Hiwaga (Mystery) | EXAM week 📚

Hiwaga (Mystery) | EXAM week 📚



so you’ve been trying to manifest your sp & nothings working? a thread:

stop trying & start being.

reminder that u ARE the universe so if u want something it is NEVER a NO it is ALWAYS a YES! this whole manifestation game is just u vs u! once u identify urself as the person who has their desire, they will be! there’s nothing working against u! not even ur circumstances!

this is something i learned in my conscious manifesting journey. i had to stop identifying myself with “trying” to get my sp, why? because it implies that i don’t have them & i’m still chasing after them.

so how do you “be”? well, what would you be thinking if you had your sp? if they already told you they loved you, can’t live without you, they only have eyes for you? you embody that version of yourself as much as you can!

you won’t believe it at first but remember that the brain gets rewired through repetition! so every time a thought says anything that is NOT your end, go back to the version of you who has it!

ex 1) would the version of you that had their sp, & KNOWS they’re not going anywhere, wait for their text? or go about their day knowing you’ll talk soon?

ex 2 would the version of you in a committed relationship with your sp freak out & try to convince them to like you? or would you know they do because if not they wouldn’t be dating you?

ex 3 would the version of you who has been dating their sp be worried about movement? how about signs? bbl? NOOOO bc you already have them!

again, you always have a choice! in the beginning it’s WEIRD! neville describes it as when you wear a new suit! it’s uncomfy! think of it like when you get a new pair of doc martens, they’re a bit uncomfy at first! you have to break them in!

but the more you wear them, you break them in, you mold them! that’s what neville meant when he said the “feeling” of the wishfulilled! it’s the normalcy of having it!

the more you train your brain to think FROM & not OF the end, you will start identifying yourself if the new story! the new version of your sp & stop identifying yourself with your old story & current circumstances!

u keep doing it even if u have an off day! u keep doing even if you feel weird about what u r affirming! u keep doing it even if you spiraled or got triggered 5 minutes ago! u keep doing it until one day u truly feel like the person who has xyz & it’ll materialize!

also i can assure you the version of you who has their sp isn’t worried about “oh no i spiraled what if those thoughts manifest what if-“ you can always go back to the wishfulilled any time you realize you are out of it

reminder: if old thoughts start kicking in u have to remind yourself that u are NOT ur thoughts! & that most of them come from ur ego! & ur ego is trying to protect you so it’ll try to bring up old memories that go against your affs! that’s normal, that’s okay! KEEP GOING

i told myself “my ego is trying to protect me the more i persist in the version of me who has their desire, the more these thoughts disappear” & guess what… THEY DO!

disclaimer: if you do not agree with what i’ve said that is completely okay! i am just stating what has worked for me 🫶🏼💕

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