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Remote job. Work anywhere, anytime, and earn in USD. Are you looking for one but not sure how to make it? Here's a guide from my own experience. πŸ’― works.

Step: πŸ„Œ ❝Is remote job good for me?❞ Remote jobs have many advantages, but they're not suitable for all. - Does loneliness bother you? - Are you afraid of working and delivering alone? - Do you lose motivation when alone? If the answer is "no," you'll enjoy a remote job.

Step: βž‹ ❝Proof of Work❞ You may be an absolute beginner or an experienced one. But your previous work will have a larger say during interviews. These sites will help you: ➟ Linkedin ➟ GitHub ➟ Dribbble ➟ Your personal portfolio

Step: ➌ ❝Personal Brand❞ You'll be in demand if you are a known face in the community. You can negotiate the best price. Use any of these platforms: ➟ Twitter ➟ Youtube ➟ Instagram ➟ Tiktok ➟ Linkedin

Step: ➍ ❝Small Work Counts❞ Don't expect your first company to offer you a high-paying remote job. Do any freelancing work to gain experience. They'll add to your portfolio as well. ➟ ➟ ➟ Twitter, LinkedIn also help.

Step: ➐ ❝Make the Deal❞ Clicked the interview? But not sure of the appropriate wage? ➟ Talk to people who have worked on similar jobs ➟ Guess from your previous works Or, see if these sites might help ➟ Glassdoor ➟ Indeed ➟ PayScale ➟ LinkedIn

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