Taehyung wants him gone already based on his awkward body language and that made him want to stay even more. He's now really curious who is the owner of the house. Without thinking, he takes a step closer to the omega again.

"Are you trying to hide something from me Taehyung? Is the owner of this house not really your friend? Perhaps a secret lover?" Jungkook asked, his voice full of authority demanding answers. Taehyung swallowed, he can see the veins popping on Jungkook's neck so he knows the

alpha is damn serious to know the answer. The omega is about to reply to him when the door of Wooshik's house suddenly burst open. "Taetae!" the voice of a tiny female alpha interrupted the two. Star is so quick to put herself between Taehyung and the alpha attacking him.

Taehyung's eyes widened upon seeing his pup protecting him against Jungkook. Even Wooshik and Seojoon who are quick to follow the little girl are shocked when they saw her red eyes glaring at the alpha who's now frozen on his feet. "Don't hurt him." Star didn't even stutter.

Jungkook's wolf was never scared of anyone, he was never intimidated by anyone since he was born and yet here he is right now on the verge of bending his knees in front of the little pup. The alpha is so confused, Jungkook doesn't know why he feels so strange listening to the

pup's order. He knows he could've laugh it off and ignore her but here he is staring back at those familiar red eyes focus on him. Taehyung almost cried right on the spot when he recognizes Jungkook's submission. He knows the alpha could've ignored his pup but there he is

unmoving as if silently telling the little alpha that he won't disobey her. When Taehyung couldn't hold back his emotions anymore. He's so quick in scooping Star from the ground and carries her. "Thank you for tonight Jungkook, take care on your way home." he said before

turning his back on his to get inside Wooshik's home. Jungkook remains frozen outside the door but even before Seojoon closes the door. Star speaks again, this time her eyes are back to normal. "Jungkook, don't come near Taetae again!" she said before hiding on Taehyung's neck.

Jungkook stood by the door for quite some time before he realizes that Taehyung and the little pup were already probably sleeping inside. He's so confused. He is sure that he already met that pup and when he remembers that it was the same pup in the party a while ago, he got even

more confuse. If the pup was with Yoongi earlier, why would she be with Taehyung's friends who is not Yoongi? What was Yoongi's connection to them? What was Taehyung's relationship with the pup? 'Fxck!' Jungkook uttered to himself when he got into his car with more questions.

The alpha got home so pissed and frustrated. He doesn't even know why he couldn't get off the memory of the little pup on his mind. Her eyes looks strangely familiar but what troubles him the most is the effect of her voice to his whole being. "I'm probably just tired."

That evening, Jeon Jungkook convinced himself as hard as he can that he doesn't think about Taehyung and the little pup anymore. He pretended that he fell asleep & had a restful evening when in fact, his wolf has been so inexplicably depressed the whole night.

Meanwhile, Wooshik & Taehyung don't know what to do anymore. Star has fallen asleep already but after just few minutes of her in the dreamland, she suddenly wakes up crying. "Baby what's wrong? Tell Taetae what happened?" the omega asked. "Taetae, D-dada is so sad."

Taehyung looks at Wooshik for help but the older wolf just gave him a sad look. With all the interactions a while ago, the older of the two can't help but feel bad about the three of them. They're supposed to be one happy family now but here they are, broken & confused.

"Star...baby, Taetae is here okay? Come here my love." Taehyung pulled his pup closer to make sure he could embrace her tightly to reassure her that everything is fine. "I saw Dada cwying too Taetae, he's sad." the little pup cried into his chest. Taehyung has to bite his

own tongue to stop himself from sobbing too. Wooshik came closer to caress both of their backs but remains quiet as if he's giving them time to connect to each other. "No worries baby, Dada is strong. He will be fine, okay?" Taehyung reminded his pup. "Promise? He's not sad?"

Taehyung has to swallow harder for his pup not to sense his hesitation and lies. "Yes my love, I promise. If ever Dada's sad today, it's not because he's scared or something okay? He just misses you so much." Taehyung said in his calm voice. This time, it's Wooshik who can't

stop himself from tearing up already. He knows Taehyung had a really rough time raising his pup alone in Paris but witnessing the scene of the two now is just breaking his heart. He just can't imagine how many more scenes like this Taehyung has to go through to make sure that his

pup thinks she is loved by both of her parents despite the fact that her alpha father isn't around since she started recognizing people by their faces. Star buried her face on Taehyung's chest upon hearing his words. "Stwar misses Dada too, TaeTae." she whispered.

Thankfully, Star has fallen asleep on Taehyung's arms after just a few minutes. Wooshik waited for his friend to finish tucking her in the bed before they both went out to Wooshik's mini bar inside their house. "I just want you to know that you're the most incredible wolf ever!"

Wooshik promised himself he would tell that to Taehyung so the moment they're seated at the stools in front of his minibar, he didn't waste time. Taehyung looks at his friend & just boops his forehead on Wooshik's shoulder. "Don't make me cry again, i don't want additional

eyebags for tomorrow hyung. I don't need to add more lies to my pup for another excuse." Taehyung mumbled while his head is rested on Wooshik's shoulder. The older wolf carefully caresses the omega's back to comfort him. "Byul is so blessed to have you as her omega father."

Taehyung tried his best not to cry that evening but with everything that happened from the Golden Ball to Jungkook & Star's interaction, he found himself surrendering that night. He cried in silence on Wooshik's shoulder until he finally fell asleep. Good thing that Seojoon came

to look for his mate so the alpha carried the omega back on their guest room where Star is already sleeping like an angel. That evening, the moon starts to show up from the dark heavy clouds.

The next morning at Jeon's Residence in Seoul, Jungkook got up early to do his morning routine. He started running in his treadmill when his father joined him in their gym that is located at the back part of their mansion. "Do you wanna join me and your mom for a morning dip?"

"Thanks dad but I have to go back to Busan today. It's weekend so enjoy your time with mom." Jungkook replied with a smile that obviously didn't reach his eyes. Mr. Jeon hates the fact that his son still works on the weekend so he thought of something. "How about Taehyung?"

Jungkook never had a hard time inside their home gym but the moment that name came out of his father's mouth, he suddenly lose control & made a mistake on his footing made him fall on the treadmill. "Jungkook! Oh goodness me, are you okay son?" Mr. Jeon wishes he could've filmed

that but he continues to feign innocence at his son's reaction upon hearing the pretty omega's name. "What about Taehyung dad?" Jungkook tried his best not to entertain his embarrassment. "How is he? I mean, do you have plans today? It's weekend son." Mr. Jeon winks at him.

Jungkook suddenly stops the machine & get off it to drink water before he replied to his father. He knows he did a good job faking his relationship with Taehyung the previous night but now that his father mentioned the omega again, he suddenly feels conscious about it.

"Oh yeah, uhmm actually dad we do have plans today. I almost forgot, but yeah...uhmm, I'm gonna take him out for lunch..yes, we're going for lunch today." Jungkook sheepishly said while trying to avoid his father's eyes. Mr. Jeon knows his son is lying based on how he stuttered

but he just ignores that. "Well, that's great son. I like to meet Taehyung again when you two are not busy. He seems like a good man." Mr. Jeon said from his heart that made Jungkook feels a little guilty. "S-sure that, I'll let you know when we're gonna come & visit."

"Alright, I'm glad you're taking some off today son. Please extend my regards to Taehyung. I'm sure your mom would love to see him again too." Mr. Jeon said with a smile before he left. Jungkook wants to punch his punching bag in the corner when he realized that it wouldn't be

easy to pretend that he's in a relationship. But since he knows that he needs to do it, he just sighs and decided to take a shower. He knows it's Taehyung's rest day but the two of them agreed that he could call him anytime, 24/7 as long as he needs him. He took his phone from

the side table inside their home gym when he realized that he doesn't even have Taehyung's phone number. He's about to call Bambam; his assistant so he could contact the omega when he remembers something. He smiled to himself when he thought of a brilliant idea. "Right!"

Meanwhile at Wooshik and Seojoon's place, Taehyung woke up earlier than usual because he really can't just sleep in a new environment. He gets up from the bed to check if Wooshik is up already but he found Seojoon in the kitchen instead. "Good morning hyung, what are you doing?"

Seojoon smiled at their guest. "Making our little alpha some soup. Woo said she loves seafood noodles soup but since you're allergic to it, she rarely eats it." Seojoon smiled as he chops some onions. Taehyung smiled at the alpha's thoughtful gesture.

"Thank you so much hyung, that's right...I have an allergy with them but Star got her eating habits with his alpha dad. I didn't even know you can inherit that." Taehyung smiled but it didn't reach his eyes. Seojoon's hands pause for a while upon hearing the omega. Taehyung has

never opened up to them who Star's father is but based on the tension they felt last night when Taehyung came with the heir of Jeons, Seojoon and his mate thought that there's a possibility that it's him. "You never talk about Byul's father to anyone before Taehyung."

Taehyung's about to speak when Wooshik suddenly hugs him from behind. Seojoon smiled lovingly at his mate's gesture and Taehyung can't help but smile to the idea that Wooshik is so lucky to have his mate. "You don't have to tell us if you're still not ready." Wooshik said.

Taehyung shakes his head off as he settled on the stool in front of the kitchen island. "You two both deserve the story behind Byul's father because I don't think my pup and I will stop disturbing you soon." Taehyung gave the couple a look that says how thankful he is to them.

"Okay then, so is Jungkook the daddy alpha?" Wooshik immediately asked to break the growing tension in their kitchen. Taehyung's eyes widened at the question but when he saw Seojoon's 'done' look towards his mate, he can't help but laugh out loud at his friends. They all end up

laughing together at Wooshik's antics. "And you said I don't have to rush telling you my story!" Taehyung said while wiping the tears in his eyes because of how hard he laughs. "Well, I'm dying to know ever since I saw you both last night Taehyungie. You look great together!"

"Omg hyung! Star might hear us." Taehyung suddenly remembers his pup. Wooshik quickly covers his mouth with his own hand. "I'm sorry, I just got super excited. Taehyung if he's your alpha, why the heck would you---oh wait, Decalcomania is Jeon's property! Does it mean you---"

"Hyung! Omg no! I thought I'm the only overthinker here but it seems like your brain cells work harder than mine. It was all a coincidence that I'm working at his company and it's another coincidence that we've moved in to their building!" Taehyung stops talking when he heard

what he just said. "What the fxck?!" the omega blurted out. Wooshik & Seojoon can't help but smile at their friend. "That's not coincidence anymore Taehyung, that's destiny moving to make up with its previous mistake of separating you, your alpha & your pup." Wooshik said.

Taehyung promised himself he's not gonna cry when it comes to Jeon Jungkook again but he still finds himself tearing up upon hearing Wooshik's words. "Hyung do you really think we could fix us?" he asked when he realized what he really wants to do now that Jungkook is back.

"You're the only one who can answer that Taehyung. We have no idea what happened to you both but if you think he deserves to be in Byul's life, then what's stopping you from welcoming him back?" Seojoon asked this time. "He can't remember us." he replied. "Huh? He moved on?"

Seojoon can't help but smile at his mate's reaction. "No honey, Jeon Jungkook has an amnesia. It was all over the news few years ago. If only we I had known." Seojoon said as he gave Taehyung a regretful look. "That's right hyung, he came back to Seoul because he wants to tell

his parents about me, about us but he never came back because of the accident. I never had the courage to look for him because a part of me felt betrayed back then. I was mad & hopeless. I really thought he abandoned us." Taehyung confesses for the first time.

Wooshik gasps upon hearing his unfortunate fate. "You're really the most amazing omega I've ever met in my life Taehyungie. I don't think I could've done what you did for yourself & your pup all those years. But what is your plan now? Will you let Jungkook meet her?"

Taehyung contemplated for a few seconds before he looks back at the couple. He remembers his conversation with Jungkook's parents too. "Jungkook was the best dad hyung when he was with us, I think it's time for him to meet Star too." Taehyung said with a small hopeful smile.

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