Arham Tariq (πŸ“–,🧱)

Arham Tariq (πŸ“–,🧱)



With the end of @Web3DisruptIO, what is next for me? Now, I am working on @spockanalytics. What is Spock and what do we have to offer? A thread🧡

Spock is a platform for dApp creators or #web3 data analysts. In @spockanalytics we are making Web3's first wallet analytics platform that helps you make sense of how your users behave on-chain like what kind of dApps they use? How much TVL do they contribute? 2/4🧡

If you integrate your dApp right now, you can track a wallet's usage, financial contributions to your protocol, and net worth. You can follow a wallet’s journey from connecting its wallet to submitting/rejecting the transaction. Free usable demo on 3/4🧡

We at @xorddotcom have been working on @spockanalytics for the past 3 months and launched it last month. Currently, V0.4 is in progress. You can read about our updates and versions on medium. 4/4🧡

So if you are a dApp creator or a data analyst for a dApp, @spockanalytics is for you! Visit to use our free demo or integrate your dApp now and get all the data that make sense for your growth.

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