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Most will charge you $1000+ for a good trading course. Here is one I've made for free. These are the technical analysis techniques I've used to reach financial freedom: (Course includes PDFs, assignments and extra readings)

Part 2: How to Actually Make Money Trading You can't profit on a breakout after consolidation if you don't understand position sizing. Here's the formula to actually make money trading. Video: Assignments:

Fun fact, most people won't make it past this point. They prefer influencers to tell them to "buy x coin for 1000x" It's not that easy. Signals won't make you rich, your skills will.

Part 3: Master The Crypto Market Would be 10x richer if I had certain information before I started crypto. This gives new traders the advantage I never had. Video: Assignments:

Part 4: Price Action Trading This lesson is the foundation for all trading strategies we’ll explore in future episodes. -Reading Charts -Candlestick Anatomy -Timeframes -Data Analysis Principles Video: Assignments:

Part 5: Mastering Candlestick Charts Learn every single chart pattern in one video. Practiced this analysis technique for 5+ years, this lesson is my personal favorite. It will help you trade profitably. Video: Assignments:

You made it this far? Congratulations. Don't give up now.

Part 6: Support and Resistance Masterclass Common trap traders fall into is learning 101 indicators. Probably mislead by influencers. You'll make the most money with the essentials. Video: Assignments:

Part 7: Trade With Moving Averages & Fibonacci This is a trend analysis masterclass Strategies I've used to catch my biggest wins (yes some were even 100x) Video: Assignments:

Part 8: Putting it All Together The Technical Analysis final lesson. With this you have all the technical analysis skills you need to succeed in the market. Video: Assignments:

That's all you need to learn Technical analysis. Follow @koroushak for more free tutorials. In the works: -Fundamental Analysis (first episode next Wednesday) -Onchan Analytics -Risk management -Psychology -Trading Strategies -Much more Interested?

Oh you're still here. Well here's an exchange tutorial and my preferred platform so you can get started trading. Video:

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