$0-$1.4m 30 Days Tiktok Ads 💰 Brand New Store/Product REVEALING EVERYTHING From unprofitable 2.3 ROAS to 7 Fig 5.8 ROAS RT THIS BIHHH 🚀 THREAD 🍭

I’ve never seen anyone reveal this much shit for free so show love Hopefully you all enjoy this Okay let’s go $1.4m 100% TT ads with a Heated Jacket 👽

Don’t remember how I found this product but it showed up on my list Available creatives usually determine if I test product bc I’m lazy The Heated Jacket had two videos I really liked So I launched my Chad Test s/o @wifimade Launched 10 adsets x $40 ea with 3 dif creatives

Got side tracked with Latinas so didn’t check for couple days When I checked $835 spend for $1950 back 2.3 ROAS eh COGS $30 (I thought) Was selling at $59.99

Don’t hate 2.3 ROAS but need better for such risky product (sizing, electronics etc) Store was a slightly “branded” gen store with quick bs product page So I chose to do two things 1) Brand/niche down the store & improve product page 2) Increase Price by $10

These changes got me to 3.8 ROAS Added $1k in adspend midday after saw it rolling 10 x $100 adsets using best performing creative from test campaign Spent $1.3k for $4.9k 3.8 ROAS Next day added another $1k in adspend targeting men only based on data I had + male in main ad

The men only campaign sucked $2.2k spend for $5k 2.3 ROAS Over the next few days I was killing any bad adsets and lower adspend $1.3k spend for $4.1k 3.2 ROAS Mostly being carried by a “new” creative now with a girl

The “new” creative was one from the original test that started getting spend I’ve seen TikTok do this often A creative won’t spend much early but eventually starts popping when spend gets allocated So at this point we’re at $4k days with a 3ish ROAS

Randomly realized me n my supplier were not on same page I thought the $30 quote included a power bank (it didn’t) A power bank would be an extra $12 so now $42 COGS 😅 AND it had to be shipped separate (nightmare) Fuck this meant no profit for all previous sales 😂 Regroup

Decided to add variants Old offer: $69.99 option New offer: $69.99 no power bank $79.99 w/ small PB $89.99 w/ large PB AOV jumped $70 - $85 Conversion boost due to a more clear offer ROAS jumped to 5+ $1.1k spend for $5.7k Blessing in disguise Time for degen scaling

I guess its also time for post purchase upsell (I’m lazy) Launched first big scale campaign 10 x $300 adsets made up of top interests from orig campaign using the “new” creative from earlier Killing any unprofitable adsets Added $2.5k spend $3.6k spent for $25k 6.9 ROAS

Now it’s easy - spend fkn more Added another 10 x $300 scale campaign with same creative Also launched a test campaign for first custom content 10 x $40 New custom content was solid $6.9k spent $42.6k back 6.1 ROAS

Goal: scale custom content and slowly trim down old creative to become fully custom Now launching my 10 x $300 scale camp daily with custom content $9.9k spend for $52k 5.2 ROAS Next day $13.3k spend $70k 5.3 ROAS And a new custom creative has 9 ROAS on 10 x $40 test 😳

It’s now Black Friday exactly 14 days in Launched 2 scale campaigns + Retargeting w/ newest custom creative tested the day before $21.1k spent for $157k 7.4 ROAS 7.4 ROAS on $156k day dropshipping jackets 😂

At this point maintenance phase begins Constantly trimming fat and testing new creatives - scaling where possible but never spent more than $22k / day Spent $116k for $790k the week following BF for 6.8 ROAS Kept selling into Christmas / January and even some Feb nothing crazy

Tried to keep this thread as short as possible had to leave out a lot Here’s the total stats for the 30 days Adspend: $238,789.30 Revenue: $1,414,224.87 ROAS 5.94 Profit: $420k before refunds/chargebacks still TBD but roughly $340k - $350k after everything’s settled

Below is going to be URL to store and main ad used Gonna delete those within a few days for numerous reasons so take a look now RT this thread and FOLLOW if you enjoyed this shit Feel free to ask any questions below 💜 Might even reveal more stores 👀

Launched many ads / versions but this exact creative was the biggest winner by far that scaled on BF (creative with the 9 ROAS during test)

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