These are the Fundamentals of Valorant and what you should focus on if you're imm3 or below 1.) Communication 2.) Map Control/understanding 3.) Positioning 4.) Thought process 5.) Ability Usage 6.) Mental 7.) Econ Management 8.) Mechanics

Communication 1/2 I.) Pre round ~ This should be focused on talking to your team about what the plan is/what you're going to do. II.) Mid Round ~ Update comms, so this is about what you're doing/the information you have to relay to your team

Communication 2/2 III.) As you died ~ Location, Agent name, how much you hit them for IV.) After death ~ Shut up and if someone isn't coming something you 100 percent know than you can do it for them

Map control I.) Default space thats given to each side ~ attack space/neutral space/defenders space II.) Lanes ~ Understand how many pathways are on each map and what pathways are required to do X things III.) Compartments ~ Understand the advantage of controlling certain space

Positioning Rule of numbers A.) you have more people than the enemy? pick a teammate and just play their trade B.) Even amount of people? ~ play with a teammate to take the advantage in either map control or numbers C.) down numbers look to take a 50/50 fight.

Thought Process I.) First four rounds play the game "properly" or to your own style II.) Last 8 rounds IF the enemy is doing X than I should be doing Y

Ability usage I.) Treat your abilities as an If/then statement II.) Don't be scared to use them/hold onto them for the perfect moment III.) Don't auto pilot things or do things just cuz someone told you it was good

Mental I.) don't tilt... II.) Treat others like humans III.) Be respectful to your teammates IV.) T bag your enemies

Econ management I.) when you should be buying light vs full armor/upgrading your armor II.) Pay attention if the enemy can have an op III.) Make sure you aren't over spending and try to buy with the team if possible

Mechanics I.) Crosshair placement ~ Make sure it's "Active" and at head level II.) Movement ~ Understand how to counter strafe and learn to be more fluid overall *cut out useless movements* III.) Learn how to control the recoil of your weapon... IV.) Learn when to crouch

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