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How to ask for anything and always get a YES

In 1985 a psychology professor revealed 6 elements that make it (almost) impossible for people to refuse your request. Nearly 4 decades later and yet 80% of the world still doesn’t know about it. Here they are: (P.S. There's a interesting reveal at the end of this thread)

1. Reciprocity: There’s a bias within people to pay back a favor. If you want to get something from someone…give them something first. Make it valuable and unexpected…then frame your ask as “a little favour” It’s much easier for people to pay a debt than to do you a favor

2. Liking: People make decisions based on emotions and justify it with logic. If you will make an ask…ensure they already like you… Here are a few tips to make that possible 1. Be attractive 2. Compliment 3. Find similarities Let’s take a closer look at them:

- Be attractive: There’s a study called pulchrinomics… I’ll save you a google search. It’s the study of how the brain’s economics behave around beautiful/attractive people It treats attraction and beauty like a scarce resource. I.e. it pays attention to it. Here’s the kicker

There are studies that prove that being attractive makes people warm up to you and make people easily say yes to requests… So if you have no reason to always look your best? Now you have one. Next is..

- Compliment: Everyone likes to be complimented. But everyone can tell when it’s fake. So before you make your next ask… do this… Find out something specific about the person that you like. Tell them…and tell them why you like it. BEFORE…you make the ask. Here’s why:

People can’t get enough of themselves… We stare long at our reflections and look out for our pictures in group photos When you compliment people…the part of the brain that makes them feel good is activated. Once this happens People become less defensive and more open. Next

- Similarity: We evolved from the hunter- gatherer phase to being able to relate with people. Yet. We still favor people who look like…sound like and behave like us. It makes us feel safe unconsciously. So always highlight your similarities BEFORE you ask. Good? Next...

3. Consistency and Commitment. People don’t like being seen as hypocritical or inconsistent. If they commit to something small…you can get them to take a bigger action if it’s in line with that commitment. E.g. people who make a deposit on a sales call are 9x more likely to

Buy the program and pay up...than those who make no commitment. The secret is to first make a small ask they can’t say no to…BEFORE you make that big ask... And sometimes the small commitment could be a verbal agreement.

4. Scarcity. When something is scarce means it's difficult to obtain. This forces the brain to attach more value to the scarce object by devoting more attention P.S. Remember what we learned earlier in this thread about how the brain treats a scarce resource–Attractive people?

5. Social proof. We as humans are herd situations of indecision we look to others to see how we should respond. This is why you show people how other people (like them) have made the decision you are asking them to make... It makes it easy to say yes.

6. Authority. Whose advice would you take on your health? A doctor who spent years studying? or a random stranger? Your guess is as good as mine As kids...we were trained to listen to and obey authority figures... This is why BEFORE you make your ask...Display your credibility

7. What's in It for Them: WIIFT We are all selfish. It's not a bad's just how humanity is wired. Before...or when you make an ask... Always tell people what's in it for them. Why? Because their brain is already asking that question. So answer it for them

8. What's in it for YOU: WIIFY or called the "because" bias. People also know you are selfish... So it's more persuasive to be honest as to why you are making the ask E.g. at the end of this thread I'll ask you to help me that it can get to more people.

How to ask for anything and always get a yes: Use these 7 elements: 1. Reciprocity 2. Liking 3. Commitment and consistency 4. Scarcity 5. Social proof 6. Authority 7. What's in it for them. 8. What's in it for YOU. Now here's what's interesting...

In 1985 Professor Rob Cialdini releases the Book "influence...the psychology of persuasion" and he outlined 6 of these principles... But..6 years ago he released another book "Pre-suasion" and what he explained is this... What you say... BEFORE...

(and that's the key word...BEFORE) you make your ask... is as important...If not more... important than what you are asking for. And it doesn't matter if you're asking for a sale...for help or getting your kids or employees to listen to you. If you want to...

Ask for anything and always get a yes: Use these 7 elements: 1. Reciprocity 2. Liking 3. Commitment and consistency 4. Scarcity 5. Social proof 6. Authority 7. WIIFT 8. WIIFY Now let me ask you... Did you get some sort of value in this thread? Then...

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