#miyacest The twins just being down horrendous for one another and everyone of their friends having to sit back and watch it. Atsumu goes to Onigiri Miya for his daily lunch and chat with his boyfriend and is greeted by the man bent over the front counter, his big, beefy

chest sat on his folded arms while he looks up to greet Atsu. His face turns so red he rivals a ripe tomato and he fights the urge to chomp one of his lover’s (annoyingly) big tits bulging out of his work shirt. He will have to get his hands on them later…but he’ll eat for now.

Osamu walks into the MSBY gym, ready to scold Atsu for running out of their home without his lunch /again/, but he’s stopped. The second he walks through the door he trips over a bench because what the FUCK is Atsu doing to him right now. The blonde is happily running up to him

with god awful shorts on that leave nothing to the imagination and hug his thighs with such fervor that he’s afraid the shorts themselves will rip at the seams any second now. The team equally laughing and groaning at the THICK sexual tension oozing off of the twins.

They are so DONE

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